How Do I Withdraw From Axie Infinity

The Axie Infinity platform is currently under maintenance, due to the large number of users who have decided to be part of this world, earning money in a completely legal way and enjoying the process.

Axie infinity is based on the Pokémona word that means pocket monsters. They are powerful pets with special abilities of attack, defense, among others, depending on their Pokémon class.

This game uses a special technique called “play to win, where users are rewarded monetarily for their actions in the platform, these benefits will be obtained depending on the amount of actions performed within the game.

Basically this means, that the platform contains a private marketplace where a constant flow of digital money is observed from which thousands of people currently earn their salaries.

This does not mean that this is the only means used to obtain money. One of the strongest examples is to be found in the country of PhilippinesMore specifically, north of the city of Manila, where over the course of 48 hours, more than 400 people joined in playing Axie Infinity, in search of an economic alternative to solve the problems presented by the pandemic.

The majority of users are over the age of 18. 30 yearsThe money from this platform finances more than 50% of the basic needs of the inhabitants. These included food, medicine, debt payments, among others.

This great growth returned to the Philippines the main market of the Axie platform, considerably increasing the flow of cryptocurrencies in just a couple of days and even surpassing the countries initially suggested for the platform such as the United States, Brazil, Venezuela, among others.

What happens when you no longer want to use an Axie account?
The constant reforms of the platform in an effort to offer a better service to the large number of users who connect daily, still offer very little information about Axies accounts that are no longer in use.

But it is understood that many of the improvements that will be available in the near future, will be able to clarify these doubts. The money invested in this platform belongs entirely to the user, so he/she can withdraw it from the account whenever he/she wishes.

When a player determines that he no longer wishes to be part of the Axie infinity platform, does not exist as such an accurate way of deleting the account completely, so the player can leave the account at abandonment.

This would mean that the account will not be accessed, nor will any action be performed on it, such as completing quests, buying, selling, among others. The user would leave in oblivion any of the assets that are inside the account.

This does not represent no non-compliance with the rules There is no rule that specifies how long an account is deleted for low usage, nor is there a specific time period in which it must be played.

In the future, Axie administrators could take measures and take care of cleaning and/or deleting accounts that have not been active or in use for a long period of time. This in order to know how many users are really present on the platform or to make sure that the platform is not overloaded.

The contents of these accounts, either potions, axies, among others, can be transferred to other users or sold to continue generating flow in the Axie market exchange, these actions are not being carried out by the platform at this time, but it is estimated that they may be an option in the future.

There are also alternatives to keep an Axie account and the user can opt out in the future.

Alternatives for not leaving an Axie account unused.
In case the user does not wish to continue with this account, he/she can look at some alternatives that, depending on the situation, could be useful, among which we find:

It is possible to perform a agreement for another user to perform the actions corresponding to the game. You can either use the investment made by the official account owner, split the investment in parts mutually agreed by both of you or rent the account and invest your own capital without any help from the account owner.

As for the winnings and the method of payment, it is possible to work with certain percentages, such as, for example, 50-50. These percentages will be defined according to the convenience of both players.

In this case, both will benefit greatly in the months when sales of one of the items are high, but both will receive less money when the season is not stable or declines.

It is also possible to reach a mutual agreement of a rental This would provide economic stability to the account owner, regardless of whether the month has been economically productive or not. On the other hand, the user who is paying the rent, will not really benefit from seasons that are not very productive, where stock market values decline or Axies drop in price in the market.

These alternatives can be used especially by users whose Axies do not have a high market value or are not sold quickly, so that the investment made in the Axies it contains is not lost.

Apart from the fact that you would be generating profits without the need to perform any action within the game. This will allow you to return to your account in the future, should you wish to do so.

Is it possible to return to the game after it has been abandoned?
Currently, the server does not handle any account belonging to users, even if the account is inactive, so that the user will be able to return to use it at your convenience. This may vary in the future depending on the modifications that are made to the platform.

Users who cannot continue to be part of the platform for reasons of force majeure, such as lack of internet access, occupations in other areas of life, among others. They should not necessarily leave the accounts in oblivion, opting for an alternative can greatly benefit them in the future.