Branch Nigeria FAQs

• You can choose between our Flexi and Fixed investment products.

• With our Flexi Investment, you can deposit any amount and make withdrawals at any time after 24 hours.

• With our Fixed investment, you can deposit at least ₦1,000 for months and get your investment amount plus returns paid to your Flexi balance at maturity. You can also create multiple Fixed investments and select different maturity dates for each of them.

• Interest on our Flexi Investment is 15% per annum which is calculated daily and paid weekly on Mondays. Your weekly interest earnings are added to your Flexi investment account and you can withdraw the funds at any time into your Branch wallet.

• Interest on our Fixed Investment is 20% per annum and is paid out to your Flexi balance once your Fixed investment matures.

• All investments with Branch will be subject to applicable taxes.

• Branch is a socially responsible company and does not invest in high risk financial instruments that are volatile and unstable. Investments through the Branch app are in low risk securities with capital preservation as the ultimate goal.

• We are licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria to provide fund management services, we take the appropriate steps to ensure that your funds are safe and we are able to return them to you when you need them. We encourage you to also seek professional advice before investing your funds

• Technology: Current banks have high costs while Branch is fully virtual. Branch also employs the latest technology including artificial intelligence to operate at lower cost and we pass these savings onto customers.

• Long term investors: Branch is backed by visionary global investors, ranging from Andreessen Horowitz (who backed Facebook, Twitter and other global platforms early on) to Visa (who understands how to build a global trusted financial service). These investors see an immense opportunity to improve financial services for the average Nigerian (less fees, more convenient, better value, etc). This conviction enables Branch to build long term relationships by giving customers better value upfront and overtime compared to their bank.

• The minimum term for our Flexi investment is 24 hours. After 24 hours, you can withdraw your investment and funds will be credited into your wallet instantly.

• The minimum term for our Fixed investment is 30 days. Once your investment matures, it will be paid out to your Flexi balance. You cannot withdraw from your Fixed investment until after it has matured.

We are licensed by the CBN to provide fund management services, therefore we are able to manage the funds placed with us by ourselves. We also work with licensed fund managers who invest the funds on our behalf in approved investment opportunities.

Once your Branch wallet is funded, tap the ‘Invest’ option, select ‘Make an Investment’, enter the amount you want to invest, complete your investment and you start to earn from your investment on Branch.

We’re sorry but you are unable to access the Branch app with this device. This is because Branch is currently only available for Android devices. Should we begin to offer our services through other platforms, we will let you know.

You can set up the auto-invest option for your Flexi investment;

• Go to the Flexi investment section of the App, click on ‘View Flexi’, and click on ‘Set Up Auto Invest’.

• Click on ‘Continue to Set Up Auto Invest’ to enter an amount not less than N 100 to auto-invest.

• Select Auto Invest Frequency, click on the dropdown to choose between daily, weekly, or monthly when your account will be auto-debited.

• Select Auto Invest Account, click on the dropdown under ‘Select Funding Account’ to select the account to invest with between ‘Branch Wallet’ or ‘Debit Card’,

• Then click on ‘Continue’ to confirm your auto-invest details.

The amount you set up will be debited on the selected date and deposited into your Flexi Investment if the transaction is successful