Support Amber Heard In Aquaman 2 Her Life And Public Safety To Save Lives

Amber Heard inspires us!We support her life, her role in Aquaman 2, her humanitarian work, and any work she has. We support her evidence and public safety to save lives.

Amber is not only powerful as Mera, but she is also an activist for human rights.

She was the first American actress to be named Human Rights Champion to the United Nations Human Rights Office.

She’s an ambassador for the ACLU, donor to Women’s Rights Groups, protector of refugees, and does charity. She has spent years helping children.

She’s an inner philanthropist and advocate who should have a voice.

We want to see her in more films, movies, shows, modeling, and work in the entertainment industry. We want to see more equal rights advocacy!

She’s a positive influence on us and we should see more of her!

We want powerful women who can be respected and treated equally.

We created this petition because we support women who have been domestically abused and we would prevent violence against women. We want her humanitarian work and leadership to continue… Would you stand up to prevent or stop domestic abuse? The social question is also: “Would you save her?”

We support Amber Heard’s life and her humanitarian work…

Amber Heard was domestically abused by her ex-husband and is still abused by Johnny Depp and his followerswith coercive control, threats, incited hate, financially, emotionally, and online daily. We would rather not refer to him, but we need to support women who go against powerful people and believe the victims.

Amber Heard wrote in the Washington Post, as an Ambassador for the ACLU, about how she had to change her phone number weekly due to death threats from Depp followers and how she supports rights: “Amber Heard: I spoke up against sexual violence — and faced our culture’s wrath. That has to change.”

Amber Heard is innocent and we support her leadership, such as her advocacy with the United Nations and American Civil Liberties Union, being a spokesperson for L’Oreal, her contracts with businesses, nonprofits, and causes, and her largest movie role as Mera in Aquaman. We should be able to speak out to create change.

We can change culture to improve lives…

The abuse against Amber includes choking her repeatedly, a concussion, over a dozen physical experiences of violence, pushing, control of travel, isolation, losing weight and physical health while with Depp, losing confidence, and intimidation.

In deposition videos in 2016, she said that she screamed for help and that no one interfered.

Society is not only not victim-centered to tell women to protect themselves; it isn’t proactive to tell us to help victims.

Gathering dataand leading for change is exactly what Amber Heard should have done!

Amber Heard showed accurate and detailed evidence of photos, texts, audios, videos, data, medical references, and descriptions of abuse, threats, injuries, distress, and violence from Depp in her legal filings, in her dismissals, in the cases of retaliation against her for saying she was abused, and in court.

She has extensive evidence supporting her:

IO Tillett witnessed Amber’s blood on a pillow and saw her injuries after Amber woke up from a violent fight that nearly suffocated her. IO was the first to call 911 to protect Amber from her husband: /entertainment/gossip/la-et-mg-amber-heard-io-tillett-911-call snap-story.html

According to an anonymous source saying she was the partner of ex-JD staff on social media March 29 to April 2019: Staff were on NDAs, witnessed the couple fighting yet would stop interfering, and would check on Amber after their fights. They supported Amber and said she was kicked repeatedly, hit, and crying, but they were too afraid to witness. Screenshots:google folderand video.

In the July 2020 UK NGN court trial’s exposures showing strong support for Amber Heard, the statements that she was abused are supported by seen physical injuries and distress of Amber, damaged property, witnessed abuse, and staff being bystanders by not helping her in the witness statements by Josh Drew,Melanie Inglessis, Whitney Henriquez, Kristina Sexton, IO Tillet-Wright, Raquel Pennington, and by other statements, data, and recordings as referenced inNGN’s closing submissions.

Ellen Barkin, an ex of Depp, is testifying about his abuse. Depp paid a $1.25 million settlement after an abusive message left to his first ex-wife, Lori Anne Allison (Source:He’s Radioactive). Aside from evidence, Depp in total has made over $650 million, has 24/7 security, bodyguards, rode on private jets, owns houses and an island, and is privileged. Amber Heard is a victim of his power while wanting to do good in the world. Discriminatory tech companies enable him further.

