Are There Any Realme Phones With Wireless Charging

Charging is one of the most improved features of our mobiles in recent years. To the point that the mid-range already has phones that charge in 15 minutes. Wireless charging has also evolved a lot, and we wonder which Realme phones have it.

As we say, wireless charging speeds have increased to incredible power levels. This has allowed phones to be charged wirelessly in just half an hour, and even less, as we have seen from different manufacturers, especially from Xiaomi. But the case of Realme is peculiar, because although it does not bet too much on this load, it does have one of the most innovative systems.

conspicuous by its absence

The reality is that if we look at the data sheet of any Realme phone, we will not find wireless charging, even in its high-end phones, or the recent Realme GT 2 Pro . But it does have a lot of wired charging power.

The reality is that despite being a cousin brand of Oppo or OnePlus, it does not bet on wireless charging as such on its phones. But the reality is that last 2020 Realme surprised us with a new technology , which put it fully into wireless charging, although with important nuances.

MagDart, the key to enjoy it (in the future)

Last year 2021, the Chinese firm presented MagDart , a wireless and magnetic charging technology, in the style of Apple‘s Magsafe. This allows you to charge devices, such as your phones, without the need for cables, and by attaching a charger compatible with this technology to the back of the phone. This is capable of charging at a high speed, much higher than that of Apple itself, for example, reaching 50W of power, when Apple’s normally does not exceed 15W. Of course, there is an important handicap, and that is that for us to be able to use it, the phone must be compatible, or else have a case that allows it to be adapted.

Therefore the reality is that no, we are not going to find Realme mobiles with wireless charging, but it is possible that in the future it will be something more common, if we take into account this Magdart technology. The problem is that today, except for the Realme Flash with which this technology was demonstrated, we have not seen a phone that is compatible with it , not even the new Realme GT 2 Pro, which are the top of the range of the firm. China. At the moment we do not see any Magdart accessory in the Realme store in Spain, not even the case that allows this charging method to be used with mobiles such as the Realme GT.

So the question is when is MagDart technology going to become commonplace on Realme phones, and not just on demo phones like that Flash model, which hasn’t had a run on the market. Hopefully in 2022 we will finally have a range of MagDart-compatible phones , which allow us to say that yes, the brand’s phones have wireless charging. For now, if we want to access a traditional and powerful charge of this type, we will have to look at other alternatives within the BBK group, such as the Oppo Find X3 Pro and the OnePlus 10 Pro, with wireless charging of up to 50W.