How To Get 60 FPS On PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile certainly is one of the biggest battle royale games to have come and dominated the mobile gaming market, but what everyone does not realize is that you can take things up a notch with 60 fps for a smoother gaming experience.

PUBG works on almost all Android and iOS phones but what gets in the way is that everyone almost gets the same settings without the option of pushing things as far as your phone’s hardware will allow it.

Especially if you do not own a high-end device the gameplay experience will often be less than desirable and here if you get the option of taking the game from 30 fps to 60 makes a lot of difference especially if you find yourself in the midst of the battle with the play zone shrinking rapidly.

How to get PUBG Mobile 60 fps
To make sure that your phone gets the best visual output you will have to tweak a few things.

This is only applicable for Android devices
* You will need to install GFX Tool by developer tool which can be found on the play store.
* Once you have the app installed, simply run it and it will bring up tons of options.
* You will need to select the exact game version from the list, (GP) notifies the global version of the game which can be found on the Google Play Store.
* For resolution, try and select the highest resolution that your phone will allow for better graphics and visual experience.
* In the graphics section, select Balanced as it will even things out if you do not have a high-end device and if you happen to own a flagship device then you can probably try to go for higher settings.
* In the FPS section, select the 60 FPS option as most Android devices support this.
* The same goes for Anti-aliasing, if you own a mid-range device, do not tinker with the settings, and if you own a flagship go for 2X or even 4X depending on how smooth you want the gameplay to be.
* Once you are done with this, simply accept the changes you have just made and launch the game, you will instantly see the difference this little trick does.

As this is not an official tool provided by the developer it could land you in trouble so make sure that you do not overdo it.