11 Best Waterproof Smartwatches For Swimming

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Whether you’re an avid swimmer or you want a smartwatch that’s generally safe for the water, we’ve reviewed and compared the best waterproof smartwatches for you. Maybe you’re in the market for a waterproof Fitbit or a new Apple Watch.

Not ready to splurge? No problem. Discover great budget-friendly alternatives that are fully loaded with health, wellness and lifestyle features. Check out our comprehensive list below to find the best waterproof smartwatch for your needs.

1. 1. Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular)
Pros: * Built-in Apple Music for listening to music, podcasts and audiobooks * Integrated cellular for phone-free use * Motivational rings that close once you’ve hit your daily goals Cons: * Not as fast as the Series * Shouldn’t be submerged in deep water * Lacks ECG and Blood Oxygen apps Don’t be afraid to get the Apple Watch SE wet, as it’s designed for swimming in the pool or ocean. As long as you don’t submerge the Apple Watch below a shallow depth or subject it to high-velocity water, you should be fine. If you’re a dedicated swimmer, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to monitor your workouts and overall fitness. Apple Watch SE tracks your splits and sets in the pool. You can also use it to map out routes for open water swimming. While Apple undoubtedly caters to swimmers with its Watch SE, this smartwatch is just as effective for land-based workouts. The Apple Watch SE also offers dozens of workouts right on the screen, including running, yoga, walking, cycling, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) and dancing. You can even pair your SE with compatible gym equipment for indoor workouts. Apple also provides three distinct rings to keep you motivated. Each ring represents a different category and closes once you’ve hit your daily goals. For example, the Move ring closes once you’ve burned your target active calories. Standing and moving for at least a minute during 12 different hours throughout the day is enough to close your Stand ring. The Exercise ring closes once you’ve completed at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the day. As a savvy shopper or Apple fan, you might be wondering how the SE compares to the premium Apple Watch Series 6. While these Apple Watches share several similarities, there are some noteworthy differences. If you’re on a tight budget, the SE is definitely the way to go, as it’s loaded with features. However, Series 6 has a speedier chip. The Apple Watch Series 6 also exclusively monitors your blood oxygen levels and has an ECG app for sharing crucial health information with your doctor. Battery life is undoubtedly important. This waterproof smartwatch lasts up to 18 hours, which is enough to get you through the day. However, it’s meager in comparison to the average battery life of most of the other waterproof smartwatches on our list. Another close competitor is the Fitbit Versa 3, which also made our list of the best waterproof smartwatches for swimming. Apple Watch SE has a few advantages over the Versa 3, including available pool and open water swim modes. You can only track laps using the Versa 3. Additionally, Apple offers its waterproof swimming watch in 40 and 44mm sizes and in GPS and LTE modes. You may also want to check out the Whoop 4.0 band, which measures your sleep, strain and recovery to ensure you’re at your peak performance. Find more Apple Watch SE (GPS + Cellular) information and reviews here.

2. 2. Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch
Pros: * Monitors blood oxygen levels * Enhanced heart rate tracking technology * In-depth sleep tracking Cons: * Doesn’t monitor low and high heart rates * Side button can be frustrating * Only comes in one size Fitbit’s Versa 3 is a highly versatile waterproof smartwatch that’s water-resistant up to 50 meters. It might not be able to withstand deep-sea dives, but you can confidently track laps in the pool and wear your Fitbit in the shower without issue. The Versa 3’s best features aren’t just limited to the water, though. Functions such as built-in GPS and Active Zone Minutes provide more detailed information about your workouts, whether you’re running, hitting the trails on your fat tire e-bike or hiking. Enhanced PurePulse 2.0 heart rate tracking technology enables accurate and efficient heart rate-based training. Even if you primarily stay fit through swimming, you can use your Versa 3 for a variety of land-based workouts. You’ll find over 20 goal-based exercise modes. A convenient SmartTrack feature automatically recognizes activities and starts recording once you begin working out. All-day activity tracking shows your total steps, floors climbed, distance, active minutes and calories burned. This Fitbit also features oxygen saturation monitoring and heart rate variability, which may show possible signs of stress, fatigue or illness. Personalized guided breathing sessions are available with a single swipe. While the Versa 3 is undoubtedly geared towards fitness enthusiasts, it’s among the best when it comes to smartwatch features. For example, you can store and play your favorite music and podcasts on Deezer and Pandora, and even control your Spotify playlists from your wrist. This Fitbit also allows you to take calls directly from your wrist when your phone is nearby. You’ll receive call, text and app notifications. You can even send quick text message replies, although this feature is only available on Android devices. Google Assistant and Alexa are standing by if you need some assistance or want to ask a question. While some of its competitors require daily charging, the Versa 3 lasts up to six days in regular mode and up to 12 hours using continuous GPS. You’re also not out of luck if you’re about to head out the door thanks to Fitbit’s innovative fast-charging technology. Just 12 minutes of charging provides a full day’s worth of battery life. A close competitor to the Versa 3 is the Apple Watch SE. If battery life is a concern, you’ll get up to six days on regular mode with your Versa 3. In contrast, the Apple Watch battery typically only lasts for a day. Plus, the Versa 3 battery recharges in just 12 minutes. Another key difference is that Versa 3 monitors oxygen saturation levels, which could make it a more suitable choice if you have a medical history. Find more Fitbit Versa 3 Health & Fitness Smartwatch information and reviews here.

