How Do I Send An Email To YouTube Support

Go to and sign in. At the bottom under “Need more help?” select Contact us. Follow the prompts to email our Creator Support team.

What is YouTube’s email address?
Today, YouTube is now part of Google and is one of the most popular websites on the Internet for viewing and sharing videos.

YouTube contact information.

Phone:(650) Copyright complaint e-mail:[email protected]Address:YouTube, LLC 901 Cherry Ave. San Bruno, CA USAHow do I contact YouTube Help Center?

If you need help, please visit our Help Center. There you’ll find answers to many common questions about creating an account, watching and uploading videos, and maintaining your channel. If you’re unable to find what you’re looking for in the Help Center, we suggest visiting our Community Help Forum.

Can you contact YouTube channel?

Although Google has removed the private messaging option from YouTube, there’s still a way around this. Since you can’t message someone directly on YouTube, you can send a direct email or reach out to a video creator or a channel admin via their social media profiles.

How do I send a complaint to YouTube?
Report a YouTube issue

1. Sign in to YouTube.
2. Select your profile picture. Send feedback.
3. Describe the issue you’re experiencing. The more info you include in your report, the more helpful it is for us.
4. Choose if you want to include a screenshot. You can highlight info on the screen or remove personal info.
5. Click Send.

Does YouTube have a live support chat?
Does YouTube have live chat? No, YouTube doesn’t have live chat support.

How do I email Google support?

Google’s contact phone number is and their contact email is [email protected], but please keep in mind you probably won’t get a reply to your question via these channels.

How do I contact Google support by email?

After visiting the Google support page, just sign in to your account via email or mobile and password. Now, choose ‘Gmail’ from the list. After then, choose to contact us. Dial the helpline number + , + , + , .

How do I report a problem to YouTube?
How do I send a message to someone on YouTube?
By clicking the username under any video, you’re directed to the poster’s YouTube Channel. Clicking “About” and then “Send Message” directs you to a form on which you can compose and send a private message.

How do I chat with Google support team?

For Live chat, visit again Google support page > select your Google product > tap on the contact us > choose the Live chat feature. Wait for a minute, the Google representative will emerge in the Live chat and then, raise your grievance & get whole support.

How can I chat on YouTube?

YouTube: Here’s How to Start a Chat With a Friend

1. Step 1: Tap “Inbox” at the bottom of the screen.
2. Step 2: Tap “Friends” near the top of the screen.
3. Step 3: Near the top of the screen, long-press on the friend you wish to start a chat with.
4. Step 4: Tap “Chat with [name].”

What is Google’s official email?

Gmail is a free email service provided by Google.

How do you send a message to YouTube?
Go to the YouTube Channel you want to email. Select the About tab of their channel. If a Business Inquiry Email is given, select “View Email Address.” If you don’t see a Business Inquiry Email, then the channel owner didn’t give one. Use the email to send a message to the channel.

Can you message someone on YouTube 2022?

As you can see, YouTube has removed the feature to privately message YouTube channels, so you can’t message people directly on YouTube. If you want to contact someone on YouTube, you have to either: send the YouTuber an email via their business email. message them via any of their social accounts.

How do I send a message on YouTube Mobile?

NEW YouTube Messaging Feature – Share Videos with Friends

Can you email Google support?
If you are unable to find guidance about your concern on these resources, you may reach out through the Grievance Redressal Mechanism by sending an email to [email protected]

How do I send an email to Gmail support?
If you want to contact Gmail, first open your Gmail inbox and click the Settings icon, which looks like a small gear, in the upper-right corner. When the dropdown menu appears, click “Send feedback” and then enter your comment in the white text box that pops up.

Does YouTube have a live chat?

Live chat is turned on by default. After your live stream ends, it will be archived and viewers can replay the video along with the live chat. Live chat only shows up on YouTube watch pages — not on embedded players. Note: Live chat is not available if your channel or live stream’s audience is set as made for kids.

How can I chat online?

Where to find people you can talk to online

1. Chatting apps. If you want to talk to strangers, try these apps:
2. Chat rooms. Chat rooms have become less popular over the past decade.
3. Social media.
4. Forums and message boards.
5. Discord servers.
6. Videogame streaming sites.
7. Friendship and dating apps.
8. Supportive chat services.

How do I recover my YouTube account?
I signed in with a YouTube username

1. Go to /gaia_link.
2. In the box on the left, enter your YouTube username and password. Note: If you don’t remember your old YouTube password, unfortunately there is no password recovery option for these accounts.
3. Select Claim channel.

How do you message a YouTuber directly?
How do you chat with someone on YouTube?

To post in live chat: Click into where it says “Say Something” and begin entering text. Click Send .
You can respond to someone in the chat feed by mentioning their username.

1. Type “@”.
2. Begin typing their username.
3. Select the username.

How do I send a message to YouTube?

You can call Google customer support at . The number leads to an operator service called “the Googleplex” that is based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.