PUBG Mobile Could Soon Get 90120 Fps Frame Rate Options Deagle Gun And More

tech2 News Staff

PUBG Mobile is being constantly updated with new features that make the game more interesting, engaging and fun to play.

With Season 8 fast approaching to a close, people are eagerly waiting for the Season 9 and the new updates that will come with it. If new leaks are to be believed then the new upcoming features are being ported directly from PUBG PC to the mobile version of the game.

PUBG Mobile.

Reliable tipster Mr Ghost, who has been previously correct about upcoming PUBG Mobile leaks has posted a new video which shows the new features that have come on the Chinese beta version of the game called the Game of Peace. One of the new features will be of interest mainly to the users of high refresh gaming smartphones like the OnePlus 7 Pro (Review), Nubia Red Magic 3, ROG Phone (Review) and Razr Phone.

New frame rates could come to PUBG mobile. MrGhost

As per the video, PUBG Mobile beta version in China has received an option to increase the game frame rate to 90 fps and even 120 fps . This option to increase frame rate is seen in the settings where the general frame rate happens to be Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Extreme. According to what can be seen in the video, the Chinese beta gets additional options of 90 and 120 Hz. Obviously this mode will only be supported on devices which have a higher refresh rate display.

Apart from that, there are several other new things that could make it to the global version of PUBG Mobile.

In terms of new weapons, we see the Deagle (Desert Eagle) pistol which is shown to take in .45 ACP rounds. A new vehicle is also shown called the BRDM which is an armoured vehicle that can travel on both land and water. There is also a ledge grab feature that could be introduced wherein the player can grab ledges of the buildings to get to the top. Sliding is also another feature that could be introduced where the player can slide while running to get to cover faster.

The new Season is expected to drop on 12 September so we should know more about the update soon.