3. 3. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active Pros: * Screen appears larger thanks to minimal bezel intrusion * Group challenges available for competitive users * Monitors blood pressure via accompanying app Cons: * Battery life isn’t great * Automatic tracking isn’t available for all activities * Bixby voice assistant is quite basic The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is packed with premium features yet is far from the most expensive waterproof smartwatch on our list. You can keep your budget in check without sacrificing performance, style or functionality. Check out the water-resistant Samsung Galaxy Watch3 if you’re looking for more traditional styling. Some smartwatches are technically waterproof but are really only safe for swimming or showering. In other words, they don’t actually track water-based workouts. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has automatic tracking for swim sessions and other popular activities such as running, cycling, walking, rowing, elliptical trainers and more. You can also use the manual tracking function to monitor dozens of workouts. Active2 provides personalized insights into your fitness goals with features such as integrated pace coaching and advanced sensors to monitor running workouts. If you’re feeling competitive, fire up the Group Challenge function to train with friends or participate in public competitions. As with the Apple Watch and other competitors, the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is available in 40 and 44mm sizes to fit smaller and larger wrists. The display on the larger 44mm watch measures 1.4 inches while the 40mm watch sports a slightly more compact 1.2-inch screen. Don’t worry if these numbers seem a bit small, as you can still clearly see even the finest details thanks to a minimal border. While the Active2 is loaded with features for athletes, it’s equally functional as a health and wellness watch. For example, you can conveniently monitor your blood pressure using the accompanying app. This waterproof smartwatch also monitors your heart rate 24/7 and alerts you when the numbers are too high or low. The watch even automatically detects when you’re washing your hands and counts down accordingly to keep you as healthy as possible. Active2 is no slouch when it comes to smart functionality, either. However, you’ll want to ensure you’re purchasing the correct version to take advantage of all that it has to offer. We suggest going with the LTE model if you want to do things like handle texts and calls remotely. You can only send and receive calls on the Bluetooth watches if your phone is nearby. The Galaxy Watch Active2 is packed with features to get you through the day. However, that means its battery life isn’t the best. As with the Apple Watch SE, the Galaxy Watch Active2 generally lasts a day per charge. A compact magnetic wireless charger is included. If you want to listen to music during workouts, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is one of our favorite music watches to keep you entertained. An intriguing alternative to Active2 is the Versa 3 from Fitbit. If you’re planning on using your smartwatch regularly for workouts, Fitbit’s Active Zone Minutes feature is pretty handy. The Versa 3 also has a more impressive battery life of up to six days with regular use. Both manufacturers offer a watch with built-in GPS, but only Samsung offers an optional LTE version. Find more Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 information and reviews here.

