Windows 11 Update Complete List Of Compatible Laptops And Desktop PCs

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1. will the msi modern 14 get windows 11 update??? and if yes then when will it will be available to download.

2. So my old Thinkpad T420 is all I need to use Windows 11. Good to know. Although I think I’ll double check elsewhere before I install.

3. I manage to install windows 10 on Dell latitude I7 processor, touch screen.

4. Now beebom is my favorite website!

5. Does lenovo V AST supports windows 11 ?
Processor AMD A RADEON R4

6. Can my HP Notebook 2000 can run Windows 11?

7. I as 13 years old laptop hp dv6500 is run win 11????

8. Does hp 15s with 8gb ram and i5 processor including 256ssd and 1tb hdd support win 11?? . yeah it will support coz i have the same laptop with ryzen 5 and win 11 supports on my laptop.

9. Will hp 15-da0326tu get windows 11? Becoz it have TPM 2.0 enabled, with lot of free storage and 12 GB of ram and having intel i3 7th gen chipset having clockspeed 2.4 GHz

10. Requesting for dell latitude e For Windows 11 update

11. Dell Inspiron will this laptop get Windows 11?? . And it is with AMD A9 7th gen processor.

12. Lenovo Legion 5 amd model 82B500EEIN whether it is Compactable for win 11 ?
Becoz PSREF for this model, it’s not mentioned about TPM 2.0. But for intel based models has been mentioned tpm 2.0 chipset.

13. Hp dextop i5 processor 6gb ram windows 10 work???

14. Dell G does not come with TPM module, mine couldn’t get Windows 11 update.

15. Will it work in, Marq falcon aer laptop gb ram rom

16. Hey, you team skipped my dell inspiron 5567 in the list. But I successfully upgraded it to windows 11 dev build… . How to upgrade to win 11?

17. AVITA LIBER V i5 10th Gen gb ram gb ssd Will it support windows 11 ?
Someone please reply . As long as you got enough free storage, it should support an in-place upgrade.

18. To everybody wondering if their devices will get the Windows 11 update, please check the hardware specs by going into “System Information” (search for “sysinfo” it in the Windows Search Bar). Also, please refer to the following article to see if your hardware is compatible: beebom(dot)com/intel-amd-qualcomm-cpu-windows-11-compatibility/

19. Does inspiron laptop supports windows 11? . From what I can see, your laptop’s got a 7th-gen chip, which is officially unsupported. However, once the official retail version comes out, we expect you will be able to clean install it on your device. An in-place upgrade might or might not be possible.

20. Lenevo ideapad S145 i5 10th gen 8gb ram. Is it compatible for window 11. . Again, Lenovo hasn’t released an official list, but a 10-gen chip with 8GB RAM should be supported in any case. . for Ideapad s145, Intel Smart sound driver is not working if you update to windows 11. Check that first.

21. I have a Lenovo Ideapad slim 5i, with 11th gen core i7 processor, 16gb ram, 512 gb ssd and tpm chip 2.0 with 2.8GHz clock speed with can be overclocked upto 4.7GHz. Will it support windows 11? . Most probably. But you can confirm it by installing Microsoft PC health check app

22. Asus GL552VX has intel core i7 6th gen processor but I was able to install windows 11 on it.

23. What about mi notebook 14?

24. I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i with an i3 10th Gen Processor clocked at 1.20 GHz and 4 GB of RAM and a 256 GB SSD. And it has internal graphics and it runs very smoothly and perfectly…
So, Am I eligible for the new Windows 11 update? . As mentioned in the article, Lenovo hasn’t released an official list unlike some OEMs, but with those specs, I’d say most likely, yes.

25. You missed laptops from XMG such as the fusion 15 that everyone talked about on YT

26. Will Hp notebook 6 get windows 11 update ?

27. I have 6th Gen i7 Processor on my Laptop. Is it listed for windows 11 Upgrade? . Officially, only 8th-gen and above are supported, but Microsoft might relax its requirements in the future. Also, there are already unofficial hacks to install Windows 11 on supposedly unsupported devices, and we expect more such workarounds to popup in the coming months. . Model is 81MT (lenovo V145-15AST U) Will this get an win 11 update

28. The app says my pc not compatible tho it is
Probably cuz i dont have 64gb free will i still be able to install it? . If you’re convinced that you have the right hardware, uninstall some apps, create the requisite space, and check again.

29. Lenovo Ideapad S340 is getting official windows 11 update spec. 256GB SSD 512 HDD 8GB ram i5?

30. Lenovo IdeaPad gaming 3 (AMD)

31. Hi Team, My system is configured with “Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-9100F CPU @ 3.60GHz” 8GB RAM, 67GB of free space in C Drive and equipped with GTX1650 OC, when i check with Microsoft’s PC health check app to check whether my system supports WIN 11? its popping an error ” This PC can’t run Windows 11, while the PC doesn’t meet the requirements to run Windows 11″. Yes, TPM support is available and it is enabled in BIOS.. may i know why it is popping an error still. . Don’t worry bud PC health check app was removed for the same reason i.e it’s showing misleading results windows 11 will support ur pc

32. You guys skip my laptop dell Inspiron 3552?? it’s working really good and I don’t wanna upgrade……I am gonna wait mod version ? . Bro that has pentium lol microsoft is not even supporting i7 7th gen u need minimum 8th gen processor they r support 8th gen celeron (weaker than pentium) but won’t support even older i7’s don’t expect windows 11 for ur laptop because it is 4th or 5th gen pentium which most likely also lacks Tpm so get the beta and use it permanently

33. Sir I have Lenovo slim 5i laptop with 11th Gen i5 processor
So am I eligible for windows 11 update

34. Will avita pura ryzen 5 supports windows 11 officially??

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