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* Version: 4.0
* Compatible: Mac/Windows

Looking for a CorelDRAW X4 free download? Want to get the program fast, free, and safe for your device? Then you are lucky to stumble upon my post.

CorelDRAW X4 Benefits
* Speedy operation without delay
* Amazing tool package
* Straightforward
* Top-class graphics
* Updated often
* Various fonts and templates are supported

* Does the official website offer CorelDRAW X4?

Unfortunately, this version is already outdated, and the company does not sell it anymore. You can get the latest software – CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2022.

* Is it possible to get a free trial version and what is its period of validity?

If you think that CorelDRAW X4 free download full version will not give you all the tools you need and want to try a newer program, you can get a free trial. It is valid for 15 days. After that, you either abandon the program or choose one of the subscription options.

* What is the price of CorelDRAW software?

The official site offers to purchase the latest version of the program in two ways. You can buy an annual license for $399 or you can pay $689 for life-long use. By downloading CorelDRAW from an official source, you get full functionality and regular updates.

* Are there all features and updates of the full version in the free trial?

Yes, you get a full set of CorelDRAW features with a trial version.

CorelDRAW X4: Pirated Version
Due to the fact that the official website does not provide CorelDRAW X4 free download, you can find many pirated versions of the program on the Internet. However, you must remember that any illegal software contains many threats for both you and your computer.

Criminal Penalty
Software developers can sue you if you use an unlicensed version of the program. Under US law, copyright infringers can be fined up to $250,000. In some cases, you may face a prison term of up to 5 years. Therefore, if you are thinking about using CorelDRAW, you need to be ready for fines, property confiscation, or even jail.

Pirated software, such as Corel Portable or CorelDRAW Torrent, can lead to crashes in the program. When trying to crack a program, hackers often bring various malware into it.

To get rid of such troubles, you will have to download antivirus software that can cope with viruses and protect your computer. However, the best solution would be to refuse using pirated software.

No Official Updates
You will be cut off from updates if you prefer to use any pirated software, such as crack, Corel Keygen, Torrent, or something like that. Since neither manual nor automatic updates will be available to you, you will not be able to benefit from new tools, functions, and so on.

No Customer Support
If you purchase the program from official distributors, you can count on technical support almost 24 hours a day. Experts will help you deal with difficulties or fix problems. Users who have chosen pirated software, for example, cracks, torrents, cannot expect any help from customer support. They must solve all the issues themselves.

Free CorelDRAW X4 Alternatives
If you do not want to leave the legal path and refuse to download the pirated CorelDRAW X4, then you can use one of the programs below. All CorelDraw alternatives offer similar features absolutely for free and legally.

1. Adobe Illustrator CC
* Suitable for logo design
* Includes infographics features
* Great graphics
* Constant updates

* Loads too long
* When actualizing, some bugs may occur

Adobe Illustrator is in great demand among graphic editors due to its amazing functionality that allows you to create top-class designs. This is more than a worthy alternative to CorelDRAW. The program contains over 90 million videos, images, graphics, templates, and other useful materials that are stored in Adobe Stock.

Using all these features, you can create incredible illustrations and vector designs. Besides, clear tutorials will facilitate your work with the program. You will also get access to your own portfolio site, cloud storage and so on. We highly recommend giving this software a try if you are choosing between CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator.

2. Inkscape
* Intuitive UI
* Simple to set up
* A wide selection of tools
* Compatible with lots of formats

* Some issues with Mac version
* The learning curve is too difficult

Another good alternative to CorelDRAW X4 is Inkscape. This vector graphics editor is open-source. Its interface is very simple and convenient, therefore, it is an excellent option for beginners. The program is compatible with devices running on Linux, Mac and Windows OS. Inkscape has an excellent package of tools to perform any technical drawing tasks.

Fill and stroke tools, text support, creation of objections and manipulation of objects, rendering, file formats, and contours manipulations are among the benefits of this software.

* Layers are available
* Open-source code
* Supports lots of formats
* Masks and text features

* Mac desktop version isn’t available
* Complicated interface

GIMP is a popular free program with a powerful selection of features for creating and editing vector designs. Using it, you can modify colors, reduce noise, apply gradients, brushes, create posters and collages.

Its brushes are easily customizable, which allows you to get pictures of higher quality. This simple but powerful program is perfect for amateurs and professionals.

4. Vectornator
* It is possible to import and export files
* Auto trace option
* Lots of layers
* Compatible with many formats

* No Windows version
* Lack of animation

Vectornator is very easy to use, and it provides a wide selection of tools and functions for working with vector graphics. You can create stunning web designs, eye-catching illustrations and rich layouts. If you want to get a program with a simple and intuitive interface but CorelDRAW X4 is not suitable for you, then Vectornator can be a great way out of the situation. This software works using machine-learning-based auto trace technology. As a result, creating designs on an iPad is no more difficult than drawing with a pencil on a piece of paper. You can create incredible layouts and web pages due to the ability to work with multiple artboards in one document.

5. Apache OpenOffice Draw
* Simple to use
* Multiplatform
* Quick loads
* Stunning features

This open-source graphics editor allows you to draw top-quality sketches and render them simultaneously. If you are looking for something that can replace CorelDRAW, then this software is just for you.

It will come in handy for both amateurs and professionals. One of the advantages of the program is the ability to place the most frequently used tools in one place for more convenient work. Dimension lines, advanced rendering, color and text styles, as well as 3D controllers are the strong points of OpenOffice Draw. It is compatible with many modern operating systems, including Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, etc.

To make CorelDRAW more efficient, you will need creative textures and overlays for your unique logos. I picked up some stunning overlays and textures that will make your designs breathtaking.

Make your design incredibly stylish and elegant with this marble texture. Soft pink shades will add tenderness and lightness to your images.

Grunge Effect
Enrich your images with this Grunge Effect overlay. It will increase saturation and make your designs more visible and memorable.

Smoke Effect
Use this overlay if your images look dull and faded. It will make pictures more saturated and vibrant. This overlay will add visual appeal to your projects and create a special atmosphere.

Download CorelDRAW X4 Free
Illegal CorelDRAW X4 free download has a lot of negative consequences for you and your hardware, including viruses, fines, malfunctions, and even a prison term. Therefore, instead of using pirated versions, you should go to the official website and get a licensed, safe program there.

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