* There are more witnesses supporting Amber for the 2nd Virginia, United States case about her Washington Post Op-Ed.

Staff knew and saw that she was injured by Depp… When the source contacted us knowing she was abused, and showed us a missing person’s photo of someone who was going to testify against JD, it made it our responsibility to try to help Amber Heard…

Our petition and investigation was encouraged by The Geek Buzz, a supporter of the 1938 comic issue of Superman stopping domestic violence.

It’s an assault against all women to silence Amber or other victims for speaking out against violence either in spoken words or Op-Eds.

It doesn’t matter to these others how much philanthropy or good work she does – she’s never perfect enough to them.

Amber Heard – Long-Time Charity, Philanthropy, and Activism:

– Started volunteering at age 12 and spent mornings at an Austin Soup Kitchen

– At age 16, took a stand against her school prom denying a same-sex couple entry by appealing to the ACLU

– Has worked with the Art of Elysium since its inception, a charity that brings the arts into the lives of seriously ill children

– Has traveled on Amnesty International research missions to the Mexico border, and brought awareness to Syrian refugees living in camps in Jordan

– Has volunteered for children’s hospitals in LA for over a decade

– Donated millions of her divorce settlement to the ACLU and the LA Children’s Hospital

– Is a women’s rights ambassador for the ACLU, and a Human Rights Champion for the United Nations

– Supporter of Born This Way Foundation, GLAAD, Habitat for Humanity, The Trevor Project, RiseNowUS, Sam’s USA, Cyber Civil Rights Initiative, SHIELD Act, Center for Inquiry, World Identity Network, Sexual Assault Survivors’ Bill of Rights, Orange the World, and Human Rights Campaign

– Spoke at global events like the UN Social Good Summit, Global Citizen Festival, One Young World Conference, L’Oreal Women of Worth, and Emery Awards Gala

Amber Heard has been progressive in politics, equality, and activism, choosing to speak out and to take action when others would not. See her biography at Harry Walker Agency.

* Amber has been an advocate for others, but it’s time that people be advocates for her.
* We care and we want leaders like Amber Heard who advocate for equality!

To prevent domestic abuse – GET INVOLVED!

* Believe early, let them escape early.

Will Amber Heard ever be allowed to continue her humanitarian work, have an ambitious career, to live her life, and to move on?

Stop the Cyber Abuse:

Even with strong supporting evidence, her positive background and leadership, and winning legal cases, she’s still targeted online by hate, cyberabuse, and discrimination.

We have quality links and research. This is about changing culture to help others, showing Amber Heard’s side, and social impact. Even if not shared online, it still has over 190,000 views and was seen by hard news journalists and documentarians. The legal verdicts support her.

Internet companies do not stop the online harms against Amber Heard when she isa female public figure.It’s proven by multiple studies for years that they don’t understand or prevent violence against women online.

Amber Heard’s side, because of discrimination, has not been publicly supported online or circulated, crowdfunding is against her, and there is endless cyberabuse, threats, discrimination, misinformation, and incited hate online 24/7 daily that targets her gender, sexuality, and other categories to cause witnesses, supporters, nonprofits, herself, and businesses to be fearful, including of testifying.

This harms productivity, prevents leadership, and prolongs harm.

* It’s been long known that she’d win her legal cases.

We should be supporting people making a difference, public safety, and openly positive leadership. Her evidence and continual activism for change after her adverse experiences support her.

Amber Heard has inspired us to work on causes! We’ve learned from helping her, and support her alliances for good.

