Installing A New M2 SSD To HP 15 Notebook


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You did provide a solution to this question a bit already, although the reason i am asking it again because.

I will be moving my Windows 10 that came preInstalled with my laptop from HDD to new NVME M.2 SSD 250GB

When i open my D Drive i have this file called “Recovery” and after double tapping it shows do not delete this, this is Recovery partition

Is this the file i can use to install my OS to new SSD? if so what will have to do, copy paste it into the ssd, once the ssd is detected?

if not then what’s that thing?”

The method will depend on the way you have decided to it.

If you are going to put the new M.2 SSD in an enclosure like the ones I posted a link to and a cloning program use the following method.

Disconnect the legacy 1TB hard disk. Connect the enclosure with the new SSD to a USB port. Now use the cloning program to clone the original boot disk installation to the new SSD. When that is done you can remove the original M.2 SSD, remove the new SSD from the enclosure and then put it in place of the original M.2 SSD. Reconnect the legacy 1TB hard disk. Now you can power up the notebook and it should be as before except that you now have an M.2 SSD with more capacity. I did describe which cloning program is my favorite in one of my earlier posts. I suggest that you consider reading it again.

That is the simplest method.

Method 2

You could use the Cloud recovery to create a Windows 10 recovery flash drive. Remove the original M.2 SSD and put the new one in its place. Plug the Windows 10 recovery flash drive into a USB port on the notebook. Power on the notebook and immediately start tapping the F2 ket and select the USB flash drive as the boot disk. The recovery program should start up and make sure that you select the M.2 SSD as the target for the new Windows 10 installation. When the recovery is complete you can remove the USB flash drive and you will have a clean Windows 10 installation on the M.2 SSD. The down side is that you will have to reinstall all of the programs that were on the original M.2 SSD.

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