Countries That Support Russian Invasion Of Ukraine

The Russian invasion of Ukraine attracted condemnation and sanctions from the United States, the United Kingdom, European powers and other western countries. However, some countries showed solidarity with Moscow over its actions.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko affirmed that he had received assurances from Russian President Vladimir Putin the Russian leadership would regard an attack against Belarus as an attack against Russia.

“We have a joint group. Part of it is on the western border of Russia. I asked him (the Russian president) to avoid using part of that group. To keep it in reserve just in case, if something happens. His reply was: ‘I promise you that any attack against or just one step across the border into the Belarusian territory would mean that they attack Russia’,” Lukashenko cited Putin as saying.

“I would like them (in the West) to hear and understand this. And refrain from lying and coining fakes,” Lukashenko added.


China would support Russian demands all the way, according to recent statements from the foreign ministry.

The foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying had a massive swipe at the US and warned against a spillover of western economic sanctions that would affect China’s interests.

Also, China refused to portray the Russian military operations in Ukraine as an “invasion,” which suggests a Chinese aim to stick to Russia’s narrative over the rapid developments.

North Korea

The regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un thought to weigh in on the Russia-Ukraine crisis to support Russia and settle a diplomatic score with the US, demanding it to cease its “hostile policy for isolating and weakening” Russia.

Prior to the invasion, North Korean diplomats met with their Russian counterparts to discuss “strategic cooperation” and “issues of mutual concern regarding the regional and international situation,” as per North Korean press releases.


Syria was quick to recognize the two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, the Luhansk People’s Republic and Donetsk People’s Republic, hours after Putin this week recognized them as independent states.

Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said Damascus “will cooperate” with the two eastern Ukrainian regions, according to the state-run Syrian news agency.


Venezuelan Foreign Ministry condemned the sanctions imposed against Russia and called for a peaceful settlement to the conflict in Ukraine.

“Venezuela calls for a peaceful solution to the conflict, and condemns illegal sanctions and economic attacks on the Russian people, which affect human rights,” the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

On Tuesday, vice president of the ruling Socialist Party, Diosdado Cabello, said that Russia has “every right to defend its position and its territory,” claiming, without evidence, that “People are taking refuge in Russia because they are being massacred in Ukraine.”