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Abnormal articulation in children is the most common language disorder in preschool children. Studies have shown that parental participation can effectively improve the effectiveness of articulation training, but parents often report that they do not know how to guide children’s pronunciation at home. The demand for telepractice courses has increased; the “articulation is fun” articulation training application was created in response to the need to increase parental participation and distance teaching. “Articulation is fun” is developed by professional speech therapists, based on the theoretical basis of articulation therapy, and adopts EBP (Evidence-based practice) treatment strategies to provide an interesting and professional articulation training platform. Features are as follows:
-Provides articulation screening function: According to the most common error phonological process of preschool children, including no aspiration, tongue tip phoneization and tongue root phoneization, affrication, simplification of compound vowels and simplification of vowels, a total of six errors The phonological history is provided to parents for preliminary screening of abnormal articulation and selection of target sounds.
-Provide systematic and clear training levels: each target sound has three levels of training objectives, including vocabulary (including word beginnings and endings), sentences (simple sentences and difficult objects), and classification levels, so that parents can step by step , There are simple and difficult to guide children to practice.
-Professional live voice demonstration, repeatable listening performance feedback, and clear correct and wrong feedback: Each voice training level has a professional speech therapist to provide correct voice demonstration, and a recording system to help children and parents through repeated dialing Let the differences of effective listening be effective, and finally establish the listening ability of parents and children through the right and wrong feedback buttons.
-Improve training motivation: In order to improve children’s training motivation, the APP design character dressing function, and a star reward system to encourage children to earn stars through continuous practice of pronunciation.
-Provide remote consulting services: In response to the needs of the environment and the convenience of current technology, the author established the FACEBOOK “Voice Fun APP” fan page and clubs to provide parental consultation and video guidance services at any time, so that services and treatments are uninterrupted.

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