45 Ways To Say Thank You For Your Support

When it comes time to write a thank-you note to friends, loved ones, or coworkers, show up with your emotions and a lot of sincerity. Authentic expression and words of appreciation will add so much to your letter or card, and to your relationships.

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When you fully express yourself, not only are you telling others you appreciate them, but you are telling others that you trust them with your words. Take a look below and see how to tell others you appreciate them in your life.

How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Support’ After a Sickness

Not sure what to say when someone is sick? Recovery is so much easier when you have the right support structure. Here are a few ways to say thank you to friends, neighbors, children, and parents who lend a hand when you need it most.

1. Dear Friend, I just wanted to thank you for your thoughts and prayers during my partner’s illness. The support you offered gave me strength when I needed it most.
If you received encouragement while you were supporting a very sick spouse, a statement of gratitude and how much it meant to you will let your friend know you appreciate their thoughts and prayers.

2. Dear Parents, I know this has been difficult, so I just want to say thank you for your help. I really appreciate the love and support you’ve shown me throughout all my illness and recovery.
Parents have a difficult time watching their children suffer. So, use this as a starter to let your parents know that you appreciate the strength they showed when you needed it most.

3. Dear Neighbor, Thanks for looking after the house while I was sick. Knowing that everything was secure and handled helped me concentrate on healing. Thank you for being a friend.
Emergencies don’t give you advanced warning, so it’s especially comforting when you know that you have good neighbors who can help you in times of great need.

4. Partner, I really appreciate all of your love and support. I know that you sacrificed a lot so that I could concentrate on getting better and it hasn’t gone unnoticed.
If your partner took over all of the responsibilities of the house or home so that you could focus on recovery from an illness, it would mean a lot to let them know you saw all of their hard work.

5. Dear Child, Your Mom and I are grateful for all of the cards you’ve been sending. We are both feeling better, but we’ve got a ways to go until we’re feeling 100%. Thank you for all you have done.
Here’s a starter for a quick note. It works if your son has been especially thoughtful and caring while you and your spouse are recovering from an illness.

How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Support’ After a Loss or Tragedy

When responding to condolences be as honest with your feelings as you feel necessary. Your grief is personal, so it’s essential to feel free enough to speak your truth.

6. My family and I want to send out heartfelt thanks for your support during our time of grief. Losing our family members has been hard on all of us but knowing that you were there for us has helped us through this challenging time.
If you’re sending thank you cards after a funeral to those who supported your family, or offered their sympathies in any capacity, then this will work as a beginning template.

7. Dear Neighbor, we want to tell you just how grateful we are for you helping us to take care of the garbage cans. Please let us know how we can return the favors.
When you share a fence with someone, they get to know your habits. This will work for that neighbor who is observant without being nosy—and is just trying to help out.

8. Darling, thank you for understanding how lost I get in my thoughts these days. Just know that I really love you and care about every part of you, and I am sorry about how I have been drifting off lately. You’ve been so supportive.
There are times when you can’t help how your brain deals with grief or loss. One second you are present, and the next you are lost in memories.

9. Darling, after my parents died, there was no way I could’ve driven those long hours on the road, so thank you for letting me sit and be silent while you managed all of it.
A message like this will work if tragedy struck and you were in a hurry to get back home but had to drive.

10. Friend, losing my pup has felt like my world crumbled and nothing will ever be the same. I’m so grateful for the friendship you’ve shown me during this time.
Losing your pup (or another pet) can make you feel like your whole world has been shattered.

How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Support’ After Another Difficult Time

You’re lucky to have loved ones in your life who will stick by you when you move to another state, are quarantined due to COVID-19, or make some life-altering changes

11. Friend, there’s one thing I know for sure… I can always count on you to get me through whatever life throws at me. Thank you so much.
For those of you who have a friend who never lets you down, let them know how much you appreciate all they do.

12. Darling, I never want to move again! I don’t know how we did this at our age, but I am so grateful for your strength.
Moving is one of the most stressful events you’ll ever go through, so you should acknowledge accomplishing it together.

13. Darling, you are my world, the love of my life, the sun in my morning, the moon of my night. I could never have done this without you, but I never want to be quarantined with you again.
COVID-19 has created realities for many of us that we’ve never seen before. Surviving it with a partner in close quarters day in and day out is a feat.

14. Child, I’ve learned a lot more about you in these last few months than ever before. You’ve grown to be an incredible human being, and I’m so grateful you handled all of this with grace.
If your child spent the last quarter of their senior year of high school locked down in quarantine with you, chances are you’ve had more conversation now than throughout all of their teenage years.

15. Mom and Dad, I am so glad that I have parents like you in my life who have accepted me throughout all of my stages and transitions in life.
This message will work for anything that your parents have supported you through, including relationships, beliefs, and expressions of authentic living.

How to Say ‘Thank You for Your Support’ in a Work Setting

Not all support comes from friends and family. Sometimes our coworkers deserve to be recognized as well.

16. Dear Coworker, Thanks for all the help lately. Now that I am feeling better, I can start repaying all of your kindness.
Going to work when you don’t feel well or are having a tough time at home is hard, but having an understanding coworker can help you get through it.

17. Dear Coworkers, Thank you for understanding that I needed to leave to be with my family. I know you were short-handed and had to do my work while I was gone.
When you work with a team and tragedy strikes, your coworkers almost always have to pick up the slack.

