Amber Heard Open Letter

Renée B. Adams,

Professor, University of Oxford

Dr. Esohe Aghatise,

Executive Director, Associazione Iroko Onlus

Cheryl A. Alexander,

L.I.C.S.W., RMT Trauma Informed Psychotherapist in Private Practice

Aisha Ali-Khan,

British Women’s Rights Campaigner, Women United Organisation

Dra Patrícia Regina Alonso,

Advogada – Brasil – São Paulo

Sara Ahmed,

Independent Scholar, Author, “Complaint!”

Kate Amber,

PgCert, Founder, End Coercive Control USA

Dr. Mikaila Mariel Lemonik Arthur,

Professor of Sociology, Rhode Island College

Kelly Asao,

Professor of Psychology, Westminster College

Dr Sonja Ayeb-Karlsson,

Intersectionality and Policy University College London (UCL), UK

Dr. Kate Balestrieri,

Licensed Clinical and Forensic Psychologist, Certified Sex Therapist & Founder of Modern Intimacy

Gia Barboza-Salerno,

MA, MS, JD, PhD Division of Health Behavior and Health Promotion The Ohio State University

Christina Barker,

D. Clin. Psychol., M.Ed., B.Sc Expert Witness, Forensic Scientist, Trauma Specialist, EMDR Therapist

Joshua Barlow;

Attorney; Specialist in Litigation and Protection Orders on Behalf of IPV Survivors

Dr. Adrienne Barnett,

Reader in Law, Brunel Law School, Brunel University London

Melissa Barnett,

President of Mothers of Lost Children, Victim Advocate

Libby Baxter-Williams,

Director of Biscuit

Dr. Nicole Bedera,


Nicole Bell,

Founder and CEO, LIFT Living in Freedom Together

Panayiota Bertzikis,
CEO/Founder Military Rape Crisis Center

Amy Betts,

Founder of Aidileys – Rights, Family Court Information Services

Elizabeth Blackney,

Survivor and Activist

Antoinette Bonsignore,

J.D., Legal and Prosecutorial Analyst, Case Systems Training Review Program, Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission

Anna Boucher,

Associate Professor in Public Policy and Political Science (LSE) and admitted Solicitor, Supreme Court NSW, Australia

Lindsey Boylan,

Women’s Rights Activist

Dr. Stephanie Ann Brandt

MD, Faculty and Chairman, Ethics Committee, New York Psychoanalytic Institute New York, NY, Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Weill Cornell Medical College, New York, Experienced Forensic Evaluation and Testimony in Family, Supreme and Federal ( EDNY + SDNY ) Child focused Litigation

Susan J. Brison,

Eunice and Julian Cohen Professor for the Study of Ethics and Human Values, Dartmouth College

Professor Ann Bartow,

University of New Hampshire School of Law.

Lindsey Blumell,

Ph.D, Journalism Researcher Specialising in News Media Representations of Sexual Assault. Lead Research in International Project on Ending Workplace Sexual Harassment in News Organisations

Laura Bonetzky-Joseph,

Author, Survivor, Domestic Violence Advocate, Educator, Trauma Informed Somatic Healing

Shari Botwin,

LCSW, Trauma Therapist and Author

Angie Boyle,

Senior Lecturer, University of Cumbria, PhD on Adults who Lived with Domestic Abuse as Children

Mitzi Bramble,

MA, LMHC, Trauma Informed Psychotherapist, Intersectional Feminist

Laura S Brown,

Ph.D. ABPP, psychologist in private practice, past President, APA Division of Trauma Psychology and Society for The Psychology of Women

Dr. Kari Brozowski

Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University

Twiss Butler,


Rachel Camp,

Professor from Practice and Co-Director, Georgetown University Domestic Violence Clinic (title for identification purposes only)

Nimmi Candappa;

PhD, Engineer, Academic, Activist

Nancy Chi Cantalupo,

Associate Professor of Law, Wayne State University Law School (title and institution provided for identification purposes only)

Kali Casab,

The Voices and Faces Project

Lauren B. Cattaneo,

Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, George Mason University

Gillian Chadwick,

Professor of Law, Washburn University School of Law

Megan Challender,

Managing Attorney, Network for Victim Recovery of DC

Rachel Charlton-Dailey,

Journalist, Founding Editor of The Unwritten

Shilpy Chatterjee,

Senior Prevention Coordinator New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault

