7 Inspirational Stories Of Celebrity Breast Cancer Survivors

Julia Louis-Dreyfus is the latest celebrity to reveal that she was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news came just a few days before Breast Cancer Awareness Month begins. For those who don’t know, the entire month of October is devoted to the disease.

Walks will take place all over the country to raise money, while limited edition items benefiting the cause will be sold. Hollywood does its part too with a number of celebrities coming out and lending support for breast cancer, especially those who are survivors. Here are just a few of the brave, strong, courageous, inspirational, and amazing celebrities that are breast cancer survivors.


Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate was 36 when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was her doctor’s suggestion that she get additional testing done an besides annual mammogram. The actress discovered she was in the early stages of breast cancer and that she is also a carrier of the BRCA gene. Applegate underwent a double mastectomy. After that, she became a huge advocate for the cause which prompted her to create the organization Right Action For Women. It is an organization that provides aid to those women who can’t afford or do not have insurance to get properly screened for the disease.


Shannon Doherty
Shannon Doherty was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 44. She spent two and a half years battling the disease with eight rounds of chemo and radiation, as well as undergoing a single mastectomy. The Beverly Hills alum has been very open about her treatment, documenting the ups and downs on social media. She has been honest and shared raw moments of her battle, all while expressing the importance of finding the right doctor and treatment for those who also have the disease. In April 2017, she revealed that she was in remission.

Kylie Minogue has revealed that her cancer was initially misdiagnosed. After doctors gave her the all clear, the singer’s intuition told her something was wrong and she got a second opinion. It was the second set of test that showed she did, in fact, have breast cancer. The actress was 37 as she battled the disease with surgery and chemotherapy. Since then, she has been encouraging women to trust their gut. Minogue has been very vocal about how doctors are not always right. Therefore, getting a second opinion never hurts.

Sheryl Crow
Sheryl Crow was 44 when breast cancer changed her life. She underwent both surgery and radiation to fight the disease. The singer has been vocal about how the battle forced her to reevaluate her priorities. She has since adopted two sons Wyatt and Levi, both age 9. Crow has been cancer free for over 10-years now, and has become an advocate for simply talking about breast cancer. Her theory is that talking about it, takes the fear out of it. Plus knowledge is power. The more women know, the better armed they will be to deal with the disease.


Wanda Sykes
Wanda Sykes’ breast reduction surgery led to her cancer diagnosis. After having a mammogram that came back clean, she decided at age 47 she wanted her size triple D breasts to be smaller. It is routine for the tissue from the breast to be tested after the surgery, that is when her cancer was discovered. Despite the cancer being at stage 0, due to a family history of breast cancer, she opted for a double mastectomy. Since then, the comedian has talked openly about her emotional struggle after the surgery, while advocating for second testing.

Giuliana Rancic
Giuliana Rancic learned she had breast cancer at age 37 when she went for a mandatory mammogram while undergoing in-vitro fertilization in hopes of having a baby. The Fashion Police host underwent a double mastectomy and weeks of radiation. She has expressed the importance of sharing her story in the hopes of helping young women to not only be aware to take action but to simply make the doctor appointment. Rancic also stared the charity Fab-U-Wish, which helps women going through treatment and recovery have one of their dreams come true.


Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia Nixon kept her breast cancer diagnosis private while she battled the disease because she did not want paparazzi swarming her. The Sex and The City alum learned she had the disease after a routine mammogram. She underwent surgery to remove the lump, as well as weeks of radiation. After going public with her story, Nixon became an ambassador for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation. She has also become an activist for the disease, spreading the word of how important it is to get a mammogram.

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