4. 4. Garmin Swim Pros: * Underwater wrist-based heart rate monitoring * Integrated activity profiles for cardio, running, cycling, etc. * Battery lasts up to seven days in smartwatch mode Cons: * Doesn’t calculate VO2 max * Some complaints of sluggish GPS connectivity * Sleep mode isn’t the most advanced The best smartwatch for swimming is undoubtedly the Garmin Swim 2, which is loaded with swim-specific features so that you can get the most out of your water-based workouts. This Garmin watch is completely dedicated to swimmers of all levels, including competitive athletes and open water swimmers. It’s just as functional out of the water, so you can stay connected and use the watch for your favorite land-based aerobic activities. If you’ve previously used the Garmin Swim, you’ll notice an array of upgrades and improvements. Some of the most noteworthy features on the Swim 2 include auto-rest, critical swim speed, turn-based pacing alerts, drill logging and more. Another big perk is underwater wrist-based heart rate monitoring. An optical heart rate sensor shows your average and maximum values without requiring you to wear a bulky Bluetooth chest strap. Whether you prefer to hit the open water or count laps in a pool, this watch is for you. Advanced swim metrics provide real-time feedback and guide your fitness to new levels. For example, you can track distance, pace, stroke type and count, distance per stroke and more. There’s also an open water swim mode and GPS tracking for swimming in lakes, rivers and oceans. You can also use the onboard GPS for cycling, running and other cardio workouts. While this waterproof smartwatch shines in the water, it has a lot to offer on land as well. Connected features such as automatic uploads and smart notifications keep you in touch at all times. You’ll receive smart notifications such as texts, emails and alerts. Unlike the Apple Watch SE, however, you can’t actually respond directly on the watch. Your busy lifestyle might be impacting your health more than you realize. Garmin’s stress tracking function shows whether you’re having a calm or stressful day or one that’s appropriately balanced. Breathing exercises prompt you to regain control using short breathing activities when needed. As with many other Garmin watches, Swim 2 has a respectable battery life. You can expect up to seven days in smartwatch mode, three days in full swim mode with heart rate monitoring and 13 hours in GPS mode with heart rate monitoring. Find more Garmin Swim 2 information and reviews here. Play
VideoVideo related to garmin swim T10:06:44-04: . 5. Willful Smart Watch
Pros: * Three screen brightness levels * Advanced heart rate sensor for 24/7 monitoring * Battery lasts up to 10 days with normal use Cons: * Doesn’t track swim data * Can’t answer or respond to incoming messages and alerts * Limited 12-month warranty This budget smartwatch for swimming is compatible with Android and iOS smartphones and is fairly loaded with features. It’s important to note that while the watch has an IP68 waterproof rating and is safe for swimming, it doesn’t actually track swimming data. Aside from the fact that the watch supports up to nine activities, including cycling, walking, running and mountaineering, it also monitors your heart rate night and day and tracks your sleep quality to give you a better overall picture of your health. Connecting the watch to the app opens up even more possibilities when it comes to tracking your fitness and health. For example, you can manually track your heart rate data in real-time on the watch. The app stores valuable information such as your resting, average, maximum and minimum heart rate data. You can’t store your favorite songs directly on the watch, but you can control your music when your phone is nearby. You’ll also get a vibration alert when you receive a text, call or app notification. However, you can’t reply or answer these notifications. This budget smartwatch for swimming has a 10-day battery life with normal use, which puts it ahead of many competitors. Even better, you only need to charge it for 2.5 hours. Find more Willful Smart Watch information and reviews here.

6. 6. SoundPEATS Watch Pros: * Vibrant 1.4-inch touchscreen display * Adjustable wrist band fits men and women * Four adjustable screen brightness levels Cons: * Only has five customizable watch faces * Doesn’t have swim mode * Can only view incoming calls, texts and notifications As with many other budget waterproof smartwatches in this price range, the Watch 1 has an IP68 waterproof rating and can be safely worn in the pool. However, there isn’t a dedicated swim mode to track workouts in the water. It’s a different story on land, though, as you can choose between 12 sport modes to track outdoor and indoor runs, bike rides, climbs, hot yoga sessions, rowing and other activities. If you’re a fan of stylish square touchscreen displays, you’re in luck. Watch1 has a stunning 1.4-inch color display that clearly displays essential data. It’s also easy to customize with the five available watch faces. Bluetooth 5.0 technology delivers improved speed and range over previous versions, which means more stability. This watch also weighs just 54 grams, which makes it easy to wear throughout the day. Although it’s only available in one size, the Watch1 adjusts between 6.1 and 9.3 inches to accommodate different wrist sizes. You don’t have to be an athlete to take advantage of all that this SoundPEATS smartwatch has to offer. For example, it tracks your sleep patterns to give you a better idea of your overall health. You’ll also see incoming call and text reminders directly on your wrist. Other perks include weather forecasts, breath training, sedentary reminders and more. Few other waterproof smartwatches on our list boast a battery life of 10 days in normal mode. This SoundPEATS watch also recharges in just two hours. Find more SoundPEATS Watch 1 information and reviews here.

