TikTokers Find 135yearold Liquor Stashed Under Home Floorboards

A pair of TikTokers had their spirits lifted after going viral with this secret treasure.

Social media is raising its proverbial glass to one man who discovered a secret cellar beneath his two-centuries-old home, containing several bottles of aged liquor.

Luca Hillier and his friend Tom shared a video of their findings earlier this month on TikTok, now viewed by more than 3 million on the app. Set-up to the clip indicated that Tom had just learned of the room beneath the floorboards of his old house.

“#Secretroom,” they captioned the clip.

The series of video updates follows as the men descend into the dank space and found several bottles. One they brushed off was labeled “Clarke’s World Famed Blood Mixture,” of Lincoln, England, dating to 1887.

“It looks like there’s some sort of ancient party going on down here,” says one of the men.

Followers of the domestic explorers on TikTok suggested some of the items might actually be worth something. The intriguing Blood Mixture was advertised as a “cure-all medicine” in the 19th century, according to the Market Lavington Museum. In 1909, the British Medical Association found that the ingredients in the so-called medicine were just water, sugar, alcohol and traces of chloroform and ammonia. (A surefire recipe for liver or kidney disease in large amounts, according to the US Centers for Disease Control.)

In 1909, the British Medical Association found that the ingredients included just water, sugar, alcohol and traces of chloroform and ammonia.TikTok/@luca2198They brushed off one bottle of a so-called “blood mixture” — a cure-all drink dating to the 19th century.TikTok/@luca2198One of the men attempted to smell another indiscernible mixture. One whiff of the foul liquid prompted him to instantly pull back, gagging.

In addition to the bottles, they uncovered a pair of old boots and a possible entryway to another hidden compartment.

The Post reached out to Hillier for comment.

“Do your research before selling anything! Lots of bottle collectors out there! Amazing find!” a viewer declared in the comments.

One internet sleuth proclaimed that the rare remedy might be worth $200 per bottle. “That blood mixture bottle goes for like $200 alone.”

According to current eBay listings, empty bottles of Clarke’s World Famed Blood Mixture are going for as low as $10, depending on the age, size and condition.