LGA 775 Socket Interchangeable With All 775 CPUs

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searcherrrLegit User

Posts: 17Joined: Sun Jan 03, :58 amIf my motherboard has a LGA 775 socket/cpu, then may I use ANY 775 form factored CPU and it will work fine in that socket up to its normal/top speed?

DMB2000ukSite Admin

Posts: 7095Joined: Mon Jul 18, :36 pmSadly no, this is not the case for every motherboard.

Only the newest LGA775 boards will support any LGA775 processor, but older boards will only support certain (read older) LGA775 processors.

The best way to find out what CPUs your motherboard supports is to visit the manufacturers website and see the CPU compatability list.



Posts: 4450Joined: Mon Mar 26, :29 pmContact:as DMB said, if you want to upgrade from something like a Pentium4 to a newly purchased Core2 it likely would not boot

the main thing to look at is Manufacturing Process which is either 65nm (older) or 45nm (newer) as well as the Front Side Bus, as most boards don’t support high FSB’s like 1333MHz or even 1066MHz, you may be limited to a chip that uses 800MHz like ~3GHz Pentium 4’s had

but if you’re still not sure what you can get, you can give us some more info about your system (current CPU, Motherboard Model etc.) and we can steer you into the right direction