Heres A List Of 144Hz Supported Games On The Play Store

Home Apps Here’s a List of 144Hz Supported Games on the Play StoreThere is boatload a number of phones in the market that come with 90Hz or 120Hz refresh rate displays. Be it the budget Realme 6 or the flagship Galaxy S20 Ultra, we recently compiled a list of games that support these high refresh rates. Now, the ROG Phone 3 has made its India debut today with a 144Hz display – bumping up the new normal to offer an even fluid and smooth gaming experience.

Apart from Asus ROG Phone 3, the newly launched Legion Phone Duel and Nubia Red Magic 5G also support the high 144Hz refresh rate. If you own or plan on buying any of these gaming phones, then here’s a complete list of games that support 144Hz refresh rate:

Popular Games That Support 144Hz Refresh Rate
1. Alto’s Adventure

You must have already heard of or played this game. Alto’s Adventure is one of the most popular endless runner games, but skiing through the beautiful landscapes on 144Hz displays would be more fun, right?

Download(Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

2. FZ9 Timeshift
It has been a long time since I played FZ9 Timeshift but its story mode is one that I really enjoyed playing on mobile. It’s a typical shooter game that sees you destroy a terrorist organization, fight against other players, and more. The ROG Phone 3 will enable you to enjoy this game on the 144Hz display. Exciting!

Download(Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

3. Shadowgun: Legends

Launched alongside the insanely popular PUBG Mobile, this game has proven its might as one of the most enjoyable FPS shooters on Android. You’ll assume the role of legendary warriors, Shadowguns, to eliminate alien invaders – now in fluid 144FPS.

Download(Free, Offers in-app purchases)

4. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

This is a free-to-playrole-playing game from the creators of the world-renowned Final Fantasy franchise. You have to combine your magical abilities with tactical expertise in this game, but there’s a catch. Only the first chapter is available for free and you will have to pay to unlock the other nine.

Download(Free, Offers in-app purchases)

5. Mekorama

If puzzle games are your cup of tea instead of FPS or MOBA titles, then Mekorama can become your next favorite – if it isn’t already. This game comprises of 50 levels, which see you help a robot make its way home by solving some witty mechanical puzzles.

Download(Free, Offers in-app purchases)

6. Minecraft

This is one of those games that do not need any introduction. Minecraft is an amazing sandbox game that sees you build a home, breed animals, and craft weapons to survive in an open world. If that’s something you feel you will enjoy, then Minecraft can run at a sweet 144 FPS on some of the latest gaming phones out there.

Download(Paid, $6.99)

7. Modern Combat Versus
If you are a fan of PVP games like Rainbow Six Seige, then Modern Combat Versus is something you should definitely give a try. It boasts fast-paced 4v4 action gameplay that I quite like.

Download(Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

8. Hill Climb Racing 2

This used to be my go-to game a couple of years ago. I’m certain that a lot of you must have played Hill Climb Racing 2, where you race opponents on a variety of tracks. You can also upgrade and customize your vehicle to your heart’s desire. It’s time to reinstall the game as it can operate at 144FPS.

Download(Free, in-app purchases starting at $0.99)

9. Super Samurai Rampage

Are you a fan of Samurai Jack? Remember that cartoon? Well, this game will remind you of Samurai Jack as you play as one in this retro pixel-style game. The aim is to take out any and all enemies using your katana to attain the highest score – now at 144FPS as well. A super-smooth victory?

Download(Paid, $1.99)

10. Vainglory

Vainglory is a title that should be familiar to most MOBA game fans. It’s one of the most popular titles on mobile, offering incredible graphics and a chance to play against both mobile and PC players. Check out the gameplay trailer to know what’s it all about:

Download (Free, in-app purchase starting at $0.99)

The Complete List of 144Hz-Supported Games

Apart from some of the most popular and interesting games listed above, here’s the complete list of games that support 144Hz refresh rate displays:GameGenre1945 Air ForcesArcadeAce Force: Joint CombatActionArma Mobile OpsFPSBadland BrawlStrategyBallzPuzzleBatman: The Enemy WithinAdventureBattlelands RoyaleShooterBendy in Nightmare RunActionBlades of BrimEndless runnerBleach Brave SoulsActionBoggle With Friends: Word Game WordBombSquadActionBreakneckRacingBullet ForceFPS