Debra Chopp,

Clinical Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

Seo-Young Chu

Associate Professor Queens College, CUNY

Andrew Thomas Cicchetti,


Dr Esma Esen Çiftçi,

Assistant Professor in Social and Organisational Psychology at Anadolu University. Work on Sexism and Social Relationships

Dr. Christine Marie Cocchiola,

DSW, LCSW Coercive Control Advocate, Educator, Researcher & Survivor

Alyson Cole,

Ph.D, Professor at Queens College & The Graduate Center, CUNY, Author of The Cult of True Victimhood

J.V. Connors

Ph.D. New Mexico licensed psychologist

Bea Coté,

LCSW, LMFT Founder and Executive Director IMPACT, LLC and Step Up to Family Safety

Dr. Elizabeth Dalgarno,

SHERA Research Group

Roxana Dapper,

Activist Educator, Feminist, Gender Equity Educator

Michele Landis Dauber,

Frederick I. Richman Professor of Law, Stanford Law School (title and institution for identification purposes only)

Roz Davidson,

Director of The Positive Parenting Company Ltd National Domestic Abuse Consultant and Trainer

Ella Dawson,


Jill Dean,

Ed. S., L.P.C., Counselor and Advocate.

Lyndsey Dearlove,

Global Director of Operations for the No More Foundation

Sarah DeArmond,
Advocate and Founder of Nonprofit Voiceless Behind Bars™️

Sanndra DelSignore,


Lula Dembele,

Survivor Advocate.

Theresa Derbyshire

BACP Senior Accredited Psychotherapist and EMDR therapist

Kim Detjen

MSW, LCSW, Independent Social Worker and Academic, PhD Candidate (Research in Domestic Abuse)

Thaomi Michelle Dinh

Ph.D, Associate Director of Asian American Studies, Stanford University, Published (Academic & Creative) on the topic of Sexual Violence

Drew Dixon,

Producer, Activist

Mia Döring

Author, “Any Girl,” Psychotherapist Specializing in Domestic Abuse and Sexual Trauma

Tiffanie Drayton,

Journalist & Activist “Johnny Depp’s Amber Heard Trial Verdict Will Have a Devastating Chilling Effect”

Margaret B. Drew,

Associate Professor of Law, UMass Law School

Jo Driscoll,

Specialist SEMH Teacher

Prof. Dr. Jennifer Drobac

Cindy Druyts –

Trauma Sexologist/Therapist/Social Worker & Head of Konektis Belgium

Martin Dufresne;
Former Director of Montreal Men Against Sexism, Profeminist Translator (French) for the work of Andrea Dworkin, Catharine A MacKinnon & other Truth-Sayers

Danielle Pelfrey Duryea

Boston University School of Law (institution for identification purposes only)

Maria João Faustino,

PhD Candidate, University of Auckland

Erin Dwyer-Frazier,

Attorney and Domestic Violence Advocate

Heidi Eilers,

Ph.D., BCBA-D, CCTP, Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional

Darcel Elliott


Aliaa Magda Elmahdy,

Egyptian internet activist and women’s rights advocate

Deborah Epstein,

Agnes Williams Sesquicentennial Professor of Gender, Violence, and Law, Georgetown Law University Center

Ray Epstein,

President/Founder of Student Activists Against Sexual Assault at Temple University

Heidi Li Feldman,

Professor of Law, Georgetown University Law Center

Bill Flack,

Professor of Psychology, Bucknell University

Professor Michael Flood

Queensland University of Technology

Terry Forliti,

Communication Coordinator for Upside Sex Trafficking Initiative, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Francisca Fox,

Feminist Actress/Producer/ Filmmaker, Member of the Ethics Commission of Sidarte & Former Leader/ Continuing Member of Red de Actrices Chilenas (RACH), Chile.

Jaclyn Friedman,

editor of “Yes Means Yes” and “Believe Me”

Tuhina Gao,

Professional Advocate Working with Marginalised & Vulnerable Women (India)

Kern Geard,

Social Worker, Feminist Advocate

Professor Aisha K. Gill,

Ph.D. CBE | Professor of Criminology

Professor Leigh Gilmore,

Ohio State University, Author, “The #MeToo Effect: What Happens When We Believe Women”

Dr Ashlee Gore.

