How To Compress Video For Whatsapp

Oct 19, 2022• Proven solutions

“Failed to send WhatsApp video.”

“Can’t send this video. Choose a different video and try again.”

Are you also experiencing such an error message when you try to send a more extensive size video on WhatsApp? We have a solution on hand to solve it, and it is none other than the WhatsApp video compression technique. Want to know the best ones that can make the job done in just seconds with high quality? Please get to know some of the methods to compress video for WhatsApp online along with an all-in-one editor tool that we have in store for you.

1. What is the limit of video size for WhatsApp?
So, what is the exact file limit of video that can be used or shared in WhatsApp? I knew many have this doubt, so; our first session is on conveying the limit of video size supported in WhatsApp.

First, WhatsApp’s maximum video file size in terms of video or voice message is 16MB on all platforms. In depicting it as a time limit or time-lapses, it is approximately equal to 90 seconds to 3 minutes video. The video duration is entirely on the quality of your phone’s video camera. If you need to send a more extensive video, you must record a lower resolution video outside of the WhatsApp app. When it comes to the WhatsApp status, a video duration of 30 seconds is allowed, as you know.

Second, what is the best video file format that is supported by WhatsApp? While you may not know about it a lot as you majorly will be familiar with only MP4 format, and yes, it is the recommended format. AVI, MKV, and 3GP are the other supported video formats on WhatsApp. The video & audio codecs involve or MPEG-4 video codec and AAC or AC3 for audio to be more detailed.

2. Compress Video for WhatsApp Online with Video Compressors
Yes, you can easily compress video for WhatsApp online, and while there are various tools for it, we have picked up the three best-performing ones in this session.

Clideo is our next tool to compress video for WhatsApp online that supports fast compression keeping the quality high. With an easy-to-use interface, Clideo lets one compress a video and upload it to WhatsApp, YouTube, Facebook, and email.


* With secure channels and encryption, files are kept safe.
* Before accessing the final file, you can preview it.
* It supports popular video and rare ones as well.

How to compress video for WhatsApp online with Clideo?

Step 1: Upload a video file from the PC, Google Drive, Dropbox, or pop a URL.

Step 2: Wait a moment until the file gets uploaded and processed by Clideo.

Step 3: Once complete, preview the video and click the “Download” button to get the compressed video.

FlexClip is our final WhatsApp video compression method to compress video for WhatsApp online for free. Apart from compression, FlexiClip offers surplus editing options like logo addition, video conversion, trim, music addition, video filter, video brightness, and still a lot more.


* Access to video editing tools like watermark rotate, screen record, audio mute, merge, and still a lot more.
* It supports popular video formats like MOV, M4V, etc.
* Privacy & security is guaranteed.

How to compress video for WhatsApp online with FlexiClip?

Step 1: Choose or browse the video file from the computer.

Step 2: Configure the specs, resolution, and quality level.

Step 3: Once compressed, download the video.

3. How to Compress WhatsApp Videos Smartly?
It is easy to compress video for WhatsApp online. However, if you are looking for a professional solution for a long-term process, all you need is an ultimate video editor tool that can do the task in just seconds. To execute the WhatsApp video compression more smartly, Filmora is the best recommendation.

Wondershare Filmora- An all-in-one video editor tool
Like Online UniConverter, Filmora is also from the team of Wondershare. With Filmora, you can hit play on your imagination, get inspired, and make others inspired as well. With an outstanding professional team, Filmora got crafted with unbeatable technologies suited for both newbies and professionals. If you are looking out for a tool to perform advanced keyframing, audio ducking, color match, keyboard shortcut, and motion tracking? Then Filmora stands first on the list. Additionally, you can try Filmora for free!

How to compress video for WhatsApp smarter with Filmora?
Filmora offers not only just one but three methods to carry over WhatsApp video compression. Read one by one and explore them.

Method 1: Crop the video

Yes, cropping a video is also a way to compress video for WhatsApp. Yes, with Filmora, you can trim the video screen from the easy-to-use timeline along with aspect ratio customization. Finally, once complete, you can specify the output format to give you the compressed video ready to be played on any device.

Method 2: Video length shredding

Shredding is nothing but taking out the unwanted parts of the video clip. For example, in a movie, the beginning and end might seem unimportant, i.e., where they can get cut, resulting in length reduction. With a simple cut option, this task will complete hassle-free with Filmora and can be exported to other video formats directly.

Method 3: Modify the resolution

Tailoring the resolution is the state-of-art compression method used for a long-time and coming to WhatsApp video compression, even compression of an HD video of high-quality is a cup of cake for Filmora Wondershare.

Method 4: Video conversion

Last but not least, you can convert the compressed video for WhatsApp to other reliable video formats. For example, AVI, although a popular video format, converting it to MP4 will result in a decrease in file size. With Filmora, this option comes in-built in all the above methods.

Finally, I hope you have an idea that why is WhatsApp video compression an important one. With an introduction to the ultimate video editor tool, Filmora Wondershare, and other tools to compress video for WhatsApp online, we have reached the end of our today’s article!