Genshin Impact Best Support Characters

Playing Genshin Impact successfully is all about making a balanced team. Your main DPS may be powerful on their own, but by utilizing the game’s elemental reaction system, taking down enemies becomes even quicker. This is especially useful at higher world levels when taking on bosses such as Childe. Luckily, Mihoyo has provided a long list of support characters that can be used to enhance the power of hard hitters like Eula, Diluc, and Tartaglia.

Keep the element of your preferred DPS characters in mind while looking at the ten characters below, many of which are available for free to all players.

Updated on September 9, 2021 by Jessica Thomas: With the addition of Inazuma, there are now quite a few more support characters in Genshin Impact. With new DPS characters like Eula thrown into the mix, you will find yourself always looking for ways to power up your team. Luckily, there is a long list of great characters to choose from below, including ones that can heal you or help to cause reactions. If you are looking for more support to add to your team, then keep reading below.


16/16 Sangonomiya Kokomi – Healing and attack
Kokomi is the game’s newest healer and seems to be the Teyvat version of a mermaid princess. She is made to be used as both a support character and a DPS at the same time.

Her elemental skill summons a jellyfish that will restore health for any characters that are currently being used and will attack enemies as well, making it perfect for setting up hydro reactions.

15/16 Kazuha – Field Control and Swirl Damage
Kazuha is another character from Inazuma who is amazing when added as a support unit. His elemental skill pulls enemies in and then hold them there for a short amount of time in a small whirlwind allowing for easy field control.

His elemental burst unleashes a large elemental field that pulses swirl damage along with whatever element it has been infused with.

14/16 Raiden Shogun – Electro Reactions
Raiden Shogun is the electro archon and a five-star support character perfect for those looking to amp up teams with Eula or Klee. Raiden Shogun’s elemental skill causes an electro attack to occur every time you hit an opponent, making it perfect for reactions.

In addition, characters on your part will have their burst damage increased as long as the Eye of Stormy Judgement hovers behind them.

13/16 Ningguang – Buffs & Geo Damage
Ningguang is a geo four-star catalyst with very unique elemental skills. Her elemental skill summons a shield that gives a buff to geo damage when jumped through and blocks incoming projectiles. This makes her a must for fights with Ruin Guardians and ranged opponents.

Ningguang can also help to increase the party’s elemental resistance when she summons her shield by ten percent when she hits C4.

12/16 Lisa – Great Free Option
Lisa is one of the characters that you will receive for free at the beginning of the game. This doesn’t mean you should write her off, though, as her elemental burst is a real treasure.

When Lisa uses her burst, she summons a lantern that will follow you around and deal electro damage to nearby enemies. This is perfect to use in combination with close-range characters elemental attacks.

11/16 Venti – Anemo Abilities
Venti has long been hailed as the easiest way to make it through the Spiral Abyss. This is because his element skill literally sucks opponents in and deals continuous anemo damage to them, making them easy to hit.

By triggering the swirl reaction with this attack, Venti easily becomes one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact. This is even without counting his elemental skill, which launches you into the air and throws enemies it sucks in.

10/16 Barbara – A Dedicated (And Free) Healer
One of the game’s only dedicated healers, Barbara, is given out to all players for free. While she doesn’t do much damage on the battlefield, both her elemental skill and burst work to heal your team. Her elemental skill heals the whole team as she attacks or can be used to heal in large chunks if Barbara is switched out.

Barbara’s burst heals the whole team based on the amount of HP she has, and her C6 ability will revive a single character to full health when they die, making her one of the best support characters in Genshin Impact.

9/16 Xinyan – Shields & Razor Support
Xinyan is one of the characters in Genshin Impact that can be used as either a main or support. Her specialty is in shields, and she can help to put pyro on enemies around her, making her a great choice for Razor support.

The shield is especially handy when facing pyro enemies and will absorb 250 percent damage from pyro attacks. Xinyan’s burst is also perfect for combining with the rest of her team’s ultimate for a powerful reaction.

8/16 Zhongli – Tanky Elemental Character
Zhongli is, without a doubt, one of the best support characters in the game when used correctly. When built right, he is incredibly tanky, and he has two separate elemental skills.

Pressing the skill button summons a geo pillar that characters can climb and will pulse geo damage every two seconds. Holding down the skill button activates a geo shield that can absorb 250 percent geo damage from enemies.

7/16 Fischl – Bonus Damage From Oz
Fischl is a great choice for those using a pyro, hydro, or cryo main. Fischl has an elemental skill that releases her bird Oz onto the battlefield. Oz will remain on the field even when Fischl is switched out and shoots electro attacks at foes, allowing for easy elemental reactions.

This is especially useful when combined with Razor and Diluc’s elemental bursts. It’s extremely important to get used to Fischl’s cooldown times for using Oz to keep from any premature switching.

6/16 Xingqiu – Great For In-Your-Face Teams
Xingqiu is a hydro sword user who works much like Kaeya, just with more of a punch. Xingqiu’s burst surrounds the character, who is currently on the field with hydro blades. These blades will attack in unison with the character.

While Xingqiu won’t work for bow users, teams with mains that get up close to enemies will be able to deal massive damage.

5/16 Ganyu – Gear AoE
Ganyu is a character who can easily be switched from DPS to support at any point in the battle. Her elemental skill throws a lotus onto the field to attract the opponent’s attention before exploding to deal cryo damage. Her burst makes a huge AoE circle that constantly reigns icicles afflicting opponents with cryo.

This can be used with Tartaglia’s close-range set to constantly free larger enemies like ruin guards.

4/16 Xiangling – She Comes With Friends
Another character that can be obtained for free, Xiangling, is one of the best offensive pyro support characters in the game. Xiangling’s skill sends out a small animal that shoots fire out of its mouth at opponents.

When Xiangling releases her elemental burst, three pyro spears surround the on-field character to deal continuous pyro damage. When timed right, this can be used with elemental skills to deal reaction damage.

Albedo is another geo character that is perfect to use as a support. Unlike most support characters, Albedo shines the brightest when used with catalyst and bow users. His elemental skill creates a geo lotus that will raise characters into the air above the battlefield when stepped on.

Albedo’s burst is also useful as it coats a small area in seven blossoms that will explode to deal geo damage. This is great for combining with Ganyu’s lotus to lure enemies into the attack.

2/16 Mona – Solid AoE & Burst Damage
Mona is another hydro character who is fabulous at support. Mona’s elemental skill summons a talisman that pulses constant hydro damage in a small AoE area while drawing in nearby enemies.

This makes it extremely useful for Keqing users who need to gather enemies in one spot for their burst. Mona’s burst also has the chance to hold enemies in place, making it extremely easy to control the battlefield.

1/16 Qiqi – A Cryo Healer
Qiqi is the game’s cryo healer and excels in being used as a supporting character in Genshin Impact. Unlike Barbara, her elemental skill does cryo damage to opponents while healing the on-field character at the same time, making a perfect opportunity for reactions.

Qiqi’s burst is also extremely DPS friendly as she puts talismans on nearby enemies that will heal the whole party based on the on-field character’s successful attacks.

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