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We accelerate tech adoption through our services of Cyber Security, Cloud, IoT, Big Data, AI and Blockchain.

Key Cybersecurity and Cloud solutions for the digital transformation of your business

Telefónica Tech offers a differential value proposition combining the potential of Cybersecurity and Cloud technologies to simplify the technological ecosystem and build the most appropriate solution for your company or organisation. We are world leaders in cloud communications and managed security solutions, and we offer you our professional, managed and consultancy services capabilities to provide you with personalised end-to-end support.

Data-driven decisions: Intelligence of Things transforms companies

The global capabilities of Telefónica Tech in IoT, AI and Blockchain transform data captured by devices, mobile networks and other sources, into valuable information for companies. Focused on providing e2e solutions to key sectors like Retail, Industry 4.0, Mobility, etc., we can help you to optimize your business through data-backed decision making.

Strategic investments with a growth mentality

Telefónica Tech has an agile decision-making structure, empowered to make strategic investment decisions. This is already evidenced by our recent acquisitions and the launch of Telefónica Tech Ventures.

Cloud, Hosting, Housing and Telecommunications Solutions
It has been operating since 1997 and currently offers its services in Spain, Brazil, Peru and Mexico. In addition, it has two Data Centers in Spain with more than 6,000 square meters (17,500 servers), with a customer base of over 100,000 clients.

GO TO ACENS We invest in Cyber Security
Telefónica Tech Ventures is the Venture Capital global Vehicle for Cyber Security, in order to invest in the best Cyber Security Startups and develop new business together.

We make tech work for our clients and more than 5.5 million trust us every day.

“With the evolution of threats, we need a solid security strategy supported by the right partner, to proactively detect and response even faster. That is how Telefónica came into Havas! We have chosen Telefónica for its deep expertise in cyber security, as it truly ensures and guarantees our clients cyber security globally.”

Global Deputy CIO at Havas Group

“Telefónica’s IoT & BD technologies allow us to collect information in real-time, process it, apply intelligence and then make the best decisions.”

Digital Transformation and Systems Director at FERROVIAL

“As a digitised industrial company, we need a very advanced level of protection and we have found in Telefónica the tools, the technology and the talent that allow us to carry out our operations in a calm, secure and confident way.”

Digital Vicepresident at ECOPETROL

“We are fortunate that every time our clientsfly we have a great opportunity to get to know them better. Thatis the reason why we started talking to Telefónica’s smart retail experts. But the information is only makes sense when we turn it into a special experience for the retail. Once again, technology has been a great help.”

Senior Marketing Manager Spain at Dufry

“During this Coronavirus situation we have successfully managed a 35% increase in our online operations. We have a very solid virtualised server infrastructure in the cloud, with all users migrated to the Office 365 collaborative platform.”

Management, Organization, Systems and Development at Caja Rural de Asturias

“5G and these new technologies will allow us to meet the needs of todays society ranging from sustainability to more personalised products.”

Advanced Manufacturing Director at GESTAMP

“As a worldwide hotel brand, the global diversity of our clients attending events or staying with us is huge. Being able to effectively communicate with anyone, in any language, in real time, is priceless.”

Global IT Vice president at Meliá Hotels International

“Together with Telefónica and AWS, we have managed to make the cloud infrastructure an extension of our data centre, implementing connectivity solutions between both worlds and integrating the security policies deployed in both infrastructures.”

Head of Corporate IT infrastructures at CAF

“It was important for us to do this with a trusted partner who understood our business and the implications it entailed.”

Head of IT Operations and Infrastructure, Viesgo

“Telefónica has put within our reach its innovation power and deep knowledge of technology.”

Industry 4.0 and Virtual Factory Manager at GESTAMP

“We are the first car dealership in the world to have implemented this type of management solution. Telefónica has been essentialin the success of such a complex project.”

IT Director at Mercedes-Benz Comercial Valencia.