Lecturer in Criminology at Western Sydney University

Lisa Goodman,

Ph.D., Professor, Boston College

Leigh Goodmark,

Marjorie Cook Professor of Law and Co-Director, Clinical Law Program

Cynthia A. Graham,

PhD, C. Psychol, Professor of Sexual and Reproductive Health

Catriona Grant,

Scotland, UK. Independent Social Work and Domestic Abuse Consultant

Gretchen Grappone,

LICSW PTSD Clinician & Trainer

Julie Green,

Research Assistant, Violence Against Women and Children team, Department of Social Work, The University of Melbourne

Min Grob,

Founder CCChat Magazine

Kit Gruelle,

Advocate, Survivor, Film Subject for HBO Documentary Private Violence

Emiliana Guereca,

Founder and Executive Director Women’s March Action and Women’s March Foundation

Anne Hager,

Survivor and Activist

Kayla Harder

Founder, Survivors Righting Wrongs

Kelsey J. Harper,

Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist

Yasmeen Hassan,

Global Executive Director, Equality Now

Elise Hatsuko,

Social Entrepreneur, Advocate for Women & Girls, Author, “The Status of Women”

Tirion Havard,

Associate Professor, England UK

Judith L. Herman,

M.D., Professor of Psychiatry (Part Time), Harvard Medical School

Eileen Hing,


Kathryn Holland,

Ph.D Assistant Professor of Psychology & Women’s & Gender Studies, University of Nebraska

CarlLa Horton,

M.P.A., Executive Director, Hope’s Door

Emily Mia Hughes-Smith,
MBACP. BSc(hons) dip. Sup

Kate Hugill

Survivor, Advocate & Citizen of the Year Award Winner (2018) for Volunteer Domestic Abuse Lectures/Training for Law Enforcement

Doreen Hunter,

Co-Founder, Americas Conference to End Coercive Control (ACECC)

Renée Izambard,

Survivor, Founding member of Movement of Mothers

Holly Jacobs,

PhD Founder, Board Member, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative

Hans Johnson,

President, East Area Progressive Democrats

Lisa Jureczko

Abuse Dynamics Coach for Narcissistic Abuse Survivors & Co-Founder of Projekt ECHO

Sheherezade Kara

International Human Rights Jurist and Consultant

Dr. Emma Katz,

Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Liverpool Hope University, UK

Mara Keire

Senior Research Fellow, Rothermere American Institute, University of Oxford, UK

Dr. Margaret Kertesz,

Senior Research Fellow, University of Melbourne

Farrah Khan,

CEO Possibility Seeds

Saira Khan,

HCPC Registered Chartered Counselling Psychologist in the UK LCSW, California Board of Behavioural Sciences

Steve Killpack,

Founder Healthy Fathering Collaborative

Amanda Kippert,

Editor-in-Chief,, Co-Host, Toxic the Podcast

Judge Judy Harris Kluger,

Executive Director, Sanctuary for Families

Dean Laurie Kohn,

George Washington Law School

Kellyann Kostyal-Larrier,

Executive Director, Fearless! Hudson Valley, Inc.

Dr. Ingeborg Kraus,

Clinical Psychologist, Psychotraumatologist

Lauren Krouse,

Writer & Survivor-Victim Advocate

Amy Kaufman,

Survivor & Advocate, with Women Aware

Afsana Lachaux,

Activist & British Women’s Rights Campaigner.

Julie S. Lalonde

Canadian Woman’s Rights Advocate

Dr Rhiannon Lane,

Research Fellow in Sociology, Cardiff University

Julianna Lee,

Clinical Assistant Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law

Geraldine Lee-Treweek,
Professor of Social Justice at Birmingham City University, UK, specialist in Abuse Studies and Psychotherapist.

Dorchen A. Leidholdt, Esq.,

Director, Center for Battered Women’s Legal Services at Sanctuary for Families

Julia Livingston,

Barnes & Thornburg LLP

Edward Lloyd,

Evan M. Frankel Clinical Professor Emeritus in Environmental Law, Columbia University School of Law

Dr. Laura E. Ludtke,

Independent Scholar

Tresa DiAnn Lupton,

J.D. Survivor & Victim Advocate

Linda MacDonald,

Persons Against Non-State Torture, co-author “Women Unsilenced Our Refusal To Let Torturer-Traffickers Win”

Catharine A. MacKinnon,

Elizabeth A. Long Professor of Law at Michigan Law, and the long-term James Barr Ames Visiting Professor of Law at Harvard Law School (all titles for identification purposes only)

