How To Get 60FPS On PUBG Mobile

Android Tips and GuidesPUBG Mobile is a very popular Battle Royale game, in this article, how to get 60FPS on PUBG Mobile? We will tell you. You can see that most people around you are playing this game. You can join this struggle in the game where 100 people parachute from the plane, collect materials and try to survive. Players usually prefer to play PUBG Mobile and similar games on low graphics settings for higher frame rates. When the frame rate is high, the game becomes much more fluid and you can play better against your opponents.

Tencent places restrictions on some devices even if they have potential. That’s why you can’t play at the graphics setting or frame rate you want. Why are you playing at low frame rates when your device has a good chipset? Take, for example, the Redmi Note 9 powered by the Helio G85 chipset. With this device, you can play games at 45FPS frame rate in Smooth graphics setting. However, Redmi Note 9 is at a level that will allow you to play games comfortably at 60FPS frame rate in Smooth graphics setting. So how can you solve this problem? Now we will tell you how you can solve this problem.

Redmi Note 9 PUBG Mobile Settings
While playing PUBG Mobile with Redmi Note 9, you can play at 45 FPS frame rate in smooth graphics setting. Unfortunately, you cannot play at 60FPS. A sample screenshot from the graphics setting of the Redmi Note 9 PUBG Mobile game.

While we expect the device to play games at better frame rates, at most you are allowed to play games at 30 FPS on high graphics settings. Unfortunately, Tencent restricts the graphics settings on devices. The reason for this is to allow you to buy higher-priced models of brands. Tencent cooperates with brands, so it deliberately puts some restrictions on your devices. In this way, it helps brands to sell more devices.

Some screenshots from PUBG Mobile on Redmi Note 9, using default graphics settings
These screenshots were taken while playing the game. As you can see, the FPS value is between 40-45. Unfortunately, we cannot see the 60FPS value, but we will learn how to see the 60FPS value in this topic.

You need to download some apps to reach 60FPS. Click here to download Gfx Tool, a popular PUBG graphics settings changer. If you have downloaded the application, let’s start the process.

We enter the GFX Tool application and then select the game version from the top. Pay attention to the game version available on your device. If we choose wrong, we cannot reach 60FPS.

Click on the FPS section and select the 60FPS option. If you think that your device will provide a smooth gaming experience at higher frame rates and you will not experience problems such as stuttering and overheating after a certain period of time, you can also choose the 90FPS option.

Now you confirm the settings we made and give permissions related to file access. The reason why it asks for these permissions is because changes in Data and OBB folders are restricted with Android 11.

That’s all we will do. You can now play PUBG Mobile at higher frame rates. In this way, you will have a much better game experience against your opponents. You will be faster while shooting at your opponents with a gun and you will have many similar advantages.

Some screenshots from PUBG Mobile on Redmi Note 9, frame limit set at 60FPS
Now you can easily play PUBG Mobile at 60FPS with Redmi Note 9. You see, right? Tencent imposes some restrictions, but you see that your device can play games at the graphics settings you want without freezing. In this article, we explained how to remove the graphics restriction so that you can have a better gaming experience. Here are some photos from Redmi Note 9 that lets you play 60FPS on PUBG Mobile now!

Some caveats when using the GFX Tool in PUBG Mobile
All errors that may occur while using GFX Tool are at your own risk. We are not responsible if your account is banned or you encounter something else. You accept responsibility for all transactions. We have come to the end of the article. We told you how you can get 60FPS on PUBG Mobile. What do you think about this article? Do not forget to express your opinions.

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