Bullet Hell MondayArcade

Card ThiefPuzzleCATS: Crash Arena Turbo StarsActionChameleon RunArcadeChicken Jump: Crazy TrafficArcadeChilly Snow Slide 2ArcadeCover FireFPSCSR Racing 2RacingDARIUSBURST -SP-ArcadeDead Target – Offline Zombie ShooterFPSDead Trigger 2FPSDeer Hunter 2018SimulationDeus Ex GoPuzzleDokdoSimulationDon’t StarveAdventureDon’t Starve: ShipwreckedAdventureDub DashArcadeEpic Battle SimulatorSimulationEterniumRole PlayingFast Like a FoxAdventureFinal Fantasy XV Pocket EditionRole PlayingFrag Pro ShooterBattle RoyalFZ9 TimeshiftFPSGolf ClashSportsGoogle EarthApplicationGrimvalorActionGroove Coaster 2MusicGrow KingdomStrategyHill Climb Racing 2ArcadeHitman GoPuzzleInjustice 2ActionInto MirrorActionInto the DeadActionKing of Sails: Royal NavyStrategyLara Croft GoPuzzleLara Croft: Relic RunActionLegendary: Game of HeroesRole playingLemmings – Puzzle AdventurePuzzleMagic RampageRole Playing Man or VampireRole PlayingMarvel Contest of ChampionsFightingMekoramaPuzzleMinecraftArcadeMini Dayz: Zombie SurvivalActionMini MetroPuzzleModern Combat VersusFPSRC SoccerArcadeMortal KombatFightingMR BowArcadeNyxQuest: Kindred Spirits AdventureOddmarPlatformerOK GolfSportsPac-ManArcadePac-Man 256ArcadePayback2 – The Battle SanboxArcadePerfect SlicesArcadePhoton StrikeArcadePlague IncSimulationPumped BMX 3SportsReal Racing 3RacingRebel IncSimulationRope HeroActionShadow Fight 3ArcadeShadowguns: LegendsActionShadowmaticPuzzle SkullgirlsFightingSmashing RushArcadeSonic Dash 2 AdventureSonic the Hedgehog ClassicArcadeSoul KnightActionSpace Armada: Galaxy WarsSimulatorSpace Jet: Space ships galaxy gameSpace ShooterSquadronArcadeSquadron IIArcadeSubdivision InfinitySpace SimSubway SurfersArcadeSuper Samurai RampageArcadeTemple Run 2ActionThe Catapult: Clash with PiratesAction RepubliqueActionThe Silent AgeAdventureThe Walking Dead: Road to SurvivalRole PlayingThe Wolf Among UsAdventureTiny Room Stories: Town MysteryPuzzleToon BlastPuzzleTraffic RiderRacingTrials FrontierArcadeUNKILLED – Zombie FPS ShootingFPSVaingloryMOBAVendetta OnlineSpace SimWonder TacticsRole PlayingLast Hope Tower DefenseTower DefenseOffline BubblesArcade Ceres MRole PlayingAncestorArcadeOpsu!MusicFriday the 13th: Killer PuzzlePuzzle Doodle God HD FreePuzzle8 Ball PoolSportsBlitz BrigadeFPSOffroad Legends 2RacingGrand Mountain AdventureSportsXenowerk TacticsStrategyPoopdieActionCarX Drift Racing 2RacingEvertaleRole Playing GameWalk masterActionHexoniaStrategyChess RushStrategyInfinitode 2StrategyFarm PunksActionTales RushActionCrossing VoidRole PlayingDungeon QuestRole PlayingPocket RoguesRole PlayingEverybodyRPG ReturnsRole PlayingSlash of Swords – Arena and FightsActionA Way to SlayActionMindustryActionOff the RoadRacingTheoTownSimulationOpen TTDSimulationArmelloBoardgameReckless Getaway 2ActionTank StarsArcadeHarvest TownRole PlayingSomnus: NonogramPuzzleFalcon SquadArcadeZombie Gunship SurvivalActionShadowguns WargamesActionCurse of ArosRole PlayingLast ArrowsActionTower Madness 2: 3D DefenseStrategyThe Walking Zombie 2ActionMosaic: BlipBlopArcadeA Planet of MineSimulationSubterfugeStrategyLegend of SolgardRole PlayingIdle ZombiesArcadeTiny BubblesPuzzle Egg incSimulationThe Mighty Quest for Epic LootRole PlayingOld Man’s JourneyAdventureSurvival DerbyArcadeHunter AssassinActionKnights of Pen and Paper 2Role PlayingDead City ZombieActionRise of KingdomsStrategyHonkai Impact 3rdActionTitan Quest ActionBullet EchoActionKingdom Two CrownsSimulationColor Me HappyArcadeRick and Morty: Pocket MortysStrategyThe Greedy Cave 2: Time GateRole PlayingSword MakerSimulationEgg TycoonSimulationAdorable HomeSimulationSwordman: ReforgedActionBattlevoid: First ContactStrategySmash BanditsRacingSmash Cops HeatRacingBullet Hell Monday FinaleArcadeBullet Hell Monday BlackArcadeDuel OttersArcadeBloons Adventure Time TDStrategyTransmission Puzzlesand:box – relaxing particle engineSimulationPokémon Café MixPuzzleNinja ArashiAdventureDead CellsActionStellar FoxPuzzleInfinity LoopPuzzleFancy Pants AdventuresArcadeDoodle AlchemySimulationBalls?ArcadeCosmic WarsStrategyBroken Dawn 2 HDActionSoda Dungeon 2 AdventureIdle Digging Tycoon SimulationLaser OverloadPuzzleRope Slash PuzzleOrbiaArcadeSky RollerArcadeHappy WheelsArcade

Though a myriad of games listed above are the same as those mentioned in the 90Hz/ 120Hz games list that we compiled last month, this is the most extensive list of games that are supported on 144Hz display phones. So yeah, if you are planning to enjoy the fluid gaming experience on your new high-end gaming phone then take your pick and have fun.