David Mandel,

Executive Director, Safe and Together Institute

Jane Manning,

Director, Women’s Equal Justice Project

Noelle Martin,

Lawyer, Forbes 30 Under 30 (Asia), Award-Winning Law Reform Campaigner & Global Activist (Online Abuse)

Sarah Ann Masse,

Actor, Writer, Filmmaker, Weinstein Silence Breaker, Activist, Advocate, Founder – Hire Survivors Hollywood

Omny Miranda Martone,

Founder & CEO of Sexual Violence Prevention Association

Irina Matvienko,

Feminist Activist, Journalist, Founder of (Do Not Be Silent)

Jef McAllister,

Managing Partner, McAllister Olivarius

Lisa McDonald,

Arts Psychotherapist, Activist, Founder of “Live Live Revolution”

Kelli McLean,

M.A., LMFT, Psychotherapist

Joan Meier,

National Family Violence Law Center, Professor of Clinical Law, George Washington University Law School

Stephanie L Metzger


Jodi Midiri,

MD, Psychiatrist, Host of The Telepsychiatrist Podcast

Neeta Misra,

Director of Development, Per Scholas

Carolyn Modeen,

Sun Cities West Valley NOW

Amy Myers,

Acting Director, Gender Justice Clinic, Washington College of Law (for identification purposes only)

Natalie Nanasi,

Associate Professor, SMU Dedman School of Law, Director, Judge Elmo B. Hunter Legal Center for Victims of Crimes Against Women

Laura Beth Nielsen,

JD, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Department of Sociology, Northwestern University, Research Professor, American Bar Foundation, President, Law and Society Association, Author, “License to Harass: Law, Hierarchy, and Offensive Public Speech” (titles for identification purposes only)

Robyn Ochs

Speaker. Teacher. Writer. Advocate, Editor of Bi Women Quarterly

Anne O’Dell,

Retired Sergeant, San Diego Police Department

Ann Olivarius,

Chair of the Executive Committee, McAllister Olivarius

Dr. Rachel Oristano,


Emer O’Toole,

Ph.D., Professor, Concordia University

Tashmia Owen,

Survivor Advocate, Artist & Feminist Filmmaker

Natalie Page,

#TheCourtSaid Founder, Survivor Family Network Director

David Palumbo-Liu,

Louise Hewlett Nixon Professor, Stanford University

Reena Parikh,

Director of Civil Rights Clinic, Boston College Law School (title for identification purposes only)

Leanne Patrick,

GBV Nurse Specialist

Moira Penza,

Attorney, Former federal prosecutor, Eastern District of New York; led NXIVM investigation and trial

Jaime Cabeza Pereiro,

Professor of Labor and Social Security Law, University of Vigo

Mary Peterson,

PhD candidate & Activist Specialising in Fighting Sexual Harassment in Academia

Constance Phelps,

Co-Chair of Survivor’s Advisory Board at Maryland Network Against Domestic Violence, Written on the Topic of Domestic Violence for Several Publications

Alison Phipps,

Professor of Sociology, Newcastle University

Christie Pitts

Alexa Polar,
Writer, Producer, Director & Founder of Female Filmakers Fuse

Nicole Prause,

Ph.D., Senior Statistician, University of California, Los Angeles (title for identification purposes only)

Andrea Price,

M.A. Post Separation Abuse and Coercive Control Educator & Advocate

Dr. Charlotte Proudman,

Barrister and Academic

Dr Shivaun Quinlivan

Associate Professor, University of Galway

Professor Tracey Raney,

Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, Canada

Anne K. Ream,

Activist and Founder of The Voices and Faces Project

Janine Rees,

Victim Survivor Voice Survivor and Advocate

Laura Richards

BSc, MSc, MBPsS, Criminal Behavioural Analyst

Marie Lillian Roberts,

Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court; Court Appointed Counsel for Children

Jennifer Robinson,

Australian human rights lawyer and barrister at Doughty St Chambers, U.K. counsel to Amber Heard, author of How Many More Women?

Ava Rosenblum,

PhD Sociology and Women’s & Gender Studies

Diane Rosenfeld,

Lecturer on Law, Director, Gender Violence Program, Harvard Law School

Lily Kay Ross,

MDiv, Ph.D. Feminism and Ethics Research Fellow, Psymposia

Daniel Sabbeth,

MD, PhD, Child/Adolescent Psychiatrist. Former Director of Training in Forensic Child/Adolescent Psychiatry, Albert Einstein College of Medicine

David A. Santacroce,

Clinical Professor of Law, University of Michigan Law School

Dr. Lex Santiago,

Academic & Scholar of Psychedelic (sociomedical humanities) Science trained in Global Health, Political Geography, Philosophy, Ethics & Theology. Sexual harassment & IPV Victim-Survivor Advocate; Focusing on LGBTQ men & women of Asian, Pacific Islander & Filipinx descent.

