5 Best TVs That Support PS5 VRR

Sony has finally released the much awaited Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology to the PS5. It is a great feature that allows players to get a silky smooth adjustable performance.

VRR can effortlessly play games while changing the refresh rate on the fly. The resulting image produced has significantly less screen tearing, which is a common problem that takes immersion out of games. If your TV supports PS5 VRR technology, you can check it under PS5 Screen and Video settings – Video Output – VRR.

VRR is unfortunately not supported by all TVs, but only a select few do. If you are looking to upgrade your TV for VRR support and other general improvements, have a look at the five recommendations below.

Disclaimer: Since VRR technology is fairly new, firmware updates may change or limit functionality for certain displays listed here. We recommend that you do extensive research and proceed with any purchases on your own authority.

5 best TVs that players should try out to get the best of PS5’s VRR feature
1) TCL 50S546 50″ CLASS 5-SERIES 4K QLED – $599
QLED is reliable and free from burn-in (Image via TCL)TCL 5OS545 is one of the few televisions on the market that natively supports VRR technology on the PS5. The 4K panel from TCL offers Contrast Control Zone technology that maximizes contrast so that you can have the best visual experience in story mode games that the PS5, fortunately, excels in.

That being said, if you want to play shooters as well, the TV has a convenient Auto Game Mode that makes up for some of the lowest input latency in TVs.

2) Hisense U7G – $649.99
If you are in the market for a TV that offers 120 Hz and also VRR, Hisense U7G delivers. It is one of the few TVs currently working flawlessly with 120 Hz and VRR combined. The 4K Quantum Dot panel provided by Hisense is fairly sharp but doesn’t offer the best color accuracy and viewing angles Nevertheless, these cons are clearly overshadowed by the gaming features on offer here.

It is also worth noting that the TV does offer a gaming mode to improve latency and tearing. Coupled with peak brightness from 0.005 to 700, the representation of the visuals is highly natural.

3) Sony Bravia X85J Series 55 4K – $899
Nothing can touch Sony’s picture quality (Image via Amazon)Sony TVs being included on this list was inevitable since VRR will be implemented with priority for Sony TVs. Along with support for VRR, the X85J has incredible 4K visuals powered by the X1 4K HDR Processor. The TV has an esthetic and sleek design that is also functional, and you get extremely narrow bezels that create a natural gaze over the content on screen.

Sony claims that their panel is able to produce over one billion colors, making it highly color accurate and contrast rich. Sony has also provided Dolby Atmos support that can be used to watch 4K content with a built-in 4K Blu-ray player. Overall, Bravia X85J has become the quintessential choice to pair with the PS5.

4) LG C1 55 4K Smart OLED TV – $1499
PS5 + C1 = Dream Team (Image via LG)The LG C1 is a remarkable OLED TV with a maximum of 4K resolution capability. The TV has been tested to work flawlessly with the Sony’s VRR technology. The TV has a native 4K processor based on AI, which gives true to life image output.

On top of the support for VRR for PS5, it also features Nvidia G-Sync and AMD Freesync, so you can also have a blast using it with a PC without having to worry about screen tearing.

The C1 has a minimalist, ultra-thin design to help it fit into any entertainment setup. After pairing it up with a PS5 or other gaming consoles that support variable refresh rate, you can expect crystal clear 4K gaming.

5) Philips OLED+ 936 4K – $1,870 to $3,137
Eye-candy (Image via Philips) PS5 + C1 = Dream Team (Image via LG)Philips OLED+ 936 series offers magnificent 4K OLED panels with support for HDR. The resulting image offers extremely deep blacks that makes other colors pop with contrast. In addition to an excellent viewing experience, the TV also offers a 120 Hz refresh rate that can make use of the PS5 VRR fairly well without any limitations.

Overall, Philips OLED+ 936 is undoubtedly a solid recommendation for those that want the perfect balance between viewing experience and gaming features to incorporate with the PS5.

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