10 Celebrities Who Support Palestine

10 Celebrities Who Support Palestine

There are many celebrities who have come out in support of Palestine and most of them do not have Palestinian origins.

Here is a list of 10 celebrities who support Palestine and some of the things that they have said to show their support.

10. Bella and Gigi Hadid. They are Palestinian-American models and they have been among the most vocal, high-profiled celebrities when it comes to supporting support for Palestine. Bella has posted on her Instagram feed and story on a daily basis over the past week. She also shares videos and tweets.

9. Mark Ruffalo. He is a US actor and is one of the most significant contributors in supporting Palestine. He shared a petition calling for international leaders to impose sanctions on important Israeli industries until Palestinians are granted full and equal civil rights.

8. Lauren Jauregui is a singer and she has been a big supporter of Palestinians in the past and also recently. She has shared her support and solidarity on Twitter.

7. Will Poulter, who is a British actor, has also spoke out on Twitter. He said that the “UK government must condemn the atrocious violence and forced evictions against Palestinians living in Sheikh Jarrah.”

6. Viola Davies, an Oscar winning actress. Viola has joined a list of celebrities who support Palestine. She put a post explaining what is going on in Sheikh Jarrah to her millions of followers.

5. John Oliver, a comedian who addresses controversial issues. In her HBO series, he spoke out about the on-going issues going on between Israel and the Palestinians. He pointed out that one side is suffering much more and went on to say that Israel has committed war crimes.

4. YouTube celebrity Ethan Klein and his wife are Israeli but in a post he said “The Israeli government is making me sick. Even if Hamas is operating out of a civilian building it doesn’t justify the total destruction of that building. Its inhumane.” Later he said “Gazans deserve to live a life free of fear.”

3. Philip Defranco won a lot of respect for covering the Palestinian issue in one of his videos. He explained that one side has killed significantly more civilians and children and one side specifically targeted a building that housed the news organizations and has not provided proof to the reason why they did that.

2. Roger Waters is a song writer and ex-Pink Floyd band member and he has spoke against Israel. He has called it an apartheid state for the forced convictions of the Palestinians. He has also called out US president, Joe Biden, over his support for Israel.

1. Trevor Noah, the Daily Show host and comedian, spoke out about this issue. He highlighted the military might of Israel and questioned the responsibility it had for having that power.