Jeanne Sarson,

co-author, “Women Unsilenced Our Refusal To Let Torturer-Traffickers Win,” Co-Founder Persons Against Non-State Torture.

Annette A. Scott,

Advocate, Activist, Expert Witness in Domestic Violence Cases

Sharon E. Sekhon,

Historian with Studio for Southern California History, co-creator of “Shouting From the Margins

Purna Sen,

Ph.D. Visiting Professor, Child and Woman Abuse Studies Unit, LMU Special Advisor to the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Court

Mitu Sengupta

Ph.D, Professor of Political Science Toronto Metropolitan University

Kascindra Shewan,

Ph.D, Ph.D in Sexualised Violence Prevention (McMaster University), Current Postdoctoral Fellowship in Sexualised Violence Prevention (McGill University)

Dr. John Simister,

Ph.D., Domestic Violence and Economics Researcher, Senior Lecturer, Business School Manchester Metropolitan University

Ann Simonton,

Founder Director of Media Watch: For Improving image of Women in Media

Dr Merryn Smith,

Community Services Teacher and Researcher. Experienced Worker in Women’s and Children’s Front Line Services

Rita Smith,

National Expert on Violence Against Women, Former Executive Director of the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV)

Rachel Louise Snyder,

Professor, American University, Author, “No Visible Bruises”

Susan Broyles Sookram,

PhD, Independent Research Psychologist, Research in Domestic/Interpersonal Violence

Evan Stark,

Ph.D., MSW, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University

Dr. Iris M. Steine,

Researcher (Sexual Abuse & Interpersonal Trauma); Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Gloria Steinem,

Writer, Activist

Leslie Morgan Steiner,

Advocate, Author, “Crazy Love”

Holly A Stovall,

Ph.D, Co-Editor at Writer’s Resist, Former Women’s Studies Professor

Dr. Kelly Sundberg,

Author (Goodbye, Sweet Girl: A Story of Domestic Violence and Survival), Assistant Professor of English.

Sarah Szalavitz,

Accountability Architect, Advocate & Avenger

Tina Swithin,

founder of One Mom’s Battle, Family Court Awareness Month, author of “Divorcing a Narcissist”

Roslyn Talusan,

Journalist and Anti-Rape Activist

Ruth Silver Taube,

Adjunct Professor of Law, Santa Clara University, Legal Services Co-Chair, South Bay Coalition to End Human Trafficking, Delegate, Santa Clara County’s Human Trafficking Commission (all titles for identification purposes only)

Dr. Jessica Taylor,

Chartered Psychologist, CEO of Victim Focus

Janice Thompson,

Survivor & Advocate, “Surviving Domestic Violence in Missouri” (Facebook)

Alison Turkos,

Survivor + Advocate

Vanessa Tyson,

Associate Professor of Politics, Scripps College

Lee Upshur,

DEI (Diversity & Inclusion) Manager

Kimberley Wall,

MEd, MSc. PhD Candidate, Researching Domestic Abuse Allegations in Child Contact Private Law Cases.

Sabrina Walter

Founder and Chairperson of Women For Change

Camille Waring

Feminist Author, PhD Candidate at University of Westminster, Research in Sexual Violence, Feminism

Merle Weiner, Philip H. Knight Professor of Law, University of Oregon (title for identification purposes only)

Lauren Weingarten,

Credentialed Victim Advocate & Certified Trauma Support Specialist

Stephen Wentzell,


Robin West,

J.D., Professor of Law, Georgetown Law School

Dawn Wilcox

Founder of Women Count USA, Femicide Researcher

Amy Willard-Cross,

Founder Gender Fair

Christina L. Winters,

Ph.D. Psychologist & Researcher, Tilburg Law School

James Wood,

Press and Marketing Director, McAllister Olivarius

Constance Wu,

Actor and author

Sarah Yacoub

Founder and Executive Director of Equal Justice Inc

Sophia Yen,

M.D., Adolescent Medicine Specialist, CEO/Founder of Pandia Health

Amy Ziering,


All titles and institutions provided for identification purposes only for all signatories.