What Expenses Does Child Support Cover

Child support can be a touchy subject for parents. The paying parent wants to be sure that the money they are sending is actually going to the child. The receiving parent wants to be sure they have enough money to pay for all of the child’s necessities. While it can be an uncomfortable topic to discuss, parents need to realize that they both want what is best for their kids. This can be accomplished by understanding what child support should be used for.

What Expenses are Included in Child Support?
While only one parent pays actual child support, the other parent is still responsible for providing their child financial support. However, the general impression is that the custodial parent will already provide the child with their basic necessities while living under their care. Child support just ensures the parent has the additional funds needed to cover everything for the child.

When the court calculates how much child support to award, they factor in several things, including the parent’s income as well as the expenses needed to care for the child.

Some of the types of expenses included when determining child support needs include:

* Monetary support
* Health insurance
* Back payments
* Interest on back payments

Furthermore, monetary support includes food, clothing, housing, basic education costs, and any other essentials for a child.

If there are other essential expenses that need to be covered through child support, parents can agree to include them in child support. If the parents disagree, one parent can request the judge to consider including them.

Other expenses that could be ordered may include:

* Childcare
* Unpaid medical bills
* Travel costs for visitation
* Extracurricular activities such as sports, lessons, field trips, and other activities.

When requesting additional expenses, the parent should be able to submit evidence supporting this need to the judge. Ultimately, the judge will have the final say on whether or not to include it in the child support expenses.

Not Sure What Child Support Covers? Our Attorneys Can Help
Every parent has an obligation to provide financial support for their children, regardless of whether they are paying child support or not. Specifically, child support should always cover the basics like food, shelter, and medical care. If you’re thinking about filing a child support claim, it is in your best interests to retain a Pasadena family lawyer. At Law Offices of Christopher L. Hoglin, P.C., our advocates will make sure your child is getting the financial support they rightfully deserve.

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