Communicating With Facebook Support How To Contact Support In 2022

Facebook users have plenty of reasons to contact the support team: they can get useful information, send a complaint, or provide feedback about changes in the social network, such as the interface.

Considering that Facebook has an audience of billions of users, most of them can get technical support in writing. Clever algorithms are set up so that most get automatically generated responses. Feedback from the support team must be received within 24 hours of the request. A publicly available contact number, where you can call for a live dialogue with a person, the company does not provide. This is understandable – the Facebook support service does not employ so many managers for the call center.

But contacting the support team by correspondence and finding a solution to problems is quite realistic. In this article, let’s figure out exactly how.

1. Get answers to your questions at Facebook Help Center
Facebook Help Center is a resource that focuses on platform usage, privacy and security, and Facebook account management. Its benefits are:

The information on the social network gathered here is extensive.

The Help Center is available 24/7 and does not require registration, which means you can use it even if the user’s account is locked or hacked if they forget their password.

In addition to the Help Desk, there’s a Frequently Asked Questions section – you can always benefit from other users’ experiences.

There is a link to technical support: Click on “Support” in the upper right corner and you’ll get where you need to go. It opens a page with a field in the middle where you can enter your request and probably get a system-generated answer.

Fig. 1 – Facebook help center for business

If you can’t get the problem in one sentence, you’ll need to go to the Help Center tab at the top right again. This will open a list of questions you can address.

Fig. 2 – Subsections: common types of problems

The list of subsections of possible solutions to problems will be visible to everyone. If you actively use advertising and have already spent some money on it, the button “Start” will appear in the center of the screen (it means to start a chat). It will not be visible to other users.

After clicking on the “Start” button, you will need to select the desired advertising account, if it is not the only one. Choose the object for which you need help, from the suggested options, or click on “Other problem”.

Fig. 3 – Selecting a category to find the answer you need

Facebook Help will offer you the best options for solving the issue you are concerned about. If the selection of instructions and similar questions won’t help, you will have the option to write in person with a description of the details.

2. Contacting the administration via Messenger chat
This is easy to do directly from the main page of your social network account. Open the left column and find Messenger.

Fig. 4 – Messenger in Facebook

The query “Facebook support” easily comes up in the search. Click “Test” and wait for tech support to connect.

Fig. 5 – Facebook support chat window

If the system has automatically redirected you to the Help window with text answers to frequently asked questions, go to the list and choose the question that bothers you.

Fig. 6 – The Facebook Business Help Center Help window

Only those Facebook users, who have active campaigns on Facebook, can arrange chats with the Facebook help center. And people who are not advertisers must fill out a contact form. The chats will appear in Messenger and can be active from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily.

3. Contact via Facebook Quick Help Form
In the upper right corner, click on the triangle, then a help menu will pop up where you need to find Help & Support:

Fig. 7 – Help & Support in the interface

Opening Help & Support will bring up the Help menu, where you can also go to a deeper level – Help Center, Help Community and Report a Problem.

If you select Help Center, you will need to enter your question into the field.

Fig. 8 – Help Center

Go to the second section, Inbox from Support, you will find the messages that tech support sent you. Most often, these are responses to notifications about the content you complained about. In addition, important messages that relate to your account appear here.

Fig. 9 – Inboxes from Support

If it is more convenient to write to Facebook technical support from a smartphone, then you can contact the operator and so. Here’s what you need for this:

1. Select “Help and Support” in the main menu

Fig. 10 – Menu from smartphone

2. Go to the item that matches the query

Fig. 11 – Help and Support Tabs

3. State the essence of the problem. It will most likely be related to one of the subtopics of the Help Center.

Fig. 12 – Facebook Help Center

4. Complete your post with screenshots if this option is available to you.

It is worth first to see if there is a solution in the Help Center or in the help community, because most problems are not unique, and only then write to technical support personally.

Fig. 13 – Help Center Sections

You can also leave feedback about Facebook’s performance. Usually the employees are grateful for feedback and will send a response to your recommendations.

Fig. 14 – Feedback on Facebook

In case you are running social media campaigns, Facebook marketing consultants can email you. They often offer free advice for marketing campaigns. Such an email comes from a specific Facebook employee, so you can write directly to that email address explaining the problem.

4. Send letters to direct email addresses
There are several email addresses publicly available online that you can use to contact Facebook support. They change from time to time, but that needs to be monitored. For now, here are the Facebook contact emails that have been in effect until recently:

This is how to contact support in writing.

5. Schedule a call with a Facebook marketing expert
If written communication doesn’t work for you or if you want to ask the person questions that may be difficult for algorithms to understand, then click on the link and get a short free consultation.

Fig. 15 – Free consultation form

Fig. 16 – Scheduled call form

That said, Facebook honestly writes that this program is not offered to all advertisers, meaning that the call scheduling form may not be seen by every user.

6. General recommendations for those who contact the support
Despite the fact that the chance of correspondence with a live employee of the support service is low, there are certain rules that are better to follow in any case. Then there is a chance that your issue will be resolved more quickly.

1. Be as precise and detailed as possible – the more thoroughly the problem is described, the easier it will be for the technical support team to provide you with the necessary advice.
2. Attach screenshots so that you can visualize what the issue is. If the problem is technical, specify the OS version of your computer/laptop or the model and firmware of your smartphone. If necessary, specify what browser you use.
3. It is better to use the English interface of Facebook and, if possible, write to the support team in English. Of course, this depends on the level of their knowledge.
4. Wait for a response on the first request you created, do not create multiple identical ones. This will not speed up the solution of the problem.

So, we have outlined all the possible ways of how to write to Facebook support and get an answer to your concerns. And even though it may not be possible to get in touch with consultants quickly, the company is improving its communication channels year after year. Let’s hope that soon the problem of prompt communication with live specialists will be solved.

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