11 Ways To Support The Planet On Earth Day 2021

Happy Earth Month! Every year you may say that you want to do something for Earth Day and then it comes…and goes.

If you’re looking for a way to support the planet this Earth Day, we’ve rounded up some of the most influential and groundbreaking nonprofits that are trying to make a difference.

Consider checking out and donating to these earth-friendly nonprofits this Earth Day!

EarthShare is a nonprofit partner with a 500-member strong network of respected environmental and conservation organizations. They develop strategic programs to help you meet — and exceed — your employee engagement, community impact, and environmental sustainability goals.

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Blue Marble Space Institute of Science is an international community engaged in building a sustainable future and nurturing scientific interest. Their mission is to explore life as a universal phenomenon and empower the next generation of scientists.

They created the BMSIS Young Scientist Program (YSP) that provides opportunities for students to learn basic research about effective science communication, and develop ethical thinking for the future.

Their scientists engage in research using virtual communication tools to collaborate and share ideas. They publish research in academic journals and engage the public in thinking about science by sharing seminars and publications about their work.

Support their research at Blue Marble today!

Groundswell is all about community engagement and is fundamental to creating lasting positive change.

Groundswell helps neighborhood leads run a network of location-based environmental projects. They guide teachers and students with hands-on learning to make our environment better along with measuring their impact. They also offer mentor programs for interns and corporate teams in the restoration process. The gift that keeps on giving.

They work for thriving resilient natural ecosystems and are passionately engaged in their communities. They partner with land managers, agencies, and stakeholder groups to identify, prioritize, plan, and implement nature-based solutions to ecological problems.

Help support them at Groundswell today!

The High Asia Habitat Fund’s mission is to protect High Asia’s critical ecosystems through conserving wildlife, restoring wild habitat, and empowering dependent communities toward conservation.

They envision a future where the animals, resources, plants, cultures, and humans of the high mountains of Asia are secure and thriving for centuries to come.

This organization invests in the ecosystem level, committing funds to re-forest and re-wild critical habitat. They train rangers, educate communities, and mitigate human-wildlife conflict. They diversify community income through tourism and international market connectivity.

Donate to support the High Asia Fund today!

Amelia Tree Conservancy is dedicated to preserving the maritime forest on Amelia Island, FL.

Amelia Tree Conservancy (ATC) is a collaboration of Amelia Island citizens and friends dedicated to preserving the maritime forest canopy. This includes native island trees, understory, and the environment there. They are an all-volunteer community-supported organization.

The Amelia Island canopy and its habitat play an important role in the life and health of all inhabitants of the island; that includes humans, plants, and animals. They want to save what remains of the maritime forest canopy are left, as they are disappearing fast.

“Protecting the canopy that protects us” is what they are all about and they’re fighting for “zero canopy loss.”

Join them in saving trees on Amelia Island.

The World Energy Foundation (TWEF) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to human progress and the protection and preservation of nature on a global scale. They use technology to deliver renewable energy to those who need it most.

Their mission is to deliver affordable, clean, and sustainable energy to communities in developing countries that currently lack access to electricity. They focus on providing power to education and healthcare facilities. Their projects are community-wide economic development initiatives, with goals to promote shared prosperity from clean energy.

Imagine a world with free renewable energy for everyone. Their goal is to help developing nations “leapfrog the grid,” because energy belongs to everyone, and it’s a right to be shared by everyone.

If you’d like to contribute to this amazing preservation of our globe, support The World Energy Foundation today!

TreePlantingProjects is a strong community of forest improvers. Their goal is environment and climate protection by creating campaigns around planting and reforestation projects. It’s dedicated to one of the most important allies in the race against climate change: the forest.

TreePlantingProjects protect our native forests to help slow down the rise in global temperature. This helps to keep the effects of climate change on earthly living conditions as low as possible for future generations.

With the support of landowners, volunteers, forest experts, and partners, they act as a non-profit organization for the good of society, sustainably and transparently.

The International Living Future Institute is designed to lead the transformation toward a civilization that is socially just, culturally rich, and ecologically restorative.

They build healthy workspaces that spark creativity and collaboration. They foster connection in thriving communities. They create products that give back.

ILFT is based on the belief that providing a compelling vision for the future is a fundamental requirement for reconciling humanity’s relationship with the natural world.

Support International Living Future institute today!

Captain Planet Foundation’s slogan is “Empowering Next Generation Changemakers.” For 30 years, they’ve been working collaboratively to engage and empower young people to be problem-solvers for the planet.

Their programs include providing schools with strategies for building effective and long-lasting garden-based learning programs. Challenging and guiding students to make meaningful differences for local endangered species. And supporting, connecting, training, and empowering youth to become successful campaigners for environmental, social, and community impact issues.

Support this awesome non-profit by donating to Captain Planet Foundation today!

Ocean Blue Project is all things beach cleanup. As an Oregon-based nonprofit, they work to save the ocean by removing microplastics.

Ocean Blue is dedicated to protecting our one world ocean. It’s founded by father-and-son tribal members of the Choctaw Nation. Their vision is that the world’s ocean, beaches, and rivers will once again be pristine, self-sustaining ecosystems where wildlife and human communities can coexist and thrive.

Help support Ocean Blue Project in lowering the number of microplastics traveling to the Great Pacific.

The Merwin Conservancy is a small and thriving ecology organization on the island of Maui. It conserves a 19-acre palm forest that Pulitzer prize-winning poet W.S. Merwin beckoned into being from land designated as agricultural wasteland. It also conserves Merwin’s poetry and garden.

They work toward preserving the ideas of W.S. Merwin and his palm forest, as examples of the power of renewal and creativity.

They engage both local and global communities through an environmental series, including multimedia storytelling projects, and collaborations with artistic, scientific, and educational leaders.

Support The Merwin Conservancy and their mission to help the Merwin palm forest, today!

Ready to Support the Planet this Earth Day?
Each and every one of these amazing non-profits are shaping our future by helping our Earth. We only have one planet, let’s take care of it – together.

We hope you get a chance to investigate and support these dedicated organizations this Earth Day (or any day).

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Happy Earth Day, every day.