7. 7. Huawei Watch Fit
Pros: * Records blood oxygen levels * Lightweight despite its bulky screen * Battery lasts up to 10 days with typical use Cons: * Not all functions are supported on iOS devices * Doesn’t have a speaker * Only compatible with 2.4GHz networks If you’re a fan of larger displays, the 1.64-inch screen on the Huawei Watch Fit is for you. Between its crisp 280 x 456 HD resolution and vivid AMOLED technology, even the finest details are clearly visible. A slim profile ensures the watch doesn’t look silly on smaller wrists. Not only does this value-oriented watch boast a 5 ATM waterproof rating, it even has a separate swimming mode to track workouts in the water. In a departure from many of its competitors, this waterproof smartwatch also features numerous animated quick workouts, including full body stretches. Few other watches on our list offer 96 total workout modes. Huawei Watch Fit has a lot to offer, especially compared to its pricier competitors. For example, this waterproof smartwatch can track your blood oxygen levels throughout the day and during workouts. It also has advanced heart rate sensors to better estimate training metrics such as VO2 max, target heart rate zones and recovery times. Functionality is generally straightforward, as a full touch screen and side button keep frustrations to a minimum. Bluetooth Low Energy (BTE) 5.0 technology keeps you connected to your smartwatch and other devices. You can confidently wear this smartwatch throughout the day thanks to its durable and comfortable silicone strap and polymer fiber case. While you’ll be notified when you receive messages and miss calls, you can’t actually respond on the watch. It’s also worth noting that certain features, such as tracking cycles and stress, are only available to Android users. The battery can last up to 10 days in certain modes. Plus, it recharges in just five minutes, so you don’t have to worry if you forget to charge your watch overnight. Find more Huawei Watch Fit information and reviews here.

8. 8. Amazfit T-Rex Pro
Pros: * Water-resistant up to 100 meters * Blood-oxygen saturation measurement system * Designed for open water and pool swimming Cons: * Shouldn’t be worn during hot showers or saunas * Requires app connectivity to obtain weather data * Can’t respond to texts or calls With its 10 ATM grade, the Amazfit T-Rex Pro is a top choice if you’re looking for a water-resistant watch for more than just swimming laps in the pool. It may be less expensive than some of its premium competitors, but the T-Rex Pro is equipped with numerous features to make your life easier. If we could describe the Amazfit T-Rex Pro in one word, it would be tough. This rugged smartwatch is built to withstand your adventurous lifestyle and boasts military-grade materials to back up that claim. In fact, the watch successfully passed 15 military-grade tests to ensure it will hold up in extreme conditions such as hot deserts, humid rainforests and frigid polar glaciers. For example, it can withstand temperatures up to 158 degrees Fahrenheit and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. This Amazfit smartwatch is also humidity-resistant for up to 240 hours and resists salt and spray up to 96 hours. It’s also resistant to ice, freezing rain and shock. Not in the market for a rugged smartwatch? Check out the more affordable Amazfit Bip U Pro, which is water-resistant up to 50 meters and can be worn when swimming. Certain features make the T-Rex Pro an especially appealing choice for athletes. One example is its ExerSense technology, which automatically detects eight sport modes, including running, cycling, swimming and elliptical machines, and records the data. There are over 100 sports modes in total. You can also accurately record your heart rate throughout the day using heart rate variability technology. Personal Activity Intelligence (PAI) scores comprised of your heart rate, activity duration and other crucial health information offer a customized health evaluation. The T-Rex Pro is equally useful as a smartwatch. Bluetooth 5.0 BLE technology ensures dependable connectivity. An always-on 1.3-inch HD AMOLED display keeps essential workout data at your fingertips. You can also set alarms and see incoming text messages, reminders and calls. While you can’t download songs directly onto the watch, you can control your favorite music on your phone. Amazfit T-Rex Pro doesn’t stop working when the lights go out. Instead, this smartwatch can constantly monitor your light, deep and REM sleep stages throughout the night. Plus, it may discover potential breathing problems that can disrupt your sleep. You don’t need to worry about recharging the battery at the end of the day, as this smartwatch gets up to 18 days in regular mode and up to nine days with heavy use. You can expect a generous run time of up to 40 hours with continuous GPS. Find more Amazfit T-Rex Pro information and reviews here.

