How To Activate Airtel 5G Jio 5G On Apple IPhone 12 13 And IPhone 14 Series

If you have 5G-capable Apple iPhone and live in one of the major cities where telecom players Airtel and Jio do support 5G networks, there’s good news. Apple has released the iOS 16.2 beta, which brings 5G as an option for iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 users. Here are the next steps to get 5G up and running on your device.

Step 1: Switch to beta iOS software (if you haven’t already)
The 5G-ready update that Apple has pushed out for the iPhone 12 series and above is currently in beta and will only be available to those on the iOS beta channel. That means you will need to enrol for the public beta from Apple’s official website. If you’re still on the stable channel, you can still wait for the stable update. But if you want to try 5G immediately, at the expense of some minor bugs, here’s how to do it.

Head over to the Apple Beta Software Program website and find the blue ‘Sign Up’ below.

You can then sign in with your Apple ID and proceed with on-screen instructions to switch to the beta channel.

PremiumPremiumPremiumPremiumKeep in mind that if you have an older iPhone 11 or iPhone XS, it does not support 5G. Only Apple iPhone 12 series and above supports 5G connectivity.

Step 2: Update to Apple iOS 16.2 beta
To upgrade your iPhone, head over to Settings> General> Software Update and update your phone to iOS 16.2, which is the latest version that enables 5G.

Your phone will restart after the update is downloaded and installed.

Step 3: Activate 5G on your iPhone
Now that you’re running the right software version, have a 5G-enabled SIM and live in one of the supported 5G cities, you’re all set for 5G speeds.

To switch from your default 4G network to 5G, head over to Settings> Mobile Data> Mobile Data Options> Voice & Data.

Here, you will find three options – 4G, 5G On and 5G Auto. While the first two will lock you in on a 4G or 5G network, the ‘Auto’ mode will allow the phone to dynamically switch between the two based on network availability.

Here’s where you can find the setting. (Express Photo)Set the radio to either 5G On or 5G Auto and after a brief loss in reception, your phone should latch on to any available 5G network in the area.

You can now hop on to Safari and check out your new 5G speeds via any internet speed testing website.