What Are The General Techniques To Improve The Quality Of Service

Quality of service (QoS) in the case of networking implies the ability of a network to provide reliable service to the traffic over various technologies including Ethernet, wireless, IP, Asynchronous Mode etc.

QOS in case of network congestion must keep in record various elements causing this congestion. It may be due to the reason of low bandwidth or high traffic on a single route. So, routing protocol being used heavily impacts the Quality of service of networking. It depends on how efficient a routing algorithm is to detect the traffic on a particular route and to choose a route accordingly to prevent network congestion on a particular route.

Techniques to improve QOS
Generally, there are four techniques to improve quality of service −

* Scheduling
* Traffic shaping
* Resource Reservation
* Admission Control

Let us see the steps to improve QOS in computer networking are as follows −

Step 1 − The quality of service of the network can only be improved by reducing the network failures and reducing the congestion.

Step 2 − For this the company must analyse the underlying hardware like switches, routers, hubs etc and the underlying software such as routing algorithms to improve the QOS.

Step 3 − The routing algorithm should be intelligent enough to select the best possible route to transfer a packet from its source to its destination by keeping in record various networking factors such as latency rate, network congestion, traffic on a particular route, and bandwidth of the network.

Ways to improve QoS
There are number of ways to improve QOS for a network-based application and they are explained below −

* Use protocols to know the best way to implement a network-based application.

* Use the best and intelligent routing algorithm.

* Always try to separate the functionality to different layers of the network.

QOS is the overall performance according to many users of a service or of a network. QOS is that technology which reduces the packet loss and traffic.

Issues and challenges
* When there is no medium to be accessed then data is dropped due to the unavailability of the medium.

* Until a packet is transmitted successfully or the packet is discarded due to some reason, the MAC which is present in the network will keep on re transmitting.

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