9. 9. iTouch Air Pros: * Durable glass screen resists dust and water * Multiple sport and workout modes * Compatible with Android and iOS Cons: * Doesn’t have fall detection technology * Can’t answer texts or calls * Only shows call and text notifications The iTouch Air 3 features an IP68 rating, which means it’s waterproof and is well suited for swimming. Don’t be fooled by its affordable price tag, as this smartwatch for swimming is packed with features. You can use the iTouch Air 3 smartwatch with your iOS or Android device. Once it’s connected through the accompanying app, you’ll receive incoming calls, messages and more. As an active person, you’ll likely find an integrated mode to track your favorite activities. Some examples include running, cycling, hiking, soccer, football, baseball and basketball. You can also pair the watch with compatible elliptical trainers for indoor workouts. There’s also an integrated pedometer and a sedentary reminder that lets you know when it’s time to stand up and move. It may cost a fraction of what you would typically spend on a pricier Apple or Fitbit watch, but others might be fooled by its trendy curved screen technology. A full touchscreen display makes tracking activities and managing various functions a breeze. This waterproof swimming watch also features a durable glass screen that resists dust, scratches and water. Find more iTouch Air 3 information and reviews here.

10. 10. Peakfun Smart Watch
Pros: * Responsive HD touchscreen display * Receives text, phone and app notifications on the go * Comfortable strap for all-day wear Cons: * Not iPhone-compatible * Battery life isn’t great * Very basic features Get back to basics (and save a lot of money) with the affordable Peakfun smartwatch. This waterproof smartwatch is compatible with most Android phones. An IP68 waterproof rating ensures you can safely swim with this watch. As an active person, this multi-function watch offers many different features to keep tabs on your health, wellness and fitness. For example, you’ll find an integrated pedometer and reminders to move when you’ve been sitting for too long. Connecting the watch to your phone via Bluetooth technology expands its functionality even more. For example, you can play your favorite music to stay motivated. Peakfun also incorporates numerous smartwatch features, so you can count on this device to get you through daily activities. Text, phone and app notifications keep you in the loop wherever you are. The screen isn’t as sleek and stunning as the ones found on popular Apple and Fitbit watches, but it certainly gets the job done. The 1.54-inch curved touch display puts all your favorite controls at your fingertips. It’s also easy to read in direct sunlight. While its average battery life is just three days, it’s still more than the Apple Watch SE. You can easily recharge this watch using a USB cable when the battery runs low. Find more Peakfun Smart Watch information and reviews here.

Which Is the Best Waterproof Smartwatch for Swimming?
Whether you’re a competitive swimmer or someone who simply swims to stay fit, you need a waterproof (or at least water-resistant) watch for the job.

Even gently swimming for 30 minutes can burn over 200 calories, according to Swimming.org. The best waterproof smartwatches accurately count calories so that you can see your hard work paying off.

These best waterproof smartwatches can provide pacing alerts, track open water swims, count laps in a pool and more. If you don’t need such advanced features, you’ll find several waterproof smartwatches that can safely be worn in the shower or a trip to the beach.

Can I Go Swimming with a Water-resistant Watch?

If you’re looking for a smartwatch that can withstand occasional shower or splashes by the pool, a water-resistant rating should be just fine.

However, you’ll want a waterproof watch if you intend to use the device for swimming.

As you’re shopping for the best waterproof smartwatch for swimming, you might notice that several manufacturers list IPX waterproof specifications.

Higher numbers indicate better waterproof ratings. For example, IPX-8 protects against water submersion while the lowest-level IPX-1 protects against rainfall, according to Lakes Online.

Many of the best waterproof smartwatches on our list have at least an IP68 rating, which means it’s safe to take them swimming or get them wet.

Which Fitbit Is Waterproof for Swimming?
You’re in luck in you’re looking for a waterproof Fitbit. One of our favorites is the Versa 3, which comes packed with features such as personalized reminders, Spotify, integrated GPS and more.

You can also swim with the Sense, Inspire 2, Charge 4 and Versa 2. The Ace 2 for kids is also swimproof.

Check out our best waterproof Fitbits for swimming for more options.

Which Is the Best Budget Waterproof Smartwatch?
Don’t worry if your budget has you looking for the best cheap waterproof watch for swimming, as you have plenty of options.

One of our favorites is the Letsfit Smartwatch IW1, which tracks blood oxygen levels and has GPS connectivity. If you can stretch your budget a bit more, the Huawei Watch Fit has a large AMOLED display and a battery that lasts up to 10 days per charge.