The legal cases and their outcomes are delayed repeatedly by her ex-husband to continue a false digital “campaign of terror” which utilizes power to incitealready existing online hate, to manipulate media, and to exploit institutions of discrimination online against her as if she is a modern 21st century political adversary of his power.See hundreds of thousands of false likes, signatures, reviews, and algorithm exploitations purchased and coded in awhistleblower report about social platforms. These are both false technology simulations and incited followers.

Our petition was Hidden in Search results on Change, was restored by Change manually, then removed again. Support for Amber is suppressed on numerous social platforms with supporters targeted.

* This causes cyberabuse instead of legal verdicts with credibility which are and would be on her side.

Social media, technology, tabloid media, and online companies (withoutCyber Civil Rightsor understanding of violence against women) ignore the harms. Public opinion online is altered with hateful commentary, objectification, and unequal power. Then it’s amplified by machine learning bots. They suppress her support, create fake news, and harass her support on any website with this discrimination.

Even though she was a victim of abuse and tried to positively lead, her side can hardly be seen.

We need leaders like Amber Heard!

We care about her situation and life as an equal person.

We support her online and publicly, and tried to report to organizations against cyberabuse and hate crimethe examples of cyberabuse, hate, hacking, discrimination, and threats that threaten her life and career.

What would you do to make a difference?

We have to take a stand. They’re trying to remove Amber Heard’s jobs, career, resources, financial support, and they harass her and organizations (even the charities, United Nations, L’Oreal, and ACLU) for years for supporting her.

Duty To Rescue and Duty to Care:

Motivator Network who created this petition supports victims of crime, is anti-crime, is promoting a help network, helping people, motivation, defending others, survival, self-defense, resilience, inspiration, and charity seen on YouTube at: /c/heromotivators

We have over 130,000 views of “Men Help Woman Being Beaten by Husband in Parking Lot”: /watch?v=qyD0aouGM2Q

Thanks to Geek the Dogfor waking us up again, encouraging us to do this petition, and sharing it! We would prevent and stop domestic abuse, unethical situations, online hate, and cyberabuse.

If you don’t support victims now, then the agenda to silence them will continue.

We actually were told to not screenshot that partner of ex-staff of JD, but we DID. We were told to not make a petition, but we DID. See something, DO something!

We also got the database fixed for the article on Amber’s friend calling 911 for her…

Change Public Safety to Save Lives:

Amber Heard was ahead of her time as a woman by using her cell phone to collect data and evidence – such as with photos, texts, and recordings – before it was culturally acceptable and before even 911 systems collected data…

We supportupdating technology for protecting lives with data gathering (which is exactly what Amber Heard did as a progressive example), distribution, services, reporting, and mitigating emergencies,such as recently supported by the European Innovation Council, EUvsVirus, and Sweden government, to prevent and stop violence against women and to save lives.

Domestic violence is the most common incident experienced by 911 dispatchers in America, yet, no one talks about this or tries to do anything about it.Then retaliation, such as seen against Amber Heard, makes people too afraid to try to create change or to even speak about change.

We support creatingsafe and equal technology, including for 911 systems, which do not use real-time data yet.

See this article showing the issues of public safety technology and culture:”Amber Heard’s Story of Cyber Abuse Inspires Change to Public Safety to Save Lives”:/amber-heards-story-cyberabuse-inspires-change-public-safety-save-lives

Amber is still in Aquaman 2, spokesperson for L’Oreal, and involved with nonprofits. She’s a spokesperson for Cyber Civil Rights. We support this.

On November 6, 2020, her abusive ex-husband was removed from his movie role by Warner Bros Studios with agreement of the UK legal rulings.

Judge Nicol on November 2 ruled that 12 out of 14 incidents of abuse were proven and that NGN’s statements of Amber Heard being a domestic violence victim were ‘significantly true,’ that ‘she feared for her life,’ and that the assaults against her ‘must have been terrifying.’

We support businesses that help women who are domestically abused.

We want the world to be saferonline and for public safety.

We’re working on these changes.

We encourage people to help and defend others.

We Stand With You, Amber.