AptX HD Vs AptX Adaptive Which One Is Better

Reading Time: 3 minutesAptX HD vs. aptX Adaptive: Which One Is Better?

The Bluetooth audio system has never been better. Do you agree with me? However, it was not too long ago when people used to say BlueTooth’s audio system isn’t optimized or as good as wired devices. To sort this problem out, several new so-called ‘high quality’ codecs were introduced. Qualcomm’s aptX was introduced as the best compatible codec system for headphones and smartphone products, while aptX HD is “indistinguishable from High Res audio. Are you a tech enthusiast? Want to know which one is better among AptX HD and AptX Adaptive? Find out the details in this article.

In the audio tech of the world, the Audio AptX HD is a codec system that primarily works for 24-bit audio file transmission. It works via Bluetooth while maintaining a low signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring quality sound output. AptX HD provides a smoother and more detailed sound output, for starters. All in all, it offers premium quality sound output through BlueTooth. It delivers a sound quality that can be equated to that of a CD-Player. The big deal about aptX HD is that it transmits music, full bandwidth, at a ‘CD-like’ 16-bit/44.1kHz. It sounds better than the average Bluetooth device. Classic aptX has a compression ratio of 4:1 and a data rate of 352kbps.

AptX Adaptive
It is some type of audio Bluetooth codec exceptionally prepared for providing the same level of refinement as wired headphones. It’s a new technology and is very trendy among the youths especially. However, it’s not trendy just because it’s a fancy technology, but it also provides greater value for money too. It consists of qualities like delivering sluggish, no latency, low bit rate, and high-quality audio. This technology is compatible with smartphones, Bluetooth earphones, and wireless Hi-Fis. It works best when combined with compatible devices. You’ll find the best quality sound if the smartphone and the Bluetooth device are compatible. This is much more efficient than aptX HD.

AptX Adaptive and AptX HD: Know the difference!
There are distinctive differences between aptX adaptive as well as aptX HD. While these distinctive features are different for each codec, they also do share some similarities. Both are from the aptX platform and for better sound delivery via BlueTooth.

However, differences are major, and they come with the quality of these two. Generally, the aptX HD provides a smoother sound delivery, which is top-notch. But there’s a twist. AptX Adaptive provides something superficial, even better than aptX HD. The quality of aptX HD can be compared with the sound quality of CD-like BlueTooth audio. At the same time, aptX adaptive provides the best performance in this business.

The aptX adaptive has the best type of distinctive feature. It can automatically sync to provide sophisticated audio quality. And this thing varies according to the type of content. It enables to play the of very low bit-rate high-quality audio. You can say, it can change its role according to its perspective.

Is Your Android Phone Compatible With aptX Adaptive?
Androids are very much synced with aptX adaptive because they are compatible with different codecs available right now. Keep in mind that it’s not solely manufactured for Android. As a result, the manufacturer got to take steps regarding decisions like including this in each of their devices. A few famous phone manufacturers with AptX Adaptive features include Google Pixel, Nokia, Siemens, etc.

If you’re really into tech and pursuing going for the best one, you should go with aptX Adaptive. However, aptX HD is not like it’s the worst. Eventually, it’s nowhere near the worst. But going for the best to grab the utility of the latest technology, there can’t be an alternative to aptX adaptive.

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