Sync RootsMagic And Ancestry Using TreeShare

As we know that RootsMagic and Ancestry both are top-rated genealogy programs. What could it be if you can sync RootsMagic and ancestry together? Today we bring a very popular topic in which you will learn how to sync RootsMagic and Ancestry using TreeShare.

So if you also want to sync your RootsMagic with Ancestry then must read this post. When you sync RootsMagic with Ancestry then people, events, source citations, notes, and pictures will transfer seamlessly between both.

The best thing is using TreeShare is you will have two latest copies of your family tree. But remember one thing ancestry aren’t compatible with RootsMagic’s to-do list, research logs, and media attached to places. So you can say that you don’t have a complete backup of your RootsMagic file.

RootsMagic has a Web hints feature that is useful to search ancestry family trees, records, and photos. You can also get searching for FamilySearch, Findmypast, and MyHeritage features in RootsMagic software. All these features make RootsMagic a research hub for all the largest genealogy websites.

What Will You Get After Syncing RootsMagic With Ancestry?
After syncing RootsMagic And Ancestry Using TreeShare, you will be able to access links to edit any person’s profile on either site.

In the above image, you can see how the data is visible after syncing RootsMagic and Ancestry using tree share.

Green fields show the same things between two trees and yellow fields show a discrepancy between trees. You can check a small arrow on RootsMagic and the ancestry side to update that field.

If you want to reverse or update the event as written in the tree then click on the arrow on the ancestry site to do the reverse.

Whenever a new person appears in either the RootsMagic file or the ancestry tree then you will get three options that are given below.

Steps To Sync RootsMagic And Ancestry Using TreeShare
Please follow the given steps for syncing RootsMagic with ancestry using tree share.

* First, go to the tree file option and click on TreeShare for ancestry. The option is given to the toolbar.
* Then go to the upload button. After this, a dialogue button will open on your screen.
* Then you have to choose the file name from the data upload option.
* At last, you need to follow the instruction given on your computer screen. To watch a full on-screen video click here.

This is how you can easily sync your RootsMagic software with the most popular Genealogy program ancestry.

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