Does Your Writing Change Your Life It Should

Photo by Bench Accounting on UnsplashThe number of times I have answered the question “Why do you write articles, Jeremiah?” is…phenomenally ludicrous.

The truth is, writing has changed my life.

There is a long list of reasons I write! So, I love answering this question using one of the reasons below.

Reasons I Make Time to Write…
Sure, I have a long list today of reasons why I write. But three months ago I didn’t have anything more than faith. I started writing hoping that an article posted online could reach that person that I otherwise would never encounter.

I have always been a communicator, a servant and a storyteller; sharing my experience in hopes of helping someone find their way using lessons from my struggles.

But the idea of publishing those stories online never occurred to me until recently.

So, my first reason to write was rooted in faith.

Is it strange to say that in writing…I inspire myself? I don’t think so. It is true, after all.

This may be more difficult for some to grasp if they do not write themselves. But for me, writing has been a consistent source of personal inspiration. The stories I put together on Medium do not merely linger here. Each article, each engagement with someone new, each new moment of inspiration on these blank canvases flows over into the rest of my life. Writing here, in public, has far-reaching consequences.

I believe this inspiration is rooted in the fulfillment that comes with creation. Creating, to me, begins with humility. But this humility must be mixed with the self-assuredness necessary to set my hands to work and my mind free.

Finding the balance between confidence and humility in creating helps me find a similar balance in other areas of my life.

I NEVER would have guessed in a million years that I would be where I am today as a product of writing some articles online.

February, 2018 — I write my first articles. The hook starts to set and I’m soon hooked.

March, 2018 — I begin to push well-beyond my comfort zone and publish more articles. As a product of doing something I thought was crazy (and that some people actually told me was crazy), a fellow student at UCLA reaches out to me to meet the person behind the articles.

April, 2018 — I help found a new organization with this student that will change people’s lives for years to come (if we have our way). I find myself discussing mentorship and community-building with Forbes 30 under 30 people. I have the undivided and undeserved attention of someone I deeply admire and respect.

May, 2018 — My life is more relationally rich today than at any other time before. By further defining and discovering my true voice, and doing so in a public manner, a steady stream of beautiful new people have found their way into my life.

From time management throughout my day (where am I going to find the 1–2 hours I need to write an article), to the focus it takes to turn tired eyes and a slow mind into an article worth publishing, to the commitment assumed after telling the world that you will write every day…writing has instilled a new sense of discipline in my life.

On a personal level, when I manage to write every day I find such a pure sense of satisfaction from carrying through on a difficult task I set for myself. Additionally, when I fail to write on any given day…I have to find the courage to refrain from beating myself up while yet coming up with the resolve to do better on my promise to write the next day.

Those are valuable lessons for anyone to learn! I am spoiled to be able to go through them with each article and each passing day (you can be spoiled too, just start writing!).

If you have not noticed yet, Medium offers some incredible relationships to anyone and everyone in exchange for their email and 12-seconds of profile setup time.

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, learning from and growing alongside,

Michelle Okafor, and her beautiful articulations of the growth-inducing struggles of life,

John Gorman, and his incredibly inspiring journey through life as a writer and human,

Tom Kuegler, and his process of evolution and growth into new areas of life and expression,

Michael Thompson, and his commitment to writing and making sure he is pressing himself to deliver amazing content for all of us,

and, our newest community member, Jennifer Mead! Who will undoubtedly paint brilliant new colors through her heartfelt pieces.

I am a firm believer in the power of every decision — no matter how small.

Every decision I make leads me further down one path or another.

Writing is one of those decisions and everything that has happened as a product of that decision contributes to a new life. Really. I am not kidding, my life today looks drastically different than what I imagined it would look like 3-months ago.

Don’t ever forget the power of each simple decision you make.

And maybe, who knows, maybe you can start writing too!

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