Screen Mirroring Laptop To TV

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Would you like to Screen Mirror your Laptop to your TV for either Educational or Entertainment purposes? Well, it’s quite simple!

1. Windows Laptop
For this you don’t need to download any additional software per se, the Screen Mirroring feature is built-in to Windows.

You can also use third-party tools, you can find those articles here. For this, I’ll be using the Windows features to make it simple.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVWindows
Windows 8.1 or higher is required. In this case, I’ll be using Win10. If you’ve any questions, do comment down below I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Before Screen Mirroring your Laptop to your TV, make sure your Laptop is connected to your Network. In this case, you can use your Home Wi-Fi, Mobile Hotspot or even Laptop’s Hotspot if you want.

You can use your Mobile Hotspot / Laptop Hotspot if you want (optional)

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVDo make sure your TV supports Screen Mirroring. Check the Article on that to make sure.

Hotspot instead of WIFI to Mirror Laptop to TV
If you don’t have the Wifi available at home you can use Hotspot and it’ll work the exact same way. The only difference here is that We’ll be Connecting Laptops and TV to that Hotspot. So, enable the Hotspot from your Phone and your Laptop should be able to pick it up. Tho, I’d prefer the Home Wifi or any Wifi for that matter.

Be careful with the Mobile Hotspot, depending on your Network it might cost you credit.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TV

Connect TV to the Same Network
In order to Screen Mirror Laptop Screen to the TV, we need to make sure there’s a connection between each device. So, in this case, we’ll be using WiFi as an invisible cable between the TV and your Laptop. So, Connect your TV to that available network you have.

You can use your Mobile Hotspot / Laptop Hotspot if you want (optional)

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVAs you can see, I’ve 3 different Options to Connect my TV. The 1st is my Home Wifi, the 2nd is my Laptop’s Hotspot and the 3rd is my iPhone’s Hotspot. Plenty of options to go with.

If you don’t know how to Enable or Find wifi on your TV, head over to this video tutorial for clear instructions.

Enable Screen Mirroring on TV
Once your TV is connected to your Network/Wifi, it’s ready! Head over to Sources to Enable the Screen Mirroring Mode (Note: If you’ve android TV, skip this part as Android TVs don’t require to enable the Screen Mirroring Manually)

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVOr, You could go into the Network Settings and Enable Screen Mirroring From there. Refer to this Article to Check if your TV supports Screen Mirroring or not.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVScreen Mirroring Mode
As I’m using a very old TV so if you are as well, make sure your TV is ready for Screen Mirroring by running the TV in Screen Mirroring Mode.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVOnce your Laptop and TV are connected to the same network it’s pretty much simple from this point.

On your Windows Laptop, go to the settings TAB and head to Devices (as shown below)

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVOnce you’re in the Settings of your Windows Laptop, Head to Devices.

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVInside the Devices, click on “Add Bluetooth or Other Device”

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVThen select the option “Wireless Display or Dock” to Search for Nearby TVs or Wireless Displays

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVSelect your TV to Screen Mirror Laptop Screen

Screen Mirroring Laptop to TV

Mirroring Laptop Screen to TV is Successful
Screen Mirroring Laptop to TVHow to Extend Laptop Screen to TV
If you want more options press “Win+P” and enable the Extended-Display. That way you have the option to Either Extend the display or Duplicate your Laptop onto your TV.

How To Connect or Mirror Laptop Screen To any TV without Wifi, or HDMI cables. Completely wireless and 100% Free. Learn to Screen Mirror Windows Laptop Screen to any TV absolutely free and completely wirelessly!

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