18. Old Coworker, I never realized how much a pain I was at work until I left my job. Thank you for tolerating my madness all these years.
If you were working a job you despised for years and finally decided to leave, you may look back and realize how miserable you were making those around you, too.

19. Coworker, you were a rock during our last product push. Thanks for helping us all get through this.
When one coworker steps up to help the whole team navigate work stress, it can make all the difference in the world.

20. Coworker, all of the stress lately has been getting to me. Thanks for letting me blow off some steam.
This is a great way to thank the one person you know you can trust at work not to judge you for being human.

‘Thank You for Your Support’ Quotes to Share
Use these gratitude quotes for those moments that require more than a simple “thank you.”

21. Darling, In case I forget to tell you when this is over, I just want you to know how much I needed you and how grateful I was that you were there for me.
When you recognize the calm before the storm, send out preemptive words of gratitude so your partner also has reciprocated support to get them through the drama or struggle, too.

22. Friend, You’ve always got my back, and I’ll always have yours.
Use this quote for the friends and family who need to hear that their effort is not only appreciated but that you will one day return the favor.

23. Darling, You’ve never let me down, and I know I can always count on you.
This quote works for those people who can keep a steady stride when the world seems to crumble around you.

24. Best Friend, You’ve shown me how to be a better friend.
Sometimes gratitude in the shape of a compliment is the perfect way to express your overall feelings for a friend.

25. Friend, When you asked me what I was doing to discover joy these days, you lit a fire. But that’s something you always do – you always try to connect with me on a level that changes my course for the better.
Let your friend know that you take notice of the moments that they lend you support – but in unconventional ways.

26. I am grateful for your wisdom and guidance, because your words get me through the tough moments in life.
Latent support or support that seems to layer itself over time comes in the form of a good teacher, as not all support ends when a sentence does.

‘Thank You for Your Support’ Messages for an Email or Text
Type a short “thank you” for text messages and write a longer “thank you” for emails.

27. Thank you! Thank you! Your support made all the difference in the world.
Here’s a quick text for those supporters who gave you that much needed push to keep going. Add a suitable emoji if you feel it’s relevant or the right audience to do so.

28. You made my week! Sending you a cyber hug!
If you’re going to be thinking about how grateful you are to have such a lovely friend for more than a single day, week, month, or year, then send them a text to let them know.

29. I am so grateful for you.
This quote is simple, opening the text conversation to say more after you get a response, and it’s just generally a pleasant thing to read from someone on its own.

30. Hi Friend, I just wanted to drop you a quick email to tell you how awesome you are – and just how much your support has meant to me lately. I really appreciate you. Thank you.
For an email, this quote hits all the marks with a compliment, a recognition of their support, and a few words of gratitude. Change it up to meet your needs as you will.

31. Hello Darling, I hope you find this email in the middle of your morning and you think about me as much as I think about you. Just wanted to say that I am so grateful to be married, because you’re perfect in every way.
Your partner may have a busy morning of catching up on work emails, so this one could be the perfect relief to all the stress ahead in the day.

‘Thank You for Your Support’ Messages for Volunteers or Help on a Project
Here are a few quotes you can use, starting in the monthly newsletter. In addition, we’ve included some announcement options for the annual appreciation party, celebrating those people who help your nonprofit shine.

32. Thank you to all of our volunteers! We can’t do this without you!
If you’ve got a message board at the office, tape up this quote for all of your volunteers to read as they enter and leave the building.

33. We LOVE our volunteers!
Start your email with this heading and then let your volunteers know exactly who’s doing what and why that’s important to the mission.

34. We’re inspired by you!
If you’re sending an email to the volunteer crew, use this quote in the subject line or as the header.

35. We’re celebrating National Volunteer Month with a Party!
If your nonprofit doesn’t already have a budget for a fun gathering to celebrate your volunteer staff, then create one today!

36. Our volunteers are vital to the success of our mission. Join us as we honor them during National Volunteer Week!
No matter what kind of event you’re planning, this is one great way to entitle the flyers.

37. Each year we grow – Stronger – Braver – and MORE Effective because of our amazing crew of volunteers. We are so grateful for each and every one of you.
Use this quote in the footer of every newsletter you send out to registrants.

Short ‘Thank You for Your Support’ Messages
When messages are short, amazing friends and loved ones can read through the lines and fill in the blanks.

38. Friend or Neighbor, You are amazing. Thank you!
For those times when a few words are just enough, choose the best adjective to describe them.

39. Darling, I’d still be so broken without you.
Use this sentence when you need to say a great deal with just a few words.

40. Darling, I appreciate all you are and all you do.
We need those quick phrases that sum up our time with someone we love in relationships.

41. Best Friend, I will never forget what you’ve done for me.
Some words of gratitude share an entire history in one moment.

42. Best Friend, I appreciate you and your brownies.
Whether brownies (pasta or wine), your friend will know exactly what you mean.

43. Darling, You made all my days brighter.
That special someone can turn any dark day bright and any bad day better.

44. Dearest Friend, Words fail me, but thank you for who you are.
You don’t always need adjectives and nouns to say what you’re feeling – sometimes, this phrase will enunciate the feeling for you.

45. Best Friend, I really lost myself there for a minute – thank you for finding me.
There are times (and pandemics) when we lose ourselves to the chaos and need someone to help us back to the surface.

Saying Thank You With Grace
As easy as it is to feel gratitude, sometimes it feels like the biggest hurdle letting others know how you feel. Hopefully, one of the expressions above has helped you figure out the best way to say “thanks.”