How To Contact Google Tech Support

All of us sometimes have situations when we need help with a specific problem in Google services. For example, they concern your Google account. If searching for an answer on the Internet has not been successful, you are left to turn directly to technical support. If you are convinced that it is their official representative who needs help, contact the experts of the company who speak your language. Here are a few best ways to contact Google account support:

1. Hotline phone
2. Application via Google Ads “Contact Us” form
3. From the search page
4. Contact via Google My Business
5. Feedback via Search Console
6. Question in the community

If you’re a potential or existing Google Ads customer, the first two methods of contact will work for you. If you’re a site owner or webmaster, the others are your options.

1. Hotline
On the home page you’ll find the phone number , which is available Monday through Friday 9:00-17:00. By calling it, you can count on it to help you create an account and set up your first advertising campaigns.

Fig. 1 – Google Ads account

However, if you already work with Google Ads and you need to explain the problem with screenshots, it is better to choose another method of communication. In any case, to help you solve the problem you will need to tell your client ID. It is in the account at the top of the page next to your email address.

The contact phone number for more advanced users who want to contact Google support is different – , you can find it on the page of information about phone support around the world. There you also select the country, if you want to contact Google by phone, if you are outside of Ukraine.

Fig. 2 – Phone Support Info Page

2. Application through the “Contact Us” form of Google Ads
On the same page in the help section of Google Ads there is also a written contact form. Fill it out and expect a response by email, or call to the mobile, if this is what you have specified as the desired way of contact. Practice shows that the technical support gets in touch within several days.

Fig. 3 – Contact Us form to apply for Google Ads support

3. Request from the search page
One more simple way – request from Google search page. Despite the fact that you can send here a variety of questions, which logically prolongs the response time, it is popular.
To do this, you need to scroll down the page, click on “Settings” on the right and choose among the items that will fall out the menu “Send Feedback”. You will see here is the English-language form:

Fig. 4 – Google Search page application

Then appears “Thank you for feedback” and the message is sent.

4. Connection through Google My Business
This method comes in handy if you

* You want to confirm or edit the company’s profile;
* check a company’s profile, or put it on a map.

You must already have an account for that – this page makes it easy to create one.

Fig. 5 – Contact via Google My Business

Next, go to your account, click on the “Help” icon in the form of a question mark at the top right, a list of questions will drop down, and below – “Send Feedback”:

Fig. 6 – Google Support Help

If you select the last option, you will see the same form you saw when you tried to contact Google Support from the search page. However, in this case the form is adapted to the account settings language.

Fig. 7 – Contact Google Support form

5. Feedback through Search Console
Another easy way to leave feedback through Google Search Console. For this you need a confirmed access to the domain.

Fig. 8 – Review via Google Search Console

The page has the “Send Feedback” option on the left side menu at the bottom. This form also comes in handy when looking for options on how to contact a Google Operator.

6. Question in the community
The last method of solving problems by a “live” expert is to ask a question in a forum. Here you can get answers not only from Google, but also from other users. The method is suitable if the question is not urgent. But it is better to start with a search on your own. If you go to the Help Center, you will see many articles on all Google products.

Fig. 9 – Help Center Google homepage

If your question is not one of the most frequently asked and the answer is not found in the search engine, then ask it yourself. You need to select a product, such as AdSense, and go to the community for it.

Fig. 10 – Adsense Community Help

When you see the “Ask now” option, click on the link.

Fig. 11 – Ask a question to the Google community

If we’re talking about Google Ads, users will be offered this help:

Fig. 12 – Free Google Online Tutorials

Fig. 13 – Connecting via the Google Ads channel on YouTube

Let all your problems be solved quickly and clearly. There really are plenty of ways to get in touch with Google tech support – the main thing is to make sure the experts can help you. To do this, formulate the problem clearly and concisely, and if you need to attach screenshots for clarity, be sure to do so.

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