Seimitsu NT LS3228 Replacement Shaft

The SeimitsuLS-32andLS-38series lever now has a detachable shaft!

Height Adjustable
The NT Replacement Shaft has a unique construction that unscrews the shaft from its base, plus add or decrease its shaft height using 2mm or 3mm screw nuts. The NT comes with two 3mm screw nuts by default. You can add another 2mm or more using additional screw nuts, available separately.

Bundle and Save 10%
If you plan to get the Seimitsu LS-32-01, LS-32 (fastener model), or LS-38 alongside this replacement shaft, you can save 10% on this product. Please select it as a product option when visiting theLS-32or LS-38 product page.

Installation Notes
The current LS-32 uses a snap ring to hold its shaft in place. Without a specific tool such as the Circlip Plier(Amazon)