Indonesian Netizens Dont Accept Being Called Impolite Observers Call This A Warning

Jakarta –

Netizen Indonesia is busy invading the Instagram account comment column Microsoft in response to the survey results that called Indonesian netizens the most disrespectful. Social media observers say this is a warning.

“It cannot be denied that without us being in person, we can not use real names, make people brave and do whatever they want. But on the other hand this shows that Indonesian netizens are active and enthusiastic when discussed like this,” said social media observer Enda Nasution, contacted. detikINET, Sunday (28/2/2021).

Enda also welcomed positively the existence of the Digital Civility Index (DCI) survey from Microsoft which measures the level of digital politeness of the world’s internet users when communicating in cyberspace.

“Meaning may there is a measure, so we know where we are, and we want it what are you doing after seeing the results of this survey, so know. Hopefully in the future there will be positive movements to fix it, “he said.

He also mentioned that Microsoft’s DCI survey methodology included good measures, including including factors such as hoaxes, fraud and hate speech in his research.

“He has a good size, this is the digital civility index breakdown again, what is politeness, then there are hoaxes, fake news is included in it. Then about discrimination, race is also one of the points. So it makes sense, “explained Enda.

Instead of feeling unacceptable and debating whether the results of this study can be generalized or not, according to Enda, it is better to respond to them as a means to reflect and improve oneself.

“From the validity side, we sometimes feel it ‘not so ah’. But if you consider Indonesian social media users may Lots, yes maybe really Among the samples taken, many experienced unpleasant experiences that were included in the civility index. At least, this is a general assessment for netizens throughout Indonesia. There are a lot of good and polite things, but if you average there are a lot of people no polite, “he explained.

Enda also reminded that Microsoft was not the first time to conduct this survey, but it was the fifth time. This annual study of digital politeness is intended Microsoft is critical to raising awareness and encouraging positive interactions online.

“I think this is so wake up call. All this time don’t know how bad we. Maybe not completely valid, but this survey may has been (held) for 5 years. This is a warning so that our social media is more polite, not even negative, “he concluded.

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