4 Best Free Fire FF Role Combination For Your Team

Free Fire is a battle royale game that requires teamwork and proper strategy to win the game. Without a proper teamwork, your team will be easy to beat for the enemy. Which is why, getting to know strategies and roles in Free Fire can be really important before you play Free Fire. So here we have some of the best Free Fire role combination for your team.

4 Best Free Fire Role Combination for Your Team
Rusher is a role that has an objective as an entry fragger and to provoke the enemy team. To be a rusher, it requires a really good individual skill with an accurate aiming, especially in close range where every bullet counts.

So you will need someone that has the courage to face multiple enemies at once, and ready to fight them head on. A rusher usually gets the first kill in every battle. Which is why, the best character to use as a rusher can be Jota, Hayato, A124, or old characters like Kla.

The job of a shooter is to play as a second entry or a second fragger. With a proper aiming skill, a shooter can confirm enemy kill after a rusher breaks the enemy’s playing tempo. A shooter can also be a sniper, where shooting towards the enemy in long range proximity is a skill that a shooter must have. The most suitable character for this role combination is character like Moco or Kelly.

Flanker can also be called a lurker. In moba games, flanker is really suitable as an assassin. A flanker’s job is to find a chance to kill and enemy off guard if possible. Flanker can also be a secondary shooter or a sniper with a proper aim. So a flanker can also help a rusher and a shooter at the same time. The best character for this role combination is characters like Laura, Rafael, or Andrew.

Many players usually underestimate the role support in any team player game. But actually, without a support in the team, it will be difficult for the team to win the game. Actually, a support has many jobs to do, like a healer, observer, intel gatherer, or suppressing fire. By giving the enemy some pressure and helping the team with other additional things, a support is the core of a team in Free Fire. The characters that suits this role is characters like Olivia and Paloma.

And that’s some of the best Free Fire role combination for your team that you can try to use. Be sure to follow esportsku on instagram for more tips to come!