9 Best USB C Power Banks In 2022

If you find that you often need to charge on the go, it may be time to look into power delivery power banks. These easy options allow you to charge any device – including laptops – without an outlet, no matter what your location is.

Power delivery or PD power banks are great because they are fast charging and portable. Most have slim designs, and some are even small enough to fit into your pocket.

Their compact design means you can easily store them in your purse, bag, or pocket without sacrificing storage space. These easy-to-carry options are super functional as well. Surprisingly, they can charge faster than with a wall outlet or non-PD bank due to their unique technology.

Continue reading to find out more about power delivery, and great options for the best PD power bank.

What is Power Delivery?
Not all power banks are created equal. In most cases, the bank can only output a specific amount of power at any given time. This is why it can take well over an hour just to charge a phone.

That’s where power delivery comes in. This technology erases that limit, allowing the bank to deliver more power in any given charge. This means that your device will charge much faster than with a standard option. A typical PD power bank can drive up to 45W or even 60W which is ridiculously high. I would probably prefer the 18W device, it is well enough for a smartphone.

> Beyond 2020, I think 90% of the Power Banks will have support for Power Delivery

That’s why power delivery power banks are a much better choice for even casual charging needs. They’re the best fast charge power banks that you can find.

PD Power Banks 20,000 mAh or Over
Ravpower PD 3.0 device comes with a comprehensive list of features that can help ensure you’re getting a great charging experience. One of the best features is that it charges super fast.

Due to its power delivery, you can charge devices in about a third of the time it usually takes. That’s much more convenient when you’re on the go. Plus, it stores a lot of power, so you don’t have to worry about recharging it all the time.

The device also has a lot of safety features built-in. You can be confident that your device won’t sustain damage from a power surge or a similar issue. It’s nice to have that added peace of mind while charging.

This device would work well with people who need to get a full laptop charge on the. Just keep in mind that it only works with type-C chargers. You’ll need to make sure your laptop has a type-C cord, or else you won’t be able to use it.

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This 20,000mAh battery bank from Aukey focuses more on smaller technology with type-C chargers. While you can’t use it to charge anything larger than a tablet, this device works perfectly for wearables and phones. It even includes a low-current mode that will work for things like fitness trackers.

For phones, in particular, it can fully charge a phone battery in around an hour. That makes it perfect when you just need an extra boost since it will charge a portion of the power quickly.

There are also good safety features for this device. When you’re charging, the device can prevent both overcharging and overheating.

The main downside is that this device won’t charge anything larger than a laptop. As such, it’s best used as an emergency option for those moments when you don’t have time to charge your device at home.

It’s also good as a backup when traveling. It’s faster and more convenient than having to look for an outlet at the airport.

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This huge 26800mAh charger from Ravpower focuses on making things convenient. It has a few features that make it easy and efficient to use.

One helpful feature that it comes with is simultaneous charging. This allows you to charge up to three devices at once. Most type-C devices will work with this feature. You can essentially charge a Nintendo Switch during a game, while also charging your phone.

> Yes, this is TSA friendly and you can carry it on an airplane

This is also a power bank with quick charging. You can get it fully charged in around four hours, which is shorter than a lot of similar devices. And once fully charged, it has a substantial amount of power. Additionally, it has important safety features that can prevent issues like short-circuiting. That means you can use it with confidence.

Overall, this charger is best for people who usually carry multiple devices, whether for themselves or for others. It’s ideal if you have a charging emergency on the go, and need to plug in more than one device.

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Zendure X6 is great because it charges the full range of Type-C devices. You can charge your phone, Nintendo Switch, and laptop. But it also includes a low power mode for wearables like fitness trackers and even wireless headphones.

Beyond charging, this option can act as a USB hub for multiple devices. It has 2 additional USB ports that allow you to sync files on more than one device at a time.

Another interesting note is that this device is wider than it is longer. Depending on the nature of your usual bag, briefcase, or backpack, the shape may be preferable.

