Top 5 Fortnite Players In The World

If you want to be the best, you have to study the best.

Reaching the top of the leaderboards in Fortnite Battle Royal is no small feat. It takes hours of dedication and practice every single day. Beyond that, you need to understand the metagame at a deeper level.

Situational awareness, knowledge of the map, calculating the best place to drop in Fortnite, memorizing the latest patch notes, and expertise with every weapon is vital to your success. Anyone who watches the top streamers knows the level of dedication and practice it takes to reach the position of expertise they’ve achieved.The best Fortnite players put the pedal to the metal every time, leaving every last ounce of their being on the island during each game.

Who are the best Fortnite players for PC?
When you think of legendary Fortnite players, it’s nearly impossible not to acknowledge Ninja’s prowess.