Russia Ukraine War Why Is Belarus Helping Russia On Its Ukraine Invasion

Belarus and Russia have strong ties. On Monday, the Russian and Ukrainian delegations met for talks at the Ukrainian – Belarussian border.

Belarus supported Russia at the beginning of the invasion as a Russian base. Geolocation apps show how some missiles bombarding Ukraine came from the Belarussian border.

Experts also believe Belarus could serve as Russia’s new base for nuclear weapons. However, there’s always an explanation.

Putin annexed Belarus to his dream of reviving the Soviet Union. Technically, Putin considers the independence of the Belarussians, but there’s more context to follow.

What’s the link between Russia and Belarus?
Since 1994, Alexander Lukashenko rules the Belarussian nation. Lukashenko is an autocratic figure liked by Putin.

In 2020, Putin saved Lukashenko’s regime. The younger Belarussian generation rebelled against the autocrat claiming Lukashenko rigged the elections.

The exit polls and election monitors believed Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, a former English teacher and the wife of a jailed popular candidate, won the election.

Hundreds of thousands protested on the streets. Meanwhile, Putin bailed out the Belarussian economy. The relationship between Lukashenko and Putin is an anti-democratic coalition supported by Russia.

Foreign policy experts know there’s a “soft annexation” of Belarus into Russia. Some Russian oligarchs bought key pieces of the Belarussian economy after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

Lukashenko’s position favors the Kremlin’s desires. The Belarussian regime is alive because of Putin, and they are forced to succumb to Russia’s orders.

Belarussian troops are loyal to Lukashenko. Reports say they will join Russian forces in the invasion. The Belarusian border lies only around 140 road miles to Kyiv.

In recent days, the European Union and the United Statessanctioned Russia’s economy and oligarchs after Putin’s invasion.

However, some of those sanctions targeted Belarus and Belarussian power figures.