With all of its functional features, this charger is great for people who need to manage a lot of devices at once. If you have things spread across phone, tablet and laptop, this device can help you keep everything charged, and your files synced.

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The shape of this power bank is remarkably slim. It’s not as powerful or functional as some of the other chargers, but it’s perfect for carrying as a backup.

The shape, size, and weight are much more convenient than some of the larger options. For anyone who is aesthetically minded, it also has some fun color choices.

This option charges your typical type-C devices, from a phone to a laptop. While it doesn’t store as much power as other options, it does have enough to fully charge a laptop twice. That’s more than enough to use for those emergency occasions when you just need a quick bit of power.

Although this option isn’t as functional as some of the others, it’s ideal for carrying on the go. If you just need something to keep in your bag for emergencies, this one is a great choice.

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Anker Powercore is another slim, travel-friendly option with a huge capacity. What sets this option apart, is that it comes with some additional items, for a whole charging package.

One such item is the additional micro USB cord that you can use with devices that aren’t type-C. That makes it a little more versatile than some of the other options.

It also includes a wall charger that has power delivery for faster charging. This extra addition means that whatever you plug into a standard wall outlet will still charge quickly. It’s a nice bonus item that you’ll be able to use even when you’re not using the power bank itself.

Those extra items paired with the slim size make this an ideal travel option. It’s going to service just about any power need. And if you end up using all of it’s stored power, you can still charge quickly with the wall charger.

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This one is a good high capacity option. It’s made for anything from phones to laptops and can support multiple full charges for each of those devices.

You can also use this device for wireless charging with compatible devices. With this function, all you have to do is put your phone on the charger, and it will recharge. Again though, your device has to have wireless charging capabilities in order for this to work.

For even more convenience, the device comes with an LCD screen to let you know how much power remains stored. This removes all the guesswork when it comes to recharging it. You’ll know exactly how much you have remaining each time you use it.

As such, this is a good option for anyone who is serious about their recharging needs. If you need something dependable and versatile, it’s a good choice.

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PD Power Banks 10,000 mAh or Over

The main point of this charger is that it’s tiny. It fits easily in the palm of your hand, and it’s super lightweight. It’s made to be something you can slip into a pocket and forget about until you need it.

Although, it’s not the most powerful option, it’s still perfectly functional. You can charge a laptop battery to around half of a full charge in a pinch. It’s much more effective for smaller devices, like phones though. With smaller devices, you can get multiple full charges.

Since it’s so portable and only charges one device at a time, it’s more for people who want a causal power bank. If you just need something to occasionally charge your phone, this is an excellent option.

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SuperMini battery bank option is so small, it’s even smaller than a credit card. (Although it is wider.) What really makes this device useful though is its focus on speed. It’s the best fast charging power bank.

It can fully charge a phone in around an hour. It also charges type-C and type-A devices. That versatility is helpful for people who don’t just charge their phones.

The device itself recharges in around 3 hours, which is an excellent rate. You can recharge the power bank, and charge your phone, all in four hours or less. For an overall time for both a power bank and a device, that’s pretty good.

Again, this device is one for people who use their power banks causally. It’s not the most powerful or functional option, but it’s quick, effective, and super portable.

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Final Verdict
Now that you’ve seen some of the best USB C power banks, it is time to give my takeaways. From 2020 and beyond, almost every new gadget will have support for USB C and thus, it is wise to choose a power bank that supports USB C with Power Delivery. If I were to choose one for myself, my first choice would be Ravpower’s 26800mAh bank for its huge capacity and multiple ports.

My second choice is Zendure X6 for its power output and compactness. To be honest, Zendure has some of the strongest power banks on the market.

Finally, my third choice is Anker Powercore+. Like Ravpower, it also has a huge battery capacity. As you may see, I am avoiding anything under 20,000mAh. This is because power bank size makes little to no difference to me. All I need is more juice to keep all of my gadgets powered up, especially when I am traveling.

If you have any other recommendations, let me know through the comments below. I will be happy to check out your favorite.

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