Which IPhone Models Support 5G

Looking to pick up a new iPhone but aren’t sure which iPhones have 5G? Here’s what you need to know.

With the announcement of the new iPhone 12s, and the upcoming release of 5G on iPhones, many users might find themselves wondering what iPhone models support 5G. If you’re thinking about upgrading or just wondering why your iPhone 11 isn’t showing 5G service, then we can help.

As it stands right now, the only iPhone models that support 5G service are those in the iPhone 12 line-up. This includes:

* iPhone 12
* iPhone 12 mini
* iPhone 12 Pro
* iPhone 12 Pro Max.

Unfortunately, users with an iPhone SE 2020, or iPhone 11 and below will find that the fastest data service available on the devices is LTE.

Which iPhone models support 5g5G is a big part of the push for the iPhone 12, and really part of what sets it apart from previous iterations of Apple’s mobile device line-up. While previous iPhones will support fast LTE speeds, those who want to get 5G support will need to choose a carrier that offers 5G service, as well as pick up one of the new iPhone 12s when they launch starting this month.

Not sure exactly what 5G is? It’s essentially a faster data service that can allow iPhone users to get download speeds of up to 4 GB/s in ideal conditions. These are pretty insane speeds, especially on a mobile device, though it should be noted that these speeds are measured with very specific conditions being met, which means you could see different speeds when using 5G on an iPhone 12 yourself. Make sure to check your carrier before choosing to purchase a new phone just for 5G service, as you’ll want to ensure you can get decent 5G support.

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