All About Premier Support How To Check If Your Tenant Qualifies For A NoCost Upgrade

When your tenant receives Microsoft 365 licensing via a Microsoft Partner, you unlock several benefits and resources that can help your business. One of the most valuable resources is access to Premier Support. In this article, we’ll explain how Premier Support works, how it can benefit your business, and how to find out if your tenant qualifies for a no-cost upgrade.

What is Premier Support?
Premier Support is a service offered by select Microsoft Partners to help businesses that are licensed via a provider from the Microsoft Partner Network. As a Microsoft Partner, Trusted Tech Team offers Premier Support to all eligible tenants. This level of support gives you direct access to a US-based in-house team of Microsoft engineers who can help you with any questions or issues you may have with Microsoft products or services.

How it Works
You can contact your provider’s support team directly if you have a question or issue with a Microsoft product or service via phone, email, or a personalized support gateway. Trusted Tech Team provides a portal through which you can request immediate assistance. If you are currently a customer of Trusted Tech Team, you may submit a ticket at any time.

Once your ticket is received, our team will work with you to resolve your issue as quickly as possible. In some instances, the team may need to escalate your ticket to a senior support engineer. However, in most cases, the team will be able to resolve your issue in the same day. This process is designed to reduce negative consequences on your business that may result from critical tickets such as account lockouts.

Breakdown of Microsoft 365 licensing perks with Trusted Tech Team

What Benefits Come with Premier Support
Premier support is designed to reduce support ticket wait times without introducing extra costs. The Microsoft Partner Program incentivizes Cloud Solutions Providers to grant customers direct access to technical experts to maintain high customer satisfaction in a time of accelerated Cloud adoption. These benefits include:

* Access to highly trained and qualified US-based Microsoft experts
* Fast resolution of all levels of technical inquiries (Basic, Break & Fix and Business Critical)
* Considerable savings: only select Microsoft Partners employ in-house support engineers that can offer Complimentary Premier Support

How to Qualify for Premier Support
If you already have a Microsoft 365 tenant, you may qualify for a no-cost Premier Support upgrade with Trusted Tech Team. To evaluate your qualification, fill out this form to receive a free 15-minute consultation with one of our Microsoft Licensing Engineers. If you are considering starting with Microsoft 365 for the first time, contact our support team via email at “”.

By elevating to the Premier Support Program, you gain the highest support tier available from Microsoft to date at no cost. If you have questions regarding any Microsoft products including on-premises and Cloud Solutions, feel free to contact us via email, phone, or direct chat.