“Cloud Datacenter is the service we hired. We did the whole migration of the machines and I think in the end the downtime was only about 10 minutes. Its a real success, because hardly anyone realised that the website was down and everything worked perfectly from the very beginning.”

Director of Technological Transformation at Imaginarium

“You can even insert algorithms for actions performed by the AGVs themselves, to which the engineer no longer has to devote any time.”

Automotive Commercial Engineering Manager at ASTI

“We contacted Acens through our IT department. I want to thank them for all the help they have given us during this pandemic, for their tools, their collaboration, their courses, their dedication to making our job easier and more productive.”

Marketing and Communication, Director at Fundación Banco de Alimentos de Madrid

“Our headquarters are in Castellón thanks to companies like Acens that make it possible for us to have services in an area with maximum interconnection such as Madrid. At another time we would have had to move to Madrid to set up our Data Center there.”

“Right now the fundamental pillar is Office 365. We have also hired a VPN, which allows us to be permanently connected to all the delegations. Within this VPN the Acens Datacenter Club is integrated.”

Systems Administrator at the Asociación de Delegados Comerciales de Loterías

“In addition to the advantages in terms of coverage and data volume, the use of LTE is also an important investment because it is scalable: all cellular technology development must follow this pattern going forward”, explains Gustavo Vieira, IT director at Vale . “4G is a reality and the technological updates made from there will cost less than technologies that are not so widespread.”

“With Fleet Management, we have real-time knowledge of where each truck is and what it is doing, so we can give our customers the information they need at any given moment.”

Digital Transformation and Mobility Director at Ferrovial

“Using mobile data in our transport model was a straightforward decision given the benefits of these new datasets, including TIS, over traditional methods of capture. We believe that using this data will save money and provide us with greater flexibility.”

Director of Growth, Strategy & Highways atBuckinghamshire County Council

“Connectivity has given us more power to be able to improve the product.”

Transformation Director at ASTI

Industry Analysts
Our innovative tech services are recognised by the world’s leading Industry Analyst firms.

“Telefónica offers a very strong global WAN services offering. Telefónica has created Telefónica Tech reflecting the strong requirements and market trends towards a merged value proposition, including cloud networking solutions (SDN).”

“Telefónica has benefitted from a long-term vision for IoT and has developed a strong set of horizontal, vertical and complementary capabilities. It has a strong proposition for the retail sector; it has built a platform to support multiple applications and can demonstrate revenue growth, which it seeks to replicate for other verticals.”

“Telefónica is a leader in the global IoT market, having committed itself to a tight integration of the IoT portfolio with AI, analytics and security, resulting in compelling, innovative capabilities and solutions.”

“The cyber security industry needs more collaboration as well as more consolidation. With its scale, commitment and momentum in this space, and its leading role in some key global cyber security industry associations and alliances, Telefónica is playing a leading role in driving the cyber security ecosystem.”

“With its broad range of services, Telefónica is in a strong position to be the provider that large enterprises rely on to help map out and manage their transformation.”

“ElevenPaths, the managed security services portion of Telefónica, is unique in its geographic presence in Central and South America. Its growth there has also propelled its market growth globally.”

“Telefónica provides UC services for all sizes of business across its footprint. It uses different products to cater to the different segments of the market, ranging from standardised features for SMEs to complex, customised solutions for large enterprises and MNCs.”

“ElevenPaths is unifying its SOC framework approach to deliver consistency from all its European and global locations. In addition, ElevenPaths has plans to move its focus to a more proactive remediation focus with its iMDR service offering.”

“Telefónica’s unique data assets differentiate its insights services. Telefónica’s broad portfolio of industry- and domain-specific solutions leverage its unique data assets. Telefónica enjoys a first-mover advantage among telecom providers and remains a leader in leveraging unique customer and network data to deliver business insights.”

“Telefónica’s growth in the European hosted IP telephony and UCaaS market has been nothing short of impressive. With more than 1 million hosted IP telephony users, Telefónica is the third-largest provider in the region and one of the most innovative providers worldwide.”

