List Of Pure Support Heroes In Mobile Legends ML

In playing as a team in Mobile Legends, the existence of support is very important. With support, you can more easily attack enemies and avoid Gank. However, heroes like this are rarely interested in Mobile Legends players. Here is a list of Pure Support Heroes in Mobile Legends, which you can try. This existing hero is Pure Support in its use, so you can help the team optimally.

Hero Support is a hero whose job is to guard the team and open the map when needed. With the support hero, your Carry will be easier to do farming. Being a support yourself is actually not easy.

There are many things you should know about using support. You must be able to read the map, go around to open the map, help those who are in trouble on other lanes. So, basically you have to be more active in playing, and try to help the team.

That way, you can protect the team from enemy attacks, and allow the team to do farming well. You also don’t need to have many kills, as long as you can assist when you want to attack the enemy.

The following heroes are pure support. You can see from the skills they have, you can more easily help the team with buffs, CCs and even the heal they have.

By relying on the skills this hero has, you can become easier to support. However, you also have to pay attention to item builds, so that you can help the team effectively.


Rafaela is a Healer support hero, who has a very strong Poke skill. He can deal damage from a distance easily, and has a slow effect that can be stacked. So, the enemy will have difficulty moving, as well as receiving damage.

Healing it has is also very high, with a wide AoE. He can heal almost all team members. This makes him very strong when talking as a healer as well as support.

Maybe you can be careful about anti-heal, because it can hinder the heal it has. Try to play safely from a distance, and use the ultimate at the right timing.


Estes is also one of the Support Heral Heroes in Mobile Legends, which has high heal. His CC skill also has a fairly wide AoE, allowing him to attack multiple enemies at once with ease.

The reason is not instant heal but per second, so it will be difficult for you when you want to give heal to one team. However, you can use the ultimate skill, so you can heal almost one team around you.

This one hero is very difficult to heal to many people, so maybe you will rely more on his ultimate skills. That way you can give your team a lot of heal.


Faramis is a support hero who relies on CC and skills that can raise friends. By using his CC skills, you can make it difficult for the enemy to move and even attack.

The skill he has in raising friends requires good teamwork and good timing of skill use. Because, it will be very useless if you use this skill, but your enemy runs away from the enemy.


Carmilla actually has a few skills that are quite tanky, but her skills in providing additional assistance to the team are enormous. He can make the enemy get equal damage, when they are hit by damage from you.

The skills he has are very strong to use when you fight many enemy heroes, or when team fight. You can make your team deal high damage to many enemies at once.


Diggie is a very strong support hero in giving poke damage, CC and also giving Anti CC to almost one team around him. Anti CC is very important when you fight enemies, so you can attack smoothly.

You may have to pay attention to Timing in the use of his ultimate skills, so that you can eliminate CC that hits your team of friends properly. His Ultimate Skill can also provide shields, so it is very useful when team fighting.


Kaja is a CC support hero, who can attack many enemies at once quickly. However, what made him so strong was his ultimate skill. His skill in attracting enemies is very strong to attract MM enemies and defeat him.

That way, you can attack the enemy or MM who is hiding behind the enemy. You can also use it to attract enemies who are chasing your friends, so that they stop chasing your friends.


Angela is a hero support healer, who has strong CC such as root and debuff which makes enemies take more damage. His heal isn’t as big as Rafaela or Estes, but his heal attacks can also attack enemies.

Ultimate that is owned by Angel can make him teleport to a team of friends globally, then provide a shield to the team members you choose. You become inaccessible but you can use skills. However, you cannot walk, but instead your team members help you walk.

Those are the tips regarding the list of Pure Support Heroes in Mobile Legends, which you can try. With this support hero, maybe you can find it easier to attack enemies or help teams that are in trouble.

As long as you know as support, it is not really visible to other players, because you only help from behind. However, the existence of support can have a big impact when playing. Don’t forget to keep practicing, play wisely and don’t become a toxic player!

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