Best 4K Gaming TV For Playstation 5 In 2022

There are several TV’s in the market but choosing the best TV for PS5 is harder.

The Next Generation Gaming Console by SONY has been launched & states it can support up to 8K.

Either way, the newer Playstation 5 is one of the powerful console ever built by Sony. Supporting 4k 120 FPS, max resolution up to 8k, which we think would be rare.

PS4 Pro supports max resolution and framerate of 4K @ 60 fps. But, you might wonder, the next-gen AAA games on PS5 also does 4K @ 60fps. What is the difference?

Well, there is a lot – If PS5 can output 4k 60 FPS with faster loading time, Ray Tracing, better textures, and graphics, it ultimately makes it more powerful than PS4 Pro.

Best 4k TV For PlayStation 5

In this article, we will look for the top gaming Television for PS5. Also, I will recommend you the budget TV and the ultimate TV that you can buy.

There is an ongoing debate on which Display is better, OLED or QLED. Let me sum up this question real quick. OLED is the best Display you can buy right now.

So talking about our ultimate choice, we would go with OLED displays.

Sony XBR-900H is one of the 4K TV that I will recommend as a budget Playstation 5 TV. Although this TV is not OLED, it has everything we want in a TV.

The TV supports 120 Hz, so you will have no problem playing your games at 4k in 120 fps. (This would be only played if the games are supporting it to be played.)

The TV also has the latest HDMI 2.1, which will support the next-gen gaming consoles at lesser input lag, featuring ALLM & VRR.

ALLM – Auto Low Latency Mode

WithALLM, your TV can connect to your Gaming Console, giving you a smooth and lag-free experience where the TV prioritizes the input signals and lowers priority to other non required processes.

VRR – Variable Refresh Rate

With VRR, the TV’s Display can support or change the display refresh rate to match your gaming console. i.e., your TV can change to 60 Hz if the game is being played at 60 fps and change to 120Hz if sourced.

The Sony XBR-900H is slim and looks very modern in terms.

This 4k Gaming TV is available in 55, 65, 75 & 85 – Inch. I would go with 55 Inches at the minimum. Or I would say go with 55 Inches and if you want a bigger size. An OLED TV is for you.

The TV has an X1 Processor, which helps in processes in dynamic looking pictures and HDR.

HDR is where you can differentiate between deep blacks. HDR has, to date laid a massive role in terms of me experiencing Residental Evil Games.

The TV has good speakers or soundbar like G700 but buying external speakers is way better.

* 4k 120Hz Panel
* HDMI 2.1
* Dolby Vision & HDR
* Budget 4K TV
* Low Input Lag
* Variable Refresh Rate

* Speaker Output Not That Great

LG OLED CXPUA is my ultimate choice. This is a gaming TV that you need for your next-generation gaming console.

Although this TV is a little expensive, it has a dedicated gaming mode supporting Nvidia G-Sync & FreeSync, which would give you lag-free and low latency gaming.

Same as the Sony XBR-900H, This LG OLED TV has the same support for VRR.

This LG OLED 55 Inch CXPUA Smart TV has a 120 Hz panel supporting Playstation 5 4K 120 FPS Output.

It would give the best color contrast with better viewing angles as an OLED panel than any other 4k TV. The TV has Dolby Vision for your Netflix viewing and HDR10 support.

There is a9 Gen3 AI Processor 4K as a processor on the TV. It is the flagship processor of LG used on TV.

* 4k 120Hz OLED Panel
* HDMI 2.1 & HDCP 2.2
* Dolby Vision & HDR
* Dedicated Gaming Mode With Free Sync & G-Sync

* LG webOS Instead of Android
* Little Expensive

If you are looking for a cheaper and better TV for Playstation 5, then Samsung QLED Q60T is for you. This is TV 55 Inch TV with a 4k QLED Display of 120 Hz and Quantum HDR Support.

I know I earlier said that OLED is better than QLED. But, this no at all means QLED is terrible. QLED at the price of what this Samsung 4K TV is offering is excellent.

You can enjoy 4k gaming seamlessly with 120 FPS.

This Samsung QLED TV has one of the best designs with slim bezels. It sure looks like one of the expensive TV.

I was instead talking about gaming on this TV. The TV has a dedicated gaming mode for motionless gaming and lesser latency.

The TV has inbuilt support for Alexa as an AI. Suppose you’ve got Alexa Echo in your room. Guess you have another Smart Home Electronics that you can control with your voice.

The TV has Quantum Processor 4K Lite powering as the processor. The TV also has Tizen as the operating system, which is Samsungs Custom Operating System, which was earlier used in smartphones now used in TV & Smart Watches.

* 4k 120Hz QLED Panel
* HDMI 3
* Quantum HDR
* 4K AI Upscaling

* Sound Not So Great
* UI Needs Improvement
* Hard To Find Proper Mounting Kit

Playstation 5 – Gaming Output (Does It Really Support 8K Gaming)
When Playstation 5 was unveiled, Sony said it would support gaming at 4k 120 FPS and output up to 8k resolution.

This does not supposedly mean that you will be able to play games at 8k resolution 120 fps. Earlier Playstation 4 Pro gamers were able to play games at 4k 60 FPS. It was a powerful console in terms.

In comparison to Playstation 5 Vs. Playstation 4 Pro. Playstation 4 Pro was 4.2 Teraflops, whereas PS 5 will be 10.28 Teraflops. This makes PS5 2X better than the last generation.

My analysis says you will not be able to play next-gen games at 8k 120 FPS. These newer next-gen games come with Ray Tracing and high-resolution structures and graphics. Willing to load all those up at 120 FPS at 8K is significant doubt.

Maybe PlayStation 6 be supporting that? Let’s see that in the next decade.

But all those games that you were able to play at 4k 60 FPS on PS4 Pro will easily churn that up to 4k 120 FPS.

Features – Raytracing, Low Latency & Faster Loading
Playstation 5 supports the latest technology in gaming consoles like Raytracing, Low Latency, Faster Loading Time.

Ray Tracing is the advanced game rendering technology where you would see clear reflections, refractions, and shadows. This also benefits in give out the proper lighting in the game with great & true colors.

Low latency would be able to achieve with the TV having VRR and ALLM. This way, very low ping and faster Display of games on the screen are obtained.

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Faster Loading Time and to switch to other games at low to none loading time would be able to achieve. This is done due to SONY’s own custom SSD technology. The SSD supports the transfer speed of at least 5 GB/s. At the same time, the last-gen PS4 Pro supported MB/s. This is a huge leap that is 100X better than PS4.

Alternative Accessories
You can get these accessories to boost your Gaming Experience.

Having a better speaker is much needful these days. Although TV speakers are improving, yet they are not that grateful for having an external speaker. This particular soundbar is cheap, under $100, but a worthy upgrade to sound quality.

This is a single 24-inch soundbar that can be controlled with Bluetooth 5.0 or its included remote. One good thing about this soundbar is connecting your Playstation 5 with it through the optical input.

The soundbar has different modes to match your experience – Game Mode, Music Mode & Movie Mode.

I have included all the Gaming TV that you can buy from Regular, OLED, to QLED.

With different budget and gaming specifications. LG OLED55CXPUA 55″ 4K Smart OLED TVis the best tv for PS5 & will offer a better gaming experience.

Or else a slight mediocre and recommended choice would be to go with SAMSUNG 55-inch Class QLED Q60T Series.

It does offer 120Hz at 4k. So, you are good to go with.

Which 4k Gaming TV for PS5 are you looking for you?

Let me know in the comments down below.