2022 How To Play Unsupported Video Files On TV

Causes of ‘Video Not Supported on TV’ ErrorTo fix the ‘unsupported video file’ problem, you have to find out the cause first. Generally speaking, the cause can come from three factors – video container, video codec, and audio codec.

* MediaInfo is a good helper to check your video container, video codec, audio codec, bitrate, framerate, resolution, and other video parameters.

1. Video Format Not Supported on TV (Container Format) Video formats refer to container formats like MP4, MKV, AVI, WMV, etc. You can know the container of your video from the video extension. Your TV User Manuals list all the video formats it supports, and you can see whether your video container format is among the supported ones. If it is not, you should convert the unsupported video format to your TV format. Yet, if it is a supported video container, the problem might come from the codecs.
2. Video Codec Not Supported on TV Many people wonder why their videos cannot be played on their TVs even if the video is in a supported format. Typical cases are like the Samsung TV MP4 and Samsung TV MKV playback errors. This is most likely a video codec problem, such as some TVs don’t have support for the HEVC codec. You can check the compatible codecs from the TV User Manuals.
3. Audio Codec Not Supported on TV Audio codec often gets ignored when talking about video. When your video container and video codec are both supported by your TV, the issue might be the wrong audio codec. Changing the audio to a supported format is essential.
4. High Video Bitrate, Framerate, or Resolution If you have ruled out all the above causes and still can’t play video on your TV, you should consider whether your video is too powerful for your TV, such as too high of a resolution, bit rate, and frame rate. Every TV has maximum data transmission rate. You can find that information on your TV User Manuals or from their website. Your video won’t play smoothly if it exceeds the limit. When you find the cause, you will need a professional video converter to help you change the video to your TV-friendly format. The next part introduces a powerful video converter that can convert video to TV format efficiently. Read on.How to Convert Video to TV Format for Easy Playback?