“Telefónica was recognized as a Leader consecutively for 6 years based on its Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision.”

“Telefónicas edge strategy leverages the transformation of its network and infrastructure assets […], offers data connectivity and ultra-broadband access capabilities to third parties through network APIs to enhance edge services. Telefónica is working on IaaS services in partnership with leading hyperscalers.. also extending its own cloud services to the edge, with the launch ofVDC-Edge.”

“The new management team could trigger some interesting new investments and the new organisation has a number of good differentiators. Most prominent amongst these is a strong data analytics and visualisation capability courtesy of the integration of LUCA in with the IoT offering. It also has strong offerings in retail and Cyber Security.”

“Telefónica is well positioned in managed security, providing most services and features required by MNCs and large corporate customers in Europe and Latin America, while leveraging strategic alliances with partners around the world to extend coverage and opportunities. Strong partnerships with leading vendors including Fortinet, Check Point, FireEye, Palo Alto, and F5 Networks.”

“Telefónica has been one of the first CSPs to recognize the imperative of digital transformation. Focusing on Cloud, IoT, Big Data and Security, the company transformed itself from a connectivity provider to a digital transformation enabler for the B2B segment.”

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We rely on the most outstanding experts on Cyber Security, Cloud, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain to transform your business.

#TECHPEOPLE “Cyber Security must be the basis of any future technology to be developed. At Telefónica Tech, Cyber Security is present throughout the entire process of creating a new product or service”Álvaro Núñez-Romero | Security Researcher

#TECHPEOPLE “We take advantage of all the capabilities that Big Data & AI offer to integrate all sources and generate actionable products. Customer focused, our goal is to help them optimise their processes and goals”Elena Diaz | Manager Center of Excellence

#TECHPEOPLE “We are leading the way in the the market to help you digitally transform your business. This includes Blockchain, we add a layer of trust to your operations using its immutability and transparency”Maria Teresa Nieto Galán | Blockchain Senior Specialist

#TECHPEOPLE “It is within Telefónica’s DNA to support our clients in order to surpass complex situations and to help to reinvent themselves to be more resilient when facing the difficult context we are living now”José Cerdán | CEO Telefónica Tech

#TECHPEOPLE “We have the most differential and competitive agreements with the market leaders to guarantee that we have a differential offer and with the leading technologies”Raquel Ruiz | Global Head of Partnerships

#TECHPEOPLE “Digital transformation implies a change in our leadership models. We can help leaders all around the globe to improve the experience of their employees, clients and stakeholders, being their partner of choice”María Jesús Almazor | CEO Cyber Security & Cloud

#TECHPEOPLE “Innovation and using new points of view make it possible for us to encourage our customers and society to use technology as part of their own evolution, making us move forward”Andrés Escribano | Head of Industry 4.0 & News Business

#TECHPEOPLE “We are the ideal partner with which thousands of companies of all sizes will integrate new technologies in their transformation and growth processes with new solutions and more efficient value proposals”Gonzalo Martín Villa | CEO AI of Things

#TECHPEOPLE “We offer our next generation of cloud connectivity and workplace services, so our customers stay ahead of their competitors and as attractive as possible for their employees”Juan Campillo | Future of Work & SASE Portfolio, Product Marketing director

#TECHPEOPLE “Telefónica Tech is the opportunity to learns every day about new technologies surrounded by the best in Cyber Security. I am proud to go home and say: Today we achieved…”Ester Tejedor | Implementation and operation of perimeter and network security responsible

Latest News about Telefónica Tech

Telefónica Tech and Qualys sign an alliance for the Iberian market Telefónica Tech and Qualys, Inc. (NASDAQ: QLYS), a provider of cloud-based security and compliance solutions, have signed a Cyber Security agreement to integrate the native Qualys Cloud Platform and its cloud applications into Telefónica Tech’s portfolio of managed security services for Spain and Portugal.