Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps For Vivo Phone

Vivo mobile phones are not only affordable, but also have a great display, high quality cameras, and premium applications. We can mirror our Vivo phone to another, larger screen even. It will help us view our photos and videos clearly, or play mobile games on screens. That being said, we’ve searched for the screen mirroring app for Vivo Phone you can easily use for casting.

Screen Mirroring Applications for Vivo
LetsView is a mirror app for Vivo Phone. This versatile application comes with multiple built-in tools that can help you during mirroring. These tools include screen recording, screen capturing, and a whiteboard display. LetsView is a completely free screen mirroring application you can use either via various methods such as autodetection, QR code, or PIN code.

Another reflector app for Vivo Phone is ApowerMirror. Aside from featuring a pristine display, it also comes with built-in tools like screen recording, screen capturing, and paint materials. It is similar to LetsView, but ApowerMirror can connect in four ways; autodetection, USB cable, QR code, and PIN code. If you have a mobile game, this application also allows users to play mobile games on the computer.

Mirroring360 is an easy-to-use application for screen mirroring where it can mirror your phone to up to 40 participants all at once. It is a screen mirroring app with many uses in both education and for businesses, thus, an ideal screen mirroring app for Vivo.

Reflector 3
Lastly, we have Reflector 3. This application can also cast your Vivo phone to other devices. It is completely wireless, which makes it even more convenient to use. It can also create voiceover audio and screen recordings.

The tools listed above are some of the best applications you can use together with your Vivo phone. They do not only offer plain mirroring, but also provide other tools that you may need during the mirroring process.