Does Your IPhone Support 5G Heres How To Check

With 5G added to so many cell plans, you might want to upgrade. After all, 5G is much faster than 4G, meaning you can download movies, games, and songs at faster speeds. Hotspotting on a 5G phone also provides much faster speeds, so you can get a lightning fast connection on any device.

If you have an iPhone, you might be wondering if you can start using 5G speeds by upgrading your cell plan. While many iPhones are compatible with 5G, some of the older models aren’t, and not all iPhone plans support 5G either. Here’s how to check if you can start using 5G speeds on your iPhone.

How to Check if You Have a 5G iPhone and Plan
You can check if your iPhone and current cell plan supports 5G quickly by checking your settings. Head to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Options and tap Voice & Data. Here, you can switch your iPhone to 5G if your phone supports it. If your phone doesn’t support it, you’ll only see options for LTE and 3G.

While this may seem like the end, it might just be that your current plan doesn’t support 5G. You can check the list below to see if your iPhone is 5G compatible. If so, you just need a 5G compatible plan.

List of 5G Compatible iPhones
If you’re wondering whether your iPhone supports 5G, here is a list of all the iPhones that do:

* iPhone 13
* iPhone 13 mini
* iPhone 13 Pro
* iPhone 13 Pro Max
* iPhone 12
* iPhone 12 mini
* iPhone 12 Pro
* iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you don’t see your iPhone on the list, then you can’t get 5G at the moment.

Will All iPhones Ever Be 5G Compatible?
5G technology may come through the carrier, but it also requires hardware and software features to access 5G speeds. This means that older iPhones won’t ever be able to use 5G speeds.

If you want to start using 5G on an iPhone, it may be time to upgrade to a newer model or a new plan. Luckily, 4G/LTE still works fine and it’s still fast enough to get your basic tasks done if you’re not ready to upgrade.