Samsung DeX Introduces Second Screen Support For Its Virtual Windows Experience

What you need to know
* Samsung and VMware have teamed up to announce the next big improvement to Samsung DeX.
* DeX will now enable flagship Galaxy tablets and smartphones to act as second screens for Horizon client-based virtual Windows PC setups.
* Samsung named the Galaxy Tab S8 series and S22 series as two examples of device lines that’ll play well with the two-screen DeX experience.

For anyone who’s wanted to turn their Samsung phone or tablet into a second screen for a virtual Windows environment, it’s a big day. Samsung DeX now features second screen support so anyone can turn their flagship device into a secondary touch-friendly monitor for PC activities.

Here’s how it works: By the power vested in VMware’s Horizon client and Samsung DeX, owners of a Galaxy Tab S8 series, S22 series, or other flagship Galaxy device can enjoy a virtual Windows desktop PC experience with the added capability of being able to double the screen count to two. That means you can sort of, kind of call your tablet a spare monitor since it’ll essentially be acting as one, only with the added benefit of touch capabilities.

“The latest version of Samsung DeX empowered VMware to utilize the second screen for an experience Galaxy Tab S series and smartphone users have been craving,” said Ray Couey, National Director of Strategic Alliances, Samsung Electronics America. “Horizon on Samsung DeX gives users the unmatched ability to carry powerful, power-efficient Android devices anywhere, while accessing their Windows PC desktop work environments as necessary — and without compromise.”

You can read a more in-depth breakdown of what’s on offer over at Samsung’s blog post on the subject (opens in new tab). It’s also worth checking out the biggest announcements of Samsung Unpacked 2022 to get the best idea of what the tech giant has in store for consumers.