The Top Secret Ways To Contact Google Directly

It isn’t always easy to find the answers you need when it comes to Google products, but if you want to pick up the phone or increase your chances of getting answers from a Google employee, here’s a complete list of how to accomplish your goals.

How to contact Google directly
If you have a computer/device and the internet, you’re most likely using a Google product right this very second, and there is a chance you’ve had a challenge at some point that you wished you could talk to someone at Google about. Whether you’re a phone person or an email person, there are ways to actually get in touch with the perfect person to get your questions answered, and while most of these are not a secret at all, it isn’t overly evident on most of Google’s pages and takes digging. No longer.
Google is infamous for ignoring contact forms and for messages going into a giant black hole, but you can get around that.

Step one: general contact

The first place to start is where you can search by Google product. You might just find exactly what you need right off the bat, but if you don’t, you can always try which can help you direct to general answers about Google products.

Also in your first round of trying to contact Google, try the Product Forums which Google employees are known to monitor and respond. Many people have great success in finding answers just by searching, but when you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can always ask questions about any of these Google products: AdSense, Blogger, Chrome, Gmail, Google Affiliate Network, Google Analytics, Google Books, Google Apps, Google Calendar, Google Chat, Google Checkout Merchant, Google Commerce, Google Custom Search, Google Docs, Google Drive, Google Earth, Google Fusion Tables, Google Maps, Google News, Google Voice, Google Wallet, Google+ Hangouts, Orkut, Picasa, YouTube, and more.

Step two: get on the phone

The general contact page and the forums didn’t yield results. So you want to get on the phone. Calling for general inquiries from technical support to customer service. But this is general and you have to go through an automated system to system (hint: press 5 for customer service). If you already know who you want to talk to, dial that person’s extension by pressing 8 to dial by name.

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Google has offices around the world, each having a different function, and if you know which local office you need to reach, there is a full list available of phone numbers and addresses for the local Google offices.

Step three: get real, you want specifics

There is a huge chance that step one and step two will leave some people still in the dark or maybe you need an answer sooner than later, so here are the other ways you can contact Google at the exact level you’re looking for.

Get help with Gmail:

How to contact Google when you need Chrome help:

Google+ can be tricky, here’s how to get help:

How to contact Google about Google Analytics:

* You can get technical support for Google Analytics to address problems or questions.
* The fastest way to get help, however, is probably the Google Analytics Community Forums where other users (and possibly Google employees) are discussing not only technical issues but how to better use the product or answer simple questions for beginners as well as experts.

Google+ Local: getting support for your business listing:

Contact Google about AdWords:

* Since money is involved, you can actually get someone on the phone – call GOOGLE.
* Check out the various contact options ranging from email to live chat.
* As with other issues, you can get your questions answered in the Google AdWords Community.

Get help with Google Webmaster Tools:

Contact Google to report a copyright violation or spam, to find out why your site was removed for search, to notify Google that you want a URL removed from the Google index, or anything detailed pertaining to your site.If the +1 button is broken on your site, you can >get support from Google.If you can’t get your Rich Snippets to appear, you can contact Google.Of course, you can connect with other users and possibly Google employees in the Webmaster Central Community Forums.

Contact Google for YouTube problems:

Google is a huge company and is not well known for responding to issues or questions, especially for site owners, so these direct routes might get you one step closer to connecting with the conglomerate to get the answers you’re seeking. They don’t hide this information, but it isn’t always obvious how to get in touch, so bookmark this list and visit it whenever you